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Natasha_Girls_010_zps61cc6c08Other than the fact that she was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, we’re not entirely sure about Natasha’s childhood. There are tales spun by the campfire that she was raised by a pod of dolphins and was the first in her family to master a full contact form of karate called Kyokushin.  Neither of which are confirmed.

Like most children who were educated in private school, Natasha enjoyed her independence from plaid skirts at the University of South Florida where she changed major three times, eventually earning a Bachelor of Arts in Television Journalism with a minor in reserving the right to always change her mind because she feels like it.

Natasha has always made a living being social.  From helping to launch and manage brands with Miller Brewing Company to being a sought-after creative brain behind several internet marketing companies, Natasha has also worked in radio and hosted a successful web series.

Realizing she had a closet full of shoes that she could never possibly wear in her lifetime, she decided to reproduce.  She is a proud mother of two beautiful daughters ages two and four.  Her husband of six years, aside from being an incredibly patient man, hosts one of the most listened to radio shows in Washington DC & other cities nationwide.

With a daily life that could easily be a sit-com, she turned her attention to her highly-successful and award winning blog, Little Pink Monster, filled with real-life stories, recipes & eclectic crafts.

Natasha is also an incredible cook and professional spender of money with an eye for all that sparkles. She’s new to the world of white wine, would love to be re-incarnated as Martha Stewart and always gets cravings for Chik-Fil-A on Sunday.

To contact Natasha for freelance writing opportunities please email her here, or to just say ‘hi!’ please drop an email line here

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