Beauty How to: Rose Gold Eyeshadow (aka how to get compliments every single day)

I so wish I could remember where I saw this original idea so I could give due credit because I kid you not, I get compliments every single time I wear this combination of eye shadow. The pictures really don’t do it justice, you have to see the subtle yet noticeable fine pink sparkle that the sunlight will bring out, even indoors, especially that nice overhead lighting they have in department stores, strangers have literally stopped to ask me, “Excuse me, what eyeshadow do you have on?” Which is always nice, gotta take those little ego boosts when you can get ‘em.

It’s actually not one shadow, it’s a combo of a creme gold base with a soft slightly glimmery pink powder on top. Instead of an eyeshadow primer I use my BB Cream over my entire face (if you missed it, one day for whatever the heck reason I decided to do a youtube video with my entire makeup ritual, in case your curious) & then I apply a light coat of Bobbi Brown’s long wear cream shadow in ‘Goldstone’. I tend to put a little more towards the inner corner of my eye & blend towards the outside verses covering the entire lid. After that I apply a light coat of Laura Mercier’s shadow in Petal Pink. A little brown liner, a coat of mascara & that’s it, your new favorite summer eye look!how to: Rose Gold Eyeshadow by Little Pink Monster

**UPDATE: I found it!  This is the original tutorial & she actually uses Maybelline’s Color Tattoo in Gold Rush, which I cant personally vouch for but it’s certainly cheaper than the Bobbi one so if you get it please let me know! Her pictures are really fantastic too so take a peak, it kind of puts mine to shame but I’m ok with that. (;

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  1. Amanda

    Ooh, I’m glad I saw this before I go to Ulta today! I have my makeup routine down to 5 minutes, but this looks easy enough to add to it! I’ve always used black eyeliner but might try brown too… Do you notice a difference between the two?

    • Natasha

      You know what, I almost never use my black liner anymore. I like the softness of the brown one so much better & it’s definitely still dark enough…my other favorite is deep purple, I think it’s so fun with brown eyes!

  2. Janelle

    I had that Maybelline eye shadow and I loved the color but hated the wear. It creased so bad! But then again, I have that problem frequently so for like $5 its worth a shot.

    Do you like the Bobbi Brown shadows? I’m looking to up my eye shadow game to something better lasting than drugstore varieties.

    • Natasha

      Yes, I LOVE my gold one, I say it’s worth the splurge…just put the lid back on between application of each eye, I’ve noticed with these creme shadows that the more you leave the lid off the more apt they are to dry out & pull away from the sides. My chanel one did that & it was not fun.

  3. Tina

    Loved this tutorial! Pretty easy and super cute outcome. I was wondering the color and brand of the BB cream?

    • Natasha

      Thanks! I use the Super 79 BB Cream, right now I’m wearing the one in the gold bottle but will switch to the pink one once I start getting a little tanner.

      • Amanda

        YES! I will vouch for that BB Cream! I’m using the gold one now too and it’s great. I tried a bunch of different ones because I have oily skin and this is the only one that doesn’t leave my face shiny and gross in the afternoon.

      • Tina

        Thanks Natasha! I finally got around to ordering the BB cream excited for it to get here so I can try it! Anyway I was eager to try the Rose gold eyes but I live in the middle of no where and the closest Sephora is over an hour so I went to Ulta since about 30 minutes (should have done the drive to Sephora). Ultra does not sell Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier so the clerk suggested Smashbox and Too Face. So I got Smashbox Richie cream shadow and Too Faced Magic Mushroom. The colors both looked similar to the ones you used. I tried these for a few days and they were ok but definitely did not give me the same feel as the shades you used. So I broke down and made the trip to Sephora and got the Bobbi Brown and the Laura Mercier. This time around I immediately loved the colors and even got a nice comment from my hubby! When I compare the eye shadows the big difference is the gold! The Smashbox is an “orangey gold” where the Bobbie Brown is more of a “brown gold”. To make this work I think the gold has to be closer to a brown gold!! But anyway glad I tried it. It has become my go to eye shadow look of the season so far! Oh to brighten it up a little yesterday I used a shimmery white shadow in the corner of my eyes and very lightly under my brow. Thanks again for the tutorial! :-)

  4. Amanda

    Update: I tried it and OMG. LOVE IT. I love how much more awake I look (I think the brown eyeliner helps a lot!) and I’ve NEVER spent that much on eyeshadow (the Laura Mercier) but as soon as I saw the color, it was instant love. I tried to find a drugstore brand to match, but none of them gave me that “must have” feeling like this one. And it’s so simple! Got ready this morning still in 5 minutes! Thank you!! <3

    • Natasha

      YAYYYY! You have no idea how much I love getting responses from people who actually try what I suggest & then love it too, awesome!

  5. Kristin C.

    Would this look work with blue eyes?? I love how it looks on you, just not sure how it would translate on me, as I have blue eyes.

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