Teal Tween Bedroom Makeover

Do you remember ohh, about a week or so ago I was telling you about my neighbor who’s daughter wants a bedroom makeover? Well, she’s officially 12, TODAY! After chit-chatting and going through pictures from my ideabook & pinboard that I created for her room she decided to go with a more neutral wall so we could go crazy with teal everywhere else. She LOVES the look of ombre (a girl after my own heart) so we definitely have some dip-dyeing in our future!

I thought a good next step would be to create a type of mockup. I don’t really know how this works in the professional design world, this is my first time creating a room for someone other than myself, but I’m going to show them to her this afternoon. I’m kind of nervous, I hope she likes them! Eek!

Below are pictures of what her room looks like now & then I used my super newbie photoshop-esque (it’s actually picmonkey) skills to overlay how I envision her room. Kind of. They’re a little wonky. Tween Teal Bedroom Makeover::Little Pink MonsterTween Teal Bedroom Makeover::Little Pink Monster

 Tween Teal Bedroom Makeover::Little Pink MonsterTween Teal Bedroom Makeover::Little Pink MonsterTween Teal Bedroom Makeover::Little Pink Monster Tween Teal Bedroom Makeover::Little Pink Monster

I really hope that with a bit of imagination the design I have in my head (which is totally awesome by the way, my life would be so much easier if I had a magic projector that could beam an image of what I’m thinking on a wall. Well, one with an ‘off’ switch, no one needs to be seeing everything that goes on up there, yikes!) will be conveyed through these pics. This has been a challenge designing for someone else, I’ve really loved it though, fingers crossed it’s what she had in mind too! What do you guys think?

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  1. Jennifer

    I love this! My daughter just turned 11 and she has mentioned a few time she wants a more grown up room. She would absolutely love something like this.

  2. Okay, so can my room be next?! haha. I totally LOVE this layout – I hope she does too! When you first talked about it, I was kind of hoping she would go for the teal decorations and neutral wall color. In 5 years she may not be a fan of the teal walls – decor is much easier to change.

    You do a lot of your own DIY stuff, are you planning on doing the LOVE rug (near her bed) yourself or are you getting it somewhere? Can’t wait to see the final result, you’re so creative!

    • Natasha

      Oh I love that rug, no pun intended (ha!), but I wasn’t planning on DIYing it. They do sell a lot of rug paints now though but I’m just not sold on how well they hold up. That one is from PBTeen…

  3. BBB

    Big fan of the ombre dresser. The curtains look like they’ll be hard to make, you are brave (I know I would make a mess of that)! Silver/gray curtains may be a good back up if it doesn’t work out, they’d look great with the headboard (which is also fabulous).

  4. Jenn

    Love everything but the animal head between the windows…dont think it works with the rest of the room. Just my opinion though what do I know by time of being 12 passed yeaaaars ago…lol

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