My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Dress with a Crazy Tulle Hooded Mane

AKA: Possibly the most ridiculous piece of attire I have ever made…My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Dress w/Crazy Tulle Hooded Mane ::by Little Pink MonsterMy Little Pony Rainbow Dash Dress w/Crazy Tulle Hooded Mane ::by Little Pink Monster

My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Dress w/Crazy Tulle Hooded Mane ::by Little Pink MonsterMy Little Pony Rainbow Dash Dress w/Crazy Tulle Hooded Mane ::by Little Pink MonsterI actually started making this dress for Sophie Monster because she loves Rainbow Dash but once she saw the CRAZY hooded mane she wanted nothing to do with it, luckily her fashion saavy sister had no problem jumping in.

The dress is made using LBB’s Hooded Shirt pattern & as you can see a few liberties were taken. Aside from short flutter sleeves & a longer flared length the biggest change was that crazy tulle mane on the hood. Here’s a quick recap in case you’re adventurous enough to make one as well! Let me just say if you actually make this My Little Pony Crazy Hooded Dress & you do not send me a picture I am going to be so mad at you!! (I purchased my Rainbow Dash T-shirt that I used for the dress body from here: My Little Pony Rainbow Dash T-shirt but I think H&M kids has a bunch of My Little Pony stuff now too!)

For the hood, first you’re going to need to cut several strips of tulle. I just eyeballed it & sliced off a 3″ wide piece right off the the end of the yardage. It came out to be around 23″ long but honestly you’re going to be trimming these so don’t stress about the length. Next I folded them in half so I had 4 3″x12″ strips of each color, I pinned one on top of the edge of another to create one long piece of rainbow strips. Then using a wide basting stitch I ran the center of the  strips through my sewing machine, this was done just to hold them all together easier.  Right before you get to the step in the pattern where you’re going to sew the hood together you’re going to sandwich your rainbow tulle piece in between the hood pieces so the stitched edge runs along the hooded edge. In other words when you’re sewing the hood pieces together you’ll also be sewing the ‘mane’ into it. Turn it right side out and wah-lah! Instant Insanity. Oh, also after the dress was completed I went back & trimmed down the tulle so that they gradually lengthened much like a real horse mane would. I also curved the edges so they would lay a little better. My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Dress w/Crazy Tulle Hooded Mane ::by Little Pink Monster


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  1. I love this so much it hurts.

    Also, how am I just now finding your blog? I’m kind of in love with it already. That picture up there of you under the table? Amazing! Really. So so so great.
    Thanks for being so refreshing!

  2. Oh my gosh, She’s too cute! I’m not even going to bother showing this to my 3 year old though, or I’ll have to drop everything and make one before the week is out! I made her a Rainbow Dash costume for Halloween last year, and she still flies around the house wearing the wings and tail on a daily basis.

  3. Crystal

    You should sell these!! My niece would love it! She is obsessed with My Little Pony, but no way I can make that.

  4. Cindy

    I think this is the most amazing little creation ever. My own Sam would have LOVED this when she was younger. I really love it!

  5. Bren

    SO adorable! Gotta love those projects that are just a little out there, but make the kids go wild. Kind of like when your toddler wants to go to the store in their princess pj’s with a bridal veil and spiderman cape (or was that just MY kid??). ;)

    P.S. Saw this pin from pinterest for a mosquito trap and thought of you when my husband asked if it would actually work or just bait the mosquitoes TO you…not sure, but if you are looking for a new Pinbusters, check this one out.

  6. Not even a little ridiculous! I’m kind of jealous it’s not socially acceptable for me to make one for myself lol. This is just too cute!

  7. Jen

    Your girls are getting SO big! I’ve been stopping by 2-3 times a year and catch up on all things samster. My daughters bday is coming up and I’ve been looking for dress ideas on google and pinterest. I came across the pic of Sam in this dress(without seeing the source) and said that kid looks familiar, I should see what kind of awesome brilliance Natasha can shed on my party! Thanks for all the ideas!

  8. Very creative! Love the my little pony dress and Elsa dress. I think I will have to get my sewing machine out and have a go… Cannot find an Elsa outfit (for under $100) anywhere!
    Keep up the inspirational work

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