Land of the Rainbow Books

Have a bookshelf that time & time again has stumped you? You’ve tried books but they were…well, boring. Then you did that weird elephant statue & that was just weird, let’s be honest. Fake plants, dumb. Real plants, dead. How about this…Thrift Store Rainbow Bookshelf:: Little Pink MonsterThrift Store Rainbow Bookshelf:: Little Pink Monster Thrift Store Rainbow Bookshelf:: Little Pink Monster

It only took me, gosh, maybe two trips to the thrift shop to find books in ever color. Once you start peeling off those horrible book covers you’d be surprised how pretty the books are that lie beneath. In fact, even if you’re not doing this project I want you to go through your house, find all the books you have that can be seen by anyone walking through your home & take the covers off of them. Seriously, go do it. Like, right now. Trust me, you’ll like the way it looks so much better, and really, what do they need protecting from? It’s not like there’s inclement weather in your house & if there is an act of God in your home the last thing you’re going to worry about is whether or not your books had covers.

Know what I mean?

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  1. I totally do this-thrift books for the colors of their spines. I just make sure they don’t have weird or offensive names first, lol! I learned my lesson, let’s just say that. :D I love how it looks!

  2. Wendy

    Where did you get the “You Are My Sunshine” print? My mom calls my daughter “Sunshine” and has since she was a baby… she used to sing that to her all the time… Would love that for her room…

  3. Nicole

    Just make sure to keep the dust jackets if you ever plan on selling the books. Most of the value (in terms of retail, not knowledge) of a book is in the dust jacket!

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