There’s something about Sophie.

I don’t even know what words I would choose to describe Sophie Monster…

Spirited, Sweet, Joyful, Silly, Exciting, Loveable…INSANE.

For example, yesterday I was trying to take some beautiful pictures of Soph frolicking in the amazing ‘pink snow’ that’s covering our front lawn right now. (cherry blossom petals for you Floridians) At first she played along…IMG_6900

And then she got a little silly… IMG_6901

And then she spread her legs apart, squatted down & started smacking her crotch repeatedly as if she were in some hoochie mama rap video.IMG_6905IMG_6906 IMG_6904

It was really awesome that our overly conservative neighbors pulled in right as this was happening. What fine little citizens we must be raising!

And if that’s not enough I give you the people’s evidence A-G…

IMG_6795 IMG_6768  IMG_6570  IMG_6283IMG_6381IMG_6500 IMG_6510

P & I both agree that Soph has the potential to be something great, possibly truly amazing…or she could be a serial killer. Jury’s still out.

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  1. Denise

    OMG, girl you are KILLING me! lol The pictures in the “pink snow” made me giggle just a little, and then the VERY FIRST picture with the tortilla (at least I THINK that’s a tortilla!) on her face, I LOST it! It was all downhill from there, and I’m still laughing lol What a silly, happy girl :) I just hope she never becomes a serial killer and decides to continue killing us all with laughter instead lol

    • BBB

      The tortilla one is my favorite one too. It all just works so well: the hair, the shape of the holes, the tongue sticking out–fabulous!

  2. Wendy

    Ha, my sister once said something similar about my daughter, “She’s either going to be POTUS or an evil leader (akin to Hitler).” I just pray. A lot.

  3. Tsally

    Oh my gosh!!! I love her personality!!!! My second child has the exact same personality!!! Ha! I love it!!! She is in a phase now where she likes to poke people in their behind. I don’t know why she does it, no one does that around the house (I promise)! But she is quite goofy herself.

  4. Franny

    Ahh! I was giggling throughout this entire entry. Sophie-monster is such an appropriate nickname- she is adorable!!

    I want more Sophie-monster!!

  5. Kayla

    OMG I am laughing so hard right now! Just what I needed. She’s adorable & a hoochie mama rap video dancer isn’t such a bad occupation… LOL. You’re blessed.

  6. Lisa

    I LOVE her! Although wild children are my kindred spirits and I fully expect to wind up with one of my own….can’t wait!

  7. Stephany

    OH MY GOSH that is hilarious/probably what my parents thought of me.

    Surprising Fact: I am NOT a serial killer. Well, yet. Babies and small animals trust me. But I do like to dress up in costumes for no reason (especially if I’m stressed out) which my roommate is all too used to. *Glimpse into Sophie’s future*

    • Natasha

      LOLOL, well, good to know there’s hope. Although if you asked our cat what she thought of soph…well, let’s just say “love” doesn’t come to mind

  8. Julie

    Love it!! She’s so adorable!!! Too bad I don’t have a girl, just 3 boys!! I think it’s the second child thing because she reminds me of my 3 year old boy..So goofy and have so much energy …. everything that he does, I never experienced with my first! Never a dull moment with him…

  9. Jenn

    Awww her facial expressions are the best!!! I love the one with her purple wig and she has her finger up like “I am not having it giiirlfriend”
    My daughter is 8 months and i cant wait to see her grow and her personality come out like Sophie

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