Mother’s Day Craft & Gift Guide

Above is a little snipit of some some of the items you’ll find in my “MOMMY DEAREST Mother’s Day Gift & Craft Guide” (a little ode to my own mother. Oh wait, so not because she’s like Joan Crawford! Ack! No, I meant because we watched that movie together when I was a kid! Seriously, I swear!!) Ugh, speaking of Nana though…

I thought I’d have my girls try out one of the pins where you use a website to turn your images into coloring pages (by the way one person suggested you just right click & save your coloring book image to bypass the ridiculous membership fee & I’m not saying I endorse that but I am saying I could see how one might be persuaded to do so, I mean, it’s not like the person isn’t making money off of ads from the traffic their getting.) My plan was to use the picture as the front of a homemade construction paper Mother’s Day card for my mom, aka Nana. The problem is…Doc - May 1, 2013, 3-10 PM

…Nana looks like a drag queen.

On to the next pin!

You can see all 50 of my Mother’s Day Gift & Craft pins here!

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  1. Regarding the coloring page pictures-Kodak’s easyshare software (which might still be available for free on their website) has the coloring book effect, I’ve used it for making personal croquis too.

  2. Oh you genius woman! You have done it again. Now I am going to be up all night browsing through endless crafts! :-)
    No really, thanks for the great gift ideas!

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