One Bad Mother’s interview with Little Pink Monster

Oh you know, yesterday was just another Thursday…I took Sam to school, did a load of lights, picked up dog poop, oh yeah, and did a radio interview!

This was so much fun you guys, if you aren’t a current listener of One Bad Mother I highly recommend you get your booty in gear & take a listen because it’s not just a show about motherhood, it’s a show about the ‘REAL’ motherhood, you know the one where you often end up in the bathroom with the door locked taking a ‘time out’? No candy coating here folks, and if you know me at all you know that’s exactly how I like it.

The show I was a guest on was about ‘Taking time for yourself’, when Biz emailed me saying that was the topic I believe my response was, “Umm, if I had that figured out there’d be no need for all this vodka in my house”

I tried my best though to give my thoughts on the topic, you guys have to take a listen, just press play on the audio below. That’s the show in it’s entertaining entirety but if you’re pressed for time my interview is at 49:50

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  1. marni

    i have been friends with biz for a long time, and teresa for a couple of years – when i saw you were a guest on the podcast i FLIPPED OUT! you are the best, and were such a perfect fit for this podcast. yay!

  2. Melanie

    OMG! I totally related on so many things!!$!@@#%@#%!

    I think I’m going to take some time out for myself this weekend, watch Pitch Perfect, and find some awesome drink to make from Pinterest (alcoholic pls!).


  3. stephanie

    thank you for voicing how i feel it’s almost liberating to hear you talk about the trials and tribulations of life with two young kids. while it’s the most rewarding, loving experience….more often than not, i’m ready to rip my hair out, slam my bedroom door shut and hide under my blanket.
    i love not reading about the picture perfect life when i visit little pink monster. it makes me feel so much more normal. so thank you.

  4. Angela

    Amen and amen! This was excellent. I completely agree is from one to two is so difficult. We have four and this was still the arduous transition for us.

    This was so cool.

  5. Jenny

    About to have our first in a few weeks. So liberating to hear that everything won’t be perfect… and that’s totally normal!

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