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Have you ever been in the situation where someone asks how your weekend was & you honestly have no clue what the heck you did? It is seriously a big. fat. blur. That’s how I feel right now writing this post. I see the pictures so I know I was there but honestly you could tell me I traveled to Kathmandu & I’d nod, uh-huh, it was great!

I was up until 1a last night which I’m sure is the reason for the fog, I just don’t do well without sleep anymore. I’m slowly learning how a body with Fibromyalgia works differently than the body I used to have. For the most part the Lyrica & visits with my amazing Rheumatologist are plenty sufficient but this weekend I learned a blaringly loud lesson. DON’T PUSH IT.

I ran my arse off yesterday & when the alarms started ringing in my back & hips I thought mind over matter, be tough, push through, no one ever achieved anything great without a little pain! Dumbass. Around dinner time I noticed my legs were getting weak, to the point where I looked like I had a pimp limp. Then the alarms started. I can best describe Fibro pain as this, picture an alarm clock with it’s buzzer going off…”whah! whah! whah!” Now imagine that sound inside your muscles. That’s kind of like a Fibro flareup. By the time I was in bed though I experienced something that was new to me, even my much anticipated premiere of Amish Mafia couldn’t distract me from the uncontrollable twitches. I remember thinking to myself, am I having a nervous breakdown? Why the heck do I keep twitching? On top of the herky jerky bizarro twitches the aching was palpable. I turned to Ambien around 9:45 & still lay in bed a twitchy, achy, very awake, hot mess until around 1a. I talked to my Dr today & it’s all to be expected so no worries, I just need to be a better listener. Also, I need to do some strength training, apparently that can help a lot with the muscle weakness & spasms. Oh, I also wanted to ask you guys, do any of you have any experience taking Cymbalta? If so what’d you think of it? For those who don’t know it’s anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medication that a lot of people have found greatly helps in controlling Fibromyalgia flareups. My Dr wants me to consider it so I thought why not ask my friends on the internet, surely some of you must have taken it, right?

All that to say, forgive me if some of this sounds scatter-brained, I feel like a shell of a girl today…

A week in Instagram (from left to right):

*Siblings. Sheesh. Sunday morning I gave the girls a big empty box & the markers tub so they could make a rocket ship. Bad idea. Sam is so passionate about her creative vision & Sophie is such a ‘color outside the lines’ kind of personality that you just cannot put the two of them together on an art project. Poor Sam was a trainwreck when Soph didn’t follow her specific decorative instructions.

*Bridal veil video tutorial featuring Miss Sam, or should I say, Mrs Sam since she got married around 19 times this weekend, coming this week.

*Fur trimmed velvet cape tutorial here

*I’m officially old. 1- I went to The Healthy Back store to shop for MYSELF & 2- I now ride golden girl style with a wedge back support.

*Precious dish towels I ordered from this Etsy shop, P told me they’re not as absorbent as our old dish towels, to which I said, “BUT IT’S A BUNNY WITH A TIARA, HELLO!” At some point I really think he should rethink his priorities.

*Sophie. Sticky sweet Sophie.

*Yours truly up before the crack of dawn. If I remember correctly I actually kind of liked it. (I also believe I had gone to bed at 8pm the night before)

That’s it! Like I mentioned before, expect to see that Bridal Veil video sometime this week as well as a new recipe I want to share. Happy Monday my friend. Only 6 days left.

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  1. Erin

    I took Cymbalta and the side effects I had when I tried to get off of it were horrendous! I would get these head tremors/spasms…Google it. I really wish my doctor had mentioned those side effects; it was the worst pain I have ever experienced. I’m sure it doesn’t happen to everyone but just wanted to let you know it could happen. Hopefully it will help you! :)

    • Natasha

      I actually had those when I had post pardom depression after Sam and was trying out different meds, they were BIZARRE to say the least, like brain shivers. I think it was Effexor that did it to me…

  2. Kelsie

    I take Cymbalta for fibro & have had good results with it. I refuse to even try Lyrica because of the side effects, but I’ve had Cymbalta & a few other meds as a combo and my doc has been good about experimenting until we find a good combo.

    Sorry you got the wrath of the fibro flare up! It’s a painful lesson, but sometimes taking it easy is the best thing you can do for yourself. :) feel better!

    • Natasha

      I’m so glad to hear that!

      I was nervous about Lyrica too but when I first started I was so desperate for relief I told her I’d take the nausea, vomitting, dizziness, etc over the fibro pain. Lucky for me building up my dosage slowly with it has seem to have helped me tolerate it really well. Sometimes I get a little queasy but nothing major.

  3. Courtney

    I thought Cymbalta was awful and will never take it again. BUT it really does what it is supposed to. If you think the benefits will outweigh the side effects, go for it.

    Oh and if you decide to stop taking it or forget a dose and get the sensory disturbances (brain shivers) benadryl stops them! Just pop one or two (as long as that stuff doesn’t make you pass out) and you’ll be better in a half hour or so. Works for discontinuation syndrome from lots of different meds.

  4. Janice

    HOLY COW- my advice to anyone is avoid Cymbalta if you can. If I ever missed ONE DOSE or (heavens forbid) ran out of pills, it felt like I was being electrically zapped in the brain. Ever accidentally touch the prong of a plug as you were taking it out of the wall socket? Yep. That. Multiple times a day, without pattern and without warning. Add that to other symptoms, and I was in my own personal circle of hell. Going off of it was a horrible process for me too, and it seemed to take forever for it to get out of my system.

    While I was on it, I was a zombie, super moody and argumentative. My poor husband should get a medal for dealing with me during that time.

    Now, that being said, it does help some people, it just didn’t help me, and that’s why I went off of it. Every medicine helps people differently.

    But do google cymbalta side effects. Be educated :)

    • Natasha

      Oh no! That’s awful Janice. These types of drugs are so tricky. I took Zoloft and then Prozac for post partum depression after Sam was born & I totally had the brain zaps if I forgot a dose. Once I missed two doses and it knocked me off my arse, I felt like I had the flu and couldn’t get off the couch. Now with that said if I did not miss any doses they both (with zoloft I couldn’t sleep so I switched to Prozac which was amazing but nixed my sex drive so I ended up going off after the depression got better) were amazingly helpful with my PPD.

      Thanks for sharing your personal experience with it though, I’ll def look into it!

  5. Maria

    Have you looked into a gluten sensitivity? My husband was having issues & read up on it- turns out there maybe a correlation with a gluten sensitivity & fibro &/or chronic fatigue syndrome- Worth some research & interesting, too! I’m an OT & strengthening will help your fibro- just font over-do it!

  6. Kayla

    I took Cymbalta to treat depression and anxiety a few years back but I had to get off of it. It made me even more depressed then I was when I started taking it. I don’t think it was the medicine as much as my body rejecting it. I think if it might help you it’s worth a try. Hope you feel better soon!

  7. I have suffered with fibro for years, I really disliked Lyrica because of all the side effects but I have found success with Cymbalta. My flare-ups are the worst during the colder months, and I have found that stretching does help a bit. Take it easy! ((Hugs))

  8. Sydney

    I’ve taken the Cymbalta and didn’t notice much of a difference, however, I have Fibromyalgia but also have inflammatory arthritis and MS so when I flare, I really flare! :) I’d try it out and see how it helps. I think when I get to my breaking point in a flare up the only thing that helps me is steroid unfortunately. I’ve been wheeled into the infusion center in a wheelchair (unable to walk) and have gotten up and walked out after an infusion. Steroid is a wonder drug but not without terrible side effects. It never fails, whenever I do the steroid infusions, three days into it, I feel like I’ve been beaten with a lead pipe. I always laugh and say, well, I might feel beat up, but I can walk again!! Take care and keep us posted on how you’re doing!

  9. Sydney

    BTW, it gets so much better once you figure out what your limits are and you figure out how to avoid situations that flare you up. I find stress a #1 cause for flares, so if you have people in your life that cause you unnecessary stress or want you to try to solve their problems for them, limit your time with them and see how much better you feel.

  10. BBB

    hehe Samantha does not look happy about Sophie ruining her vision. Classic type A eldest child, wild child younger sibling.

  11. The amore. mug!! I stole my sister’s years ago and it was my all-time favorite mug! Unfortunately, it got lost in a move, or probably donated to charity by my husband! Love, love, love!!!

    • Natasha

      That’s so funny you mention that! That is my ALL TIME FAVORITE mug, I’d be so sad if it was ever broken or lost! When P wants to be sweet to me he leaves it out on the coffee machine before he goes to work. (:

  12. I’ve had Fibromyalgia for several years (almost 7) and my best advice is the one you pointed out in your opening sentence. Know your limits and don’t push them. I’m hard-headed and stubborn and always think I can do ONE more thing and then end up regretting it. Learning that your body isn’t “normal” and can’t do the same things as a “normal” persons is important to accept. “Normal” bodies don’t feel pain 24/7. I used to beat myself up for needing a nap, not being able to clean one day, etc etc. If you don’t mind suggestions from fellow fibro sufferers, acupuncture and yoga are SO helpful. I thought it was a bunch of hippie/holistic people lying but I was surprised that it severely helped me. Also, I never tried Lyrica (I already have problems with self confidence and she didn’t want to risk the weight gain side effect for that reason, but Savella helped a LOT with no side effects. That is, if you decide Lyrica doesn’t work well enough or you have side effects you can’t handle.) Again, just trying to help reduce pain from one sufferer to another. One last tip I promise – if you suffer from really bad headaches (part of Fibro) using an Ice Pack wrapped in an old t-shirt is a miracle cure that I wish I had found sooner. Hope this week is better than last!

    • Natasha

      Seriously, thank you SO SO much Kelly. The feelings that come along with Fibro can be so darn lonely, you have no idea how much I appreciate your advice & personal experience. Lyrica has much a huge difference but hasn’t solved everything. I do get nausea sometimes from it but overall I think I haven’t experienced too many of the side effects. I’ll keep Savella in mind & will absolutely look into acupuncture (I’m already a big yoga believer but have been scared to go since having so much joint pain, I know I should though) I also have always been doubtful of acupuncture but you’re not the first person to bring it up so I’m at the point where my attitude is why not? I’ll try just about anything to feel ‘normal’ again. (:

      • It’s scary that your sentiments are EXACTLY what mine were. I’m SO glad that the medication is helping (with little side effects) and hope that it continues to do so. Don’t spend your years filled with guilt for not being able to do it all…I did until I realized I physically couldn’t do it, and that’s how life is. I was 100% against acupuncture because I HATE needles. However, like you, I was willing to to do anything to feel less pain. Most insurances don’t cover it and I was told by my doctor about “group” Acupuncture. In Frederick County there is a place called The Turning Point http://www.theturningpointacupuncture.com/ – it’s done in groups (up to maybe 10 people in a room which is why the cost is low) but you relax in a big recliner and everyone just falls asleep/closes their eyes/listens to music, etc. I was afraid it would be weird but honestly no one pains attention to you. The best part is no insurance is taken and you give whatever you can monetarily. Whether it’s $5 or $25 they don’t demand a price. So for $5 it couldn’t hurt to try once (surprisingly it didn’t hurt AT ALL!) Oh and Yoga actually does help though I was hesitant too. You just have to realllly listen to your body. It’ll become second nature as you get used to this oh-so-wonderfull diagnosis. I’m not back to feeling ‘normal’ and I never may but the small things add up to big differences. I’m glad you didn’t mind my advice :)

  13. I live in Frederick County (an hour from D.C) and the local hospital here has a “Wellness Center” located at the end of our mall (http://www.fmh.org/body.cfm?id=68). They do acupuncture, massages, everything. I’ve been to them and they were PHENOMENAL. I did a broad Google search of wellness centers in Maryland (I just HATE doctors now) and there were some ALL over the state. It was a long link so I didn’t want to include it but you could narrow it down even to the town you live in. However, Healthpointe Acupuncture (http://www.acupuncture-answers.com/) in Rockville concentrates on certain health problems, which include Fibromyalgia. I personally haven’t been there but it could be something to look into? Sorry Frederick Memorial Hospital and The Turning Point are the only ones I have been too :/

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