Princess Fur Trimmed Pink Velvet Cape

Every year for Christmas I try to make a homemade gift for each girl, a little something special from Mommy. Sam’s request was a “Pink Princess Aurora cape that goes all the way to the ground and twirls and has pink fur on the edge.” Now I don’t believe Princess Aurora, i.e. Sleeping Beauty, actually wears a pink velvet pink fur trimmed cape in the movie but try telling that to princess connoisseur Samantha. So of course my answer was, “Uhhh, okayyy kid”.

I used a dress up cape we already had as a general guide & then was uber grateful that sewing with faux fur was FAR more forgiving & simple to work with than I had feared.

Here are a few of the pics and the basic tutorial, only a short 2 and a half months after I made it…oops. fur trimmed pink velvet cape for your little princess:: Little Pink Monster

fur trimmed pink velvet cape for your little princess:: Little Pink Monster

fur trimmed pink velvet cape for your little princess:: Little Pink Monster

fur trimmed pink velvet cape for your little princess:: Little Pink Monsterfur trimmed pink velvet cape for your little princess:: Little Pink Monster

I thought about making this one of those super specific tutorial posts where I hold you down & go over every step in painstaking detail but 1- I totally winged it and am not even sure I could remember how I did it the first time & 2- how many of you sew, and sew for girls, and want to sew a fur trimmed velvet cape? I’m thinking a small minority. In fact if that is you leave a comment & I’ll walk you through it. (:

A tutorial I do want to show you however is for those little furry pompoms that I put on the end of the cape neck ties. Come to think of it I’m not even sure if you can see them with the pictures I’ve chosen above. Hmph. That’s too bad, they’re so fun! I’ll be sure to include a full length shot of the cape with the pompoms when I teach you how to use the technique to make this fabulous Michael Kors keyring next week!

IMG_4916So fun right?

Have a good weekend my dear friend. I hope you laugh a lot, relax a lot & do something special JUST FOR YOU.

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  1. My Natalie saw this and she said “Oh, she has a Belle outfit to keep her cozy in the winter.” I do think Belle has a pink winter cape with fur trim. I think I have an idea of what to make for her birthday now, she also loves things that go all the way down to the floor.

  2. Janel

    I sew. I sew with fur. I sew for girls!! :) I have 2 of them also. LOVE this cape and I would love to make it, just not sure when I would fit that into my current schedule. Tell ya what, I’ll pin this and then sometime in the next 10 years when I get around to making it I’ll email you and you can walk me through :)

    I really do love this and wish I had more time b/c I really think my oldest’s head would explode if she saw this!

  3. Lindsay

    This cape is beautiful!! I think you underestimate the interest in sewing the cape for a little girl :) I think my 2 year old would have tons of fun with this (especially since it has a hood!) But I think I can try to wing it with the pictures you posted. I can’t wait for the fur pompom tutorial- I have no idea how you did that!

    • Natasha

      Good! And go for it. Basically it’s one large piece for the cape that has a diagonal edge so it twirls a bit (kind of the circle skirt tutorial I did but not a complete circle, if that makes any sense!) & then the hood is made of two pieces that once sewn together are the length of the neckline. My directions may actually be more confusing so just give it a try, I have no doubt you’ll figure it out!

    • Natasha

      Omgosh I TOTALLY used fake fur!!! Sorry, I thought it would be assumed. Not only do I not support real fur (unless it’s on a vintage piece, then I’m ok with owning it) but I would never pay for real fur for a dress up piece! No wayyyyy!

  4. Um… do you make these in adult sizes? I’d totally rock a pink, furry, princess cape. Especially for an adult princess party I’m attending this summer… yeah, that’s real. :P

  5. Marilyn

    I love this! I was thinking of making a cape for a party that I decided to have for next year! :) Could you please email me a tutorial or the steps please? :D Thank you so much! I’m new to sewing, so I sincerely thank you for the pictures, they look beautiful.

  6. Leanne

    I would absolutely appreciate a walk through for this cape. It would also be great to know how to make it in a larger size, since my daughter is a tall 9 year old and that’s who it will be for.

  7. Queentoaprincess

    Please walk me through it! My little princess wants to be belle for Halloween this year and it gets cold in the mountains during that time…she needs the cloak with it!

  8. Elizabeth

    I have 2 age 3 granddaughters and I’m pretty sure they would love this. I’m pretty new to sewing but doing a good job on other projects for them. I would love to know more.

    • Natasha

      Hmm, I’d love to help but that was awhile ago, I’m not even sure I remember how I did it! I’m so sorry, next time I’ll take better notes. Here’s what I’d do if I were you, since it’s Halloween I go buy a superhero or vampire cape and use it as a template. Then for the hood use one on a clothing item of your child’s as a template & attach by first sewing the two hooded sides together and then attaching them to the cape. Fur trim is super simple to attach, just fold it in half and then line up the seam of the fur to the seam of the cape and stitch along. Hope that helps! Sorry I don’t have more!

  9. Karen

    Hi my little girl ADORES capes and REALLY wants a princess one. I found tons of tutorials but for someone who winged it your came with the best results for a cape I’ve seen! Plz plz plz tell me how I could make this cape! :) it’s so gorgeous.

  10. Christina

    That cape is beautiful! I too, have been looking for a cape for my daughter that won’t break the bank. Definitely going to try and make this for her for Christmas. Do you remember how much fabric you needed for the cape itself? And another question, what is that ‘tape’? you’re using in one of the latter pictures on the sides of the cape? I think I see some pins, is it decorative ribbon? I haven’t sewn in a while and don’t want to mess this up! :-) Thanks again, wonderful work! I can’t wait to go to the fabric store now!


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