Harlem Shake::Princess Style

Have you seen the Harlem Shake yet? There’s been about a bazillion versions done of it but P had the fantastic idea to get the girls’ friends together & rock it out princess style…

If you want more Harlem Shake I believe this is the orginal, and this one from Sea World is my favorite. Besides our own of course. (:

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  1. BAH! I love it!! Esp the dancing doll on the couch. ;) Since the Harlem Shake broke news… I’ve lost about 12 hours of my life watching video after video on YouTube.

    • Natasha

      don’t feel bad, I can’t get enough of them either! And thank you very much for the compliment, the puppet was played by yours truly. I’m hoping for a 2014 Oscar nod.

  2. They are so stinkin’ adorable, and I love the giraffe in the tutu! I just found out about the harlem shake craze this past week and shared it with my husband. Now I’m pretty sure his office will be making their own version. And since my husband can’t dance, he should fit in perfectly! lol

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