A week in Instagram

Are we Instagram friends? I’m MsPinkMonster…you?

If you wanted any more details on any of the randomness from the week here it is my dear…Instagram Collage

*Valentine’s morning with their heart dresses from this tutorial. Their looks sum up the entire existence in my house by the way…

*My sudden deviled eggs cravings…I used this recipe but substituted chives for the diced onion & left out the Tabasco.

*Homemade pizza night. I’m trying to spend more quality time with the girls, normally I would not have let the girls do their own because I was worried about the mess but honestly, what does a little sauce on the counter matter if the girls are making memories that will be their childhood traditions?

*My attempt at juicing. Some of you asked what kind of juicer I bought, it’s a Breville Juice Fountain & it worked well but truth is it’s going back to Macy’s. That was wayyy to much work for a glass of juice. It’s just not me.

*The beginning of the deer beheading, tutorial for head mounts here.

*Impromptu Chimmichurri. This was AH-MAZING. It was all on a whim because I happened to have everything on hand & didn’t know what to do with the skirt steak I bought for dinner. Basically, I combined a few handfuls of fresh parsley, a handful of chives, 2 minced garlic cloves, a squeeze of fresh lemon juice & a dash of salt & pepper into my food processor. I added a stream of extra virgin olive oil while it was mixing until a paste formed. Then I rubbed half of the paste onto the meat before I grilled & reserved the other half to use as a garnish.

*Ruby Red Lips. A little, how do I say this, weird, to see my 4 year with bright lipstick. It always seems like a cute idea but then just looks odd. Like a baby hooker. (My favorite lipstick, it’s not quite that dramatic without the Instagram filter, Tarte Glamazon lipstick in ‘Fierce’)

What a week, whew. I’m so glad it’s Friday, all I want to do is sleep! A girl can dream right?

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  1. BBB

    This is one of my favorite types of posts!!!! Short, sweet, full of pictures that demonstrate how fun, busy, tasty, and artfully crafted your life is, and of course, featuring your family in full swing (with a sprinkling of “I’m exhausted–these girls look cute but they’re little pink monsters!”).

    • Natasha

      Oh good! I wasn’t sure how well it would work but I’ll do it more now! It’s easy to put together too which is a major bonus for me when I’m crunched on time…

  2. Pattie

    So, I was just catching up on this week’s post with my three year old son on my lap. He saw the picture of those beautiful girls of yours and says he is now in love with Sophie : )

  3. mom

    are you sure that is a skirt steak with chimichurri? it looks like ribs with brocolli? BTW – a chimichurri takes a splash of vinegar traditionally. try it and see if you like it!

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