Doily Print Valentine’s Dress Tutorial (Easy!)


Valentine’s is my favorite holiday and you guys, I’m not gonna lie. It’s not because of the romance, affection or declarations of love. It’s because everything is PINK & RED & it’s just so stinkin’ cute I can’t take it!!

For this year’s first Vday craft I just had to bring back the the doily stamping I did when my babes were in onesies, especially because now Samster’s old enough to paint her own! You can watch Sam & I make her dress in the video below or if you’re in a mad rush just skip down to the photos & I have a feeling you’ll get the gist.



This week I’m jonesin’ to share a few things with you…flowers made from Airheads candy that’s gonna win me some mad money, avocado butter that’s gonna win me some mad cellulite but taste darn good going in & finally a vday shirt you & I can be proud to wear. Between Soph’s fractured toe & Sam’s ear infection last week was a ZOO, raise a coffee mug high & let’s toast to this week being super low key, easy going & somehow also shockingly productive. Totally realistic, right?

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  1. So cute! And precious video! I think you should do a tutorial of how you get your videos to look so good haha! How are your colors so bright and crisp!?
    Love it!


    • Natasha

      Haaha!Thanks! I think it’s a combination of we got a new camera for Christmas (canon rebel) and youtube now has ways you can edit your finished video. I was able to use that to pop up the colors a bit. Biggest change though is the camera, all of my previous videos were done with the camera on my laptop.

  2. Robyn

    Thanks so much for the idea :) I showed my 4 1/2 year old Caroline your video clip and she watched it like 3 times and could not wait to make her own. So we used this as a playdate activity with her little friend Kate this weekend and they did really great! Caroline kept saying…now remember, don’t glop it on too thick!!! Thanks again for something so easy yet useful crafty idea!!!!


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