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Did I mention to you that I was going to my annual blogging conference this past week? It’s called Alt, it’s kind of amazing. This is my second year attending as well as second year rooming with Susan from Crafterhours. (I’m still kind of amazed she took me back for a second time, I’m such a chatty moody roommate) So last year after Alt I remember feeling excited to come back & be an amazing blogger, all that goodness, but more than anything I felt overwhelmingly overwhelmed. It was exhausting meeting so many people & hearing so many incredible A list bloggers share all of their master tips, tricks & guidance for the newbie & well established blogger. It was great but almost too much for me.

So here’s my little confession, just between you & I…I don’t like talking to people.

I think I probably come across somewhat social on here but in reality it doesn’t come that naturally to me. I used to be, very much so, and then I wasn’t. I don’t like that. Last year I spent a lot of time between sessions hiding in my room, drawing the blinds, turning on the TV & trying to find some peace in my own little mental space. This year I went into it with the resolution to actually meet people. Like REALLY meet people. Get to know them. I mean, when else am I going to be in a giant room filled to the brim with other creative bloggers? What a waste to let my discomfort of socializing keep me from getting to know some of these fabulous women. I’m quite proud to say I did it. I met people. I sat at tables where I didn’t know anyone & got to know them. And guess what, I made new friends! Yay me! And not only that, I met the most incredible mentors. I actually got to sit down for an hour with just a handful of other girls & the founder of Tea Collection. TEA COLLECTION PEOPLE! She told me her amazing story of how she started her own beautiful, meaningful, clothing line. ‘Inspired’ doesn’t even come close to covering what I took from that hour. I walked away from that conversation & my head exploded & I peed my pants all at the same time.

I could go on & on about the wonderful people I met & the lessons I learned & you could politely nod & half smile because you want to be nice but I know this conversation is going to get boring at some point because you weren’t there. I get that. But there is one ‘a-ha’ I really want to share with you….

Realzing that I needed to ‘Unpause‘ myself was freeing & anxiety provoking all at the same time. It was wonderful to decide to start living my life & stop waiting around for a better time but then it was like, oh, crap, now I have to do something! Where to start? I have multiple goals for myself & LPM but how do I do it? Not to mention how do I not forsake my responsibility to the family that I’m matriarch of while I’m pursuing these dreams? Ack! But here’s a tip I learned from some amazing blogger who spoke that I sadly have no idea what her name is…

Try to break down your life & goals into different arms. Heh?

Like this…


That’s what I scribbled down that somehow totally made my shoulders come down, my eyebrows relax & that little girl inside my head go, ‘oh, ok. we can totally do this.” (Those are my real, personal notes too so remember this is a no judgement zone, ok?)

I curtailed my goals into four arms I need to manage. Family, Little Pink Monster, LPM product line & Self love & care. Then within each arm I wrote out what I needed to do to make that arm work. For each to succeed on it’s own. Then everyday I’m going to write in my planner what I need to do for each arm. It’s breaking things down from an ultimate want of who I want to be, to individual goals, to daily responsibilities.

Does that make any sense? I hope so, it made so much sense to me & was a great relief.

So here’s the other amazing reason I love to go to Alt that I wanted to share…

I get to wear cute clothes.

This is the one time of year where I actually get to plan my attire based on what I think is fabulous & not what can I wear while chasing a toddler. Here are some pics of my wardrobe indulgences….  outfitcollage1outfitCollage2outfit3Collage

Oxblood dress with leather peter pan collar & graphic print legging {H&M, recent}
Blue button down shirt with bronze sequin collar & lace print gold jeans {Both from Nordstrom, pants Seven Jeans}
Peacock Outfit (The party was Clue themed & we were supposed to dress as one of the character’s colors…Mrs White, Scarlett, Professor Plum…you get the picture) Print Skirt {on clearance now at Madewell} Cardigan {Jcrew} Faux Fur Circle Scarf {Nordstrom Junior’s} Shoes {old school Nordstrom}

Do you see the fluffiness on my shoes?? They’re peacock feather bow shoe clips I made! Yay! I’ll give you the tutorial & much better pics next post, I think white ones would be great for a wedding if you know any brides to be on a budget!

Snakeskin dress & neon belt {on clearance now at Madewell} Jean Jacket {old school JCrew} Brogues {BP}
Black & white dress {last season Madewell} And those poofy & ridiculous shoes? One of my favorite splurges ever, I picked them up in Vegas last year. {Love Moschino.}

Oh yeah, I also had a passionate yet paper cut inducing trist with George Clooney.IMG_5280

So that’s about it. I think everything that happened in my life over the last 6 months has been a journey supplying with me lessons to be a wife, mother & woman who leads a happier, more fulfilled life & this trip to Alt was just a wonderful affirmation & addition.

I’m happy to be home though, I missed my little nuggets desperately.

Have a good one guys, next time we chat I’ll tell you all about those shoe clips, promise!

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  1. Kristel

    Glad to hear you had a great time at the conference! Love the outfits you wore, I wish I had your great sense of style! (coming from a 20 year old who shouldn’t be dressing like a 10 year old :] )

  2. Thank you for writing this, in an odd way your post encouraged me to think about my own dreams and come to a better place in my mind about fitting my dreams into my life. I really like that method of breaking down your goals, very manageable. I am happy for you that you have found inspiration and were able to enjoy some great wardrobe indulgences :)

    • Natasha

      You’re so welcome! Try it out too, who knows maybe by this time next year we’ll both be wildy successful in meeting our goals and making some dreams happen! (:

  3. Sounds (and looks) like you had a great time at the summit! I can definitely relate to what I like to call the merry-go-round of shame. When you have an awesome idea, plan out all the steps to achieve that goal, and then get completely overwhelmed, make a bunch of excuses, and then chicken out. I’m doing it right now in fact bopping around blog-land wasting time instead of working on the “real stuff”. And around we go again…
    I really hope your new planner with help to keep you focused on your goals. Breaking everything down one day at a time definitely seems like the way to go! Good Luck!

    • Natasha

      Thanks! I really think (and hope) that maybe writing out daily tasks will help. Otherwise I do exactly what you said, I end up spending all my time doing random things & then never really make any progress. Fingers crossed!

    • Natasha

      Thanks!! It is my favorite outfit in my closet, you can’t wear a dress with pockets or shoes with giant puffballs without smiling (:

  4. Thank you for writing this! I’m a longtime reader, first time commenter, and this was JUST what I needed to hear. I’m not very good at being social, either. And I know that it’s holding me back in certain aspects of my life. I also recently left my job to pursue other opportunities but am overwhelmed by everything I need to do that I feel frozen. I love the idea of breaking down each goal into an “arm” and then figuring out what I can do each day to move toward those goals. So again, thank you. It’s always nice to know you I’m the only one with these internal struggles :)

  5. Jenn

    LOVE the outfits, SUPER CUTE and COMFY!! That’s a win win. I also have never heard of Madewell but must explore immediately!!! thanks!!

    • Natasha

      You’re so welcome! Madewell is owned by JCrew and it’s kind of their younger, hipper version. I’m madly in love with their clothes but never pay full price because a.) the prices are just stupid and b.) much like JCrew they ALWAYS go on sale, and you don’t even have to wait very long! Also the pants run really small…that’s the one thing I can’t buy from there. I have hips.

  6. BBB

    “I think I probably come across somewhat social on here but in reality it doesn’t come that naturally to me. I used to be, very much so, and then I wasn’t. I don’t like that.”

    Totally relate to this. I was always super social and then I sort of withdrew from the world. For me it was about certain insecurities becoming greater than they were before. I’m working on minimizing those and increasing my confidence. I hope we both tap into our former sociability again this year!!

  7. I do not mean this in any kind of insulting way, but my first thought when I saw your person doodle, was “Why is Natasha drawing Stitch?” and “If she is drawing Stitch, where are the antennae thingys coming out of his head?”

    Sorry, that is not what you meant. :-) Good for you to be able to separate the different goals and routes you need/want to take. I look forward to seeing some of those LPM clothes!

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