15 minute tortellini soup

I was at a playdate with my girlfriends the other day & we were talking about how we all get sucked in to making ‘kid food’ at dinner. It’s such a slippery slope, make chicken nuggets or mac n cheese for your kids because they won’t eat what the adults are having & beware, you might just have to make two dinners for the next decade.

My friend Kelly was telling me how she was trying to get her 4 year old to try new things for dinner & the other night she served her tortellini soup with fresh spinach. I believe the story ended that her daughter had nothing to do with the soup but to be honest I stopped listening because I just wanted her to tell me more about the soup! It sounded so good…I usually only make creamy, heavy soups & loved the idea of this tasty light broth, fresh greens & pasta soup. Even better, it’s crazy stupid easy to make!

We’ve been sick around here, just colds, no flu {{knock knock}}, so I’ve made this for myself & P at least 3 times in the last week. It’s really easy to make a single portion which I love because you know how hard it is to get a hot, home cooked meal in the middle of the day.

This is seriously all there is to it. In a medium pot bring one 32oz box of chicken broth & 1 cu water to a boil. Add fresh cheese tortellini (you can usually find them in the dairy aisle of your grocery) & cook according to package directions. (Which is usually about 6 minutes) Turn the heat down to low & season very well with salt, pepper & any of your favorite herbs. Kelly said she used dill, I used some parsley I had on hand & added a dash of garlic powder. I also think fresh torn basil would be amazing. Add a few large handfuls of fresh baby spinach, it should wilt right away. Don’t you dare overcook that spinach either, you want beautiful bright green! Serve a nice ladle full of broth, tortellini & spinach in your favorite bowl & then seal the deal with a good strong sprinkling of some amazing parmesan cheese. I just love the thick shavings kind with this dish.

Is this the most powerfully flavorful soup you’re ever going to have? No. Is this what you’re going to crave & then make every time you get a cold from here until the nursing home takes away your stove access? YES.

Now everyone say thank you to Kelly for sharing.

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  1. Melissa

    I LOVE your recipe posts…One of my go to ones that you posted some time back is the “Cheater” Broccoli & Cheese soup. My husband LOVES the stuff, which I was shocked and excited for because he is such a picky eater. Definitely going to try this. I just love a good and easy soup. Thanks for sharing and thank you Kelly! :-)

  2. Jacquie

    I was so excited about this soup, I ran out and got the simple ingredients yesterday and made it last night. It was super delicious and I loved it. It will definitely become our ‘not feeling good’ soup too. Thanks for sharing Natasha (and Kelly!).

  3. Jessica

    Tomatoes* it really adds a nice touch to the overall flavor and texture of the soup, plus they’re healthy!! Yummy!!

    • Natasha

      Mmm, tomatoes sounds great! Kelly also reminded me that starts hers off with caramalized onions in the bottom of the pot, Yum!

  4. kelsie

    Thank you so much for posting this (and for sharing, Kelly!)… I’ve been down with pneumonia for going on 2 weeks and since I made this last night, it’s literally all I’ve been craving. Two bowls last night, and then a bowl again this afternoon. So easy and so incredibly soothing. I used fresh basil for flavor and fresh gouda for the cheese. To die for. Heck, this may be my “day that ends in Y because it’s just darn yummy” soup. :)

  5. jessica

    i literally have been craving this ever since you posted it… and tonight is the night i will make it!! can’t wait!

  6. stephanie

    eating this as i type and i’m in LOVE! SO easy and even the hubby likes it! adding it to our rotation! thanks!

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