You know you’re getting old when…

…you go to CVS on New Year’s Eve and buy a cardboard rocketship for your kids to play with because you’re totally gonna be completely hungover the next morning & this type of entertainment might just save your life. You & your husband are gonna rock it like your 20 year old irresponsible selves used to. Yes, you may be stuck at home because finding a babysitting on New Year’s Eve is harder than getting a poo stain out of a white onesie but that’s ok, you’ve got some bubbly, some amazing munchies & the minute that melatonin kicks in & those little limp bodies are tucked in their beds that livingroom is gonna be hotter than times square. Aww yeahhh…

But then you pop that bottle of bubbly open a little early, like 7:45 early & you know what happens next…it’s 9:30pm & the post buzzed tiredness has kicked in & somehow you’re both completely down to having a mock countdown, toasting, giving a quick peck on the lips & being in bed by 10. Yup, you’re getting old. Or moreso, you know you have young kids…

The girls did go to space this morning anyway. I told them to go put on their ‘space girl suits’ to buy daddy some time while he was assembling 28,542 different pieces of cardboard. This is what they came back in, boy has space travel changed since I was a kid…

(Discovery kids shuttle from CVS for $19.99, it’s also here on Amazon, Discovery Kids 5 Ft Color Me Rocket Ship, for $48! I have no idea why the difference in price)

P asked me last night what my resolutions were and I couldn’t believe it, I hadn’t even given it a thought. You have to understand, I am a die-hard New Year’s resolution kind of girl. Clean slate, lots of goals & a hit the ground running kind of attitude. In 2010 I wrote that I wanted to “keep coming up with fun projects & helpful posts to break 1,000 followers“, then in 2011 I blogged that I wanted to be a better wife, mother & person but more importantly my goal was to “gain a basic understanding of html code”. Good to see I had my priorities straight. Finally last year I went bananas, I posted an entire list

1)plan a date with my husband at least once a month

2)find physical activities with Sam that we can do together

3)get back to running

4)blog, blog, blog. I love Little Pink Monster & I want to nurture & grow her

As I read these old posts from New Year’s past I’m realizing something. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing that I don’ t have any resolutions this year. I mean, it’s great that I had goals & honestly I accomplished most of them but this year I just want to be. I want to enjoy my life one day at a time. I want to be a lump of clay & see how the year moulds me. If it turns out I run again, then great, I look forward to that day. Same thing with blogging here, would I love to get back in a groove of blogging 4-5 times a week regularly? Of course, that was awesome when things were cranking but here’s the thing, I just don’t know if that’s where I’m heading. Things have changed so much in the last 6 months & I’m still convinced it’s because it’s preparing me for something.

This year I’m not going to resolve to be what I think I should be, instead I’m going to resolve to be open. Open to wherever my life leads. I just have a feeling that God’s plan might just be a heck of a lot better than what I have had in mind. And believe you me, that kind of attitude does NOT come easily for me, I’m a planner & a doer. I have always believed that if you want something big it’s up to you to work hard & make it happen. Anything is possible with dedication. To sit back & just see where life leads goes against all of that driven babble crap. But that’s what being sick has taught me, life doesn’t care about your big plans & maybe that’s a good thing, even when we think we’re dreaming big we could be incredibly short-sighted & blinded by our idea of what should be happening in our world.

This could/should be an interesting year…I guess we’ll find out together. Happy New Year friend.

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  1. Claudia

    Love!! I think if more people just slowed down appreciate their lives as it is instead of stressing because the next persons life is better, everyone might be happier. My resolution this year is just love more. Love my children, my GF, my family, myself and above all God. I want to build a better relationship with him have no idea where to start but that’s ok because he knows my heart. I have a feeling about 2013 and look forward to all it’s blessings,bumps in the road and everything in between.
    Luv ya Natasha may u and ur family be blessed.

  2. that sounds like a perfect plan to me! we bought that same spaceship for our 3yr old boy for Christmas! only difference is that i’m a couponer and caught it on sale at CVS a few weeks ago for 12.99 ;)

  3. Angela

    I made it to 10:30p. I am such a granny. Our kids made their own forts and spaceships today out of boxes, which was great, because I could not have been lazier today.

    I stopped making resolutions awhile ago. I try to now focus on a word for the year. This year, my word is “intentional.” Cheesy, but it helps.

    Happy new year.

  4. Sirena

    “even when we think we’re dreaming big we could be incredibly short-sighted & blinded by our idea of what should be happening in our world.” – what you said here is so incredibly true to me. I don’t have any resolutions really either, just to get back to having fun and loving my family since 2012 was challenging for us. Happy New Year!

  5. BBB

    As a religious person I’ve always struggled with the “what God wants” issue. Will things plop into my lap because it’s meant to be? Will God signal for me to do things but then I have to put in a lot of work? Does a struggle mean I’m making progress and should put in more effort or that it actually isn’t what God wants for me and I should stop? Do terrible choices/experiences happen because God wanted me to follow that path and feel that turmoil (and learn something or come out better in some way) or did I misunderstand God and go against his plan, thereby causing my own pain? So many questions!

    Well, good luck to you this year in feeling out your journey and being more in tune with God’s will. If you find out any answers fill me in! hahaha

  6. Carol

    I cracked up at the pictures of the girls and their “space attire”!! Yes, times must have changed.

    I feel the same as you…I am waiting on God for something big to happen, and will rely on Him a little (OK, a lot) more than I tend to do.

    Good luck and God bless!

  7. Oh how my head wishes it had followed your New Years plans. We DID have a babysitter AND a party 2 blocks away which if you ask me sounded perfect but ended up being a recipe for disaster when it comes to a 40 year old drinking like her 20 year old self. Oi.

  8. Marsha

    God’s plans are always better than what we have in mind,and I’m sure He has great things in mind for you and your sweet family. Happy New Year!!

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