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*I started this post one week ago. One week people! No, there are no crazy intriquisies, no complicated photo editing, I didn’t even include step by steps in my DIY for the dress, I went for the lazy blogger collage. It’s just been that kind of week people. Strep, sinus infections, exhaustion…and that was just the girls. My goal used to be to post 3 times a week, now it’s more like once a week that makes me feel good but sometimes you just have to take your goals and say SCREW IT.

In fact that’s going to be the title of my wildly popular self help seminar

“Achieving True Happiness by Taking Your Goals & Shoving ‘Em!”

So I give you, two weeks after the fact, our trip to Euphoria…aka Magic Kingdom.

First off, thank you guys so much for all your well wishes & personal stories last week. Someone commented about how lovely it was that I put it all out there in hopes that it will help others & then you guys put it all right back with your comments & those greatly help me. It’s like a circle of helpfulness. Lovely.

If you follow my facebook, instagram or twitter then you saw how I was scrambling to finish Sam’s Belle dress for our Thanksgiving Disney trip. I’m happy to inform you that I eventually finished the bottom half and she was not the inappropriate princess.

This was my first time sewing something by solely draping & pinning the fabric on a mannequin first. It made life much easier for constructing the bodice but the skirt still screwed me up multiple times.

The dress served it’s purpose well. Most importantly, of course, dancing lessons with Cinderella…

(Soph’s dress is Sam’s old knit DIY Cinderella dress from this post)

Also on the royal itinerary, photographs with Aurora & hugs from Rapunzel…

The carriages were all tied up for the day but luckily her majesty’s dress was comfortable enough for Daddy shoulder rides.

(Yes, yes, I know P is on his phone but you have to understand he has a rare condition where he has to receive life saving nutrients by being connected to his iphone constantly. It’s a condition people. Don’t judge.)

If you’re looking for a more in depth tutorial on making your own Belle dress this all knit one from Adrianna at Crafterhours is awesome. To make it poofy like mine just substitute some frou frou fabric for the skirt and/or add a crinoline underneath.

Otherwise here are a few more photos from our trip to Magic Kingdom & Epcot with Grandma & Grandpa, they’re just so sticky sweet I can’t stand to not share them.

(Hula hooping is one of those things that you assume, foolishly, that you can still do because c’mon, you were so good at it when you were young, until you try it out in front of a large crowd of people…then you wish you’d stop assuming so much.)

What you don’t see with pictures like the lovely one above…

She could tell how excited I was to take a picture of her with a giant pink sucker in that frilly Minnie Mouse dress & purposely kept giving me her back. Such a gem that one is.

The castle was truly magical. I’ve never seen it decorated for Christmas before, they had ice lights hanging off all the edges & it was lit in the most amazing glacier blue. I seriously couldn’t stop staring at it & found myself daydreaming I could live there…Disney really does bring out the little princess in all of us. Until you see how much a bottle water costs, that’ll snap you back into adult reality pretty darn quick.

And much like any good vacation with small children every good day must end with a meltdown. I think their little brains just end up short-circuiting with joy.

We’ll just choose to remember the smiles…(in case you’re curious all of our photos were taken with an iphone and edited with

Next up, I think tis’ time to break out the Christmas Crafting…

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  1. Emma

    Thanks for sharing your pics, your girls are just beautiful. We were at Disney last week for our first visit with our 5yr old prince and it’s the most amazing place on earth. I can’t wait to go back!

  2. Melissa

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! You deserved a little joy. BTW… is it just me, or does Aurora kind of look like Taylor Swift? Can’t wait to see the Christmas crafting. My niece and I are going to make ornaments with thumbprint reindeer and thumbprint snowmen so I’ll always have her lil thumbs on my tree :)

  3. Melanie

    Loving the pictures. We also went to Disney last year as a part of a large family reunion/vacation. It was my first time to Disney and had some real joyful parts. Although, traveling to Disney with a two year old has its ups and downs. Meltdowns were definitely a daily issue. Hope you are doing better. Lots of prayers and well wishes going your way! <3

  4. OMG All those pics just made me super smile! Those girls had the time of their lives and i hope one day im as good a mom as you! I WANT TO GO TO DISNEY TOOOOOOOOOO (screams the 36 yr old who is unnaturally still obsessed with all things pink, glitter and hello kitty!)!!

  5. Your girls are just beautiful and so are their fabulous dresses! Such an awesome mama you are. And I definitely laughed at the pic of P on his iphone. I have more than one of my husband like that as well. That “phone-itis” must be going around to the dads;) Hope you are feeling well!

  6. Denise

    TOTALLY jealous over here! I LOVE Disney! I have about 200 Disney movies, and NO kids lol Plus, I married my very own Eeyore. I wanted to get married at WDW, but my parents are afraid to fly. Boo. So hubs has been warned that they do vow renewals lol One of these days, I’m going, and nobody is going to stop me! And I’m wearing the brightest pink, sparkliest Minnie ears I can find and taking a billion pictures!! :D

    Everyone looks like they had SO much fun! (meltdowns aside of course) And those pictures are just so sweet! Glad to hear you were able to get out and about and have some FUN!!

  7. Carolyn

    Looks like ir girls had a great time. Love the pictures. We are visiting Disney in March with our 2 yr old, any tips? Did u take a car seat? Stroller?

  8. Martinez

    Sweet pictures. So, I think you are deemed the expert of Disney World – when is the best time of the year to go? We plan on taking our daughter sometime in her life time (hahah), just not sure when.

  9. BBB

    Wonderful pictures!!! I was dying to see Sam as Jasmine, guess she wouldn’t face the camera either eh? Booo. Your kids are very lucky to have you, looks like a blast!

  10. Love the dancing pic and the sheer delight when seeing pooh and piglet. Lol that little belly hanging out of Jasmine’s outfit! I would be the same about hula hooping! There is something so magical about Disney that it creeps me out when that feeling sweeps over me! How do they do it?!?!?!

  11. I wouldn’t feel so bad about being down to blogging once a week….come on lady, you are a machine!!! :-) And I think after these past couple of years with being a dedicated blogger you have earned it!
    I love the red cape that Sam is wearing over her dress. Did you make that or buy it?

  12. Iman

    OMG i went to highschool with Aurora! She played Ariel in Disney back then :]

    Not entirely relevant but, you know, people like to relate, and I’m a people.

    IN other news I’m glad you guys had a well deserved trip!

  13. Olivia

    True story…I have a crying Disney World photo myself from when I was about 7 years old. Best part? My mom took it when I was having a fit in the hotel room…with my pants half on. For the record, I was wearing Disney princess underwear. : )

  14. Meriah

    I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t tell you that you just have to try hula hooping with an ADULT SIZED HOOP. The little kids hoops like are in your picture are so much harder to hoop with! You can probably find someone local who makes adult sized hoops, you can also purchase them online. I recommend Hoop Mamas on Etsy (and no, I am not she :)). Hooping is great fun (and exercise) so don’t judge yourself on those little hoops!

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