DIY Candy Cane Play Dough

Please please tell me I just caught you scratching your computer monitor because that would totally make my day (:

You know, sometimes you just have to shirk all responsibilities and force yourself to do something fun. Don’t talk yourself out of it because you’ll have to wash the extra dishes afterwards or you really should be folding clothes instead. Just do it. And if it’s something fun you can do with your kids even better.

I got to that point recently, I’m still having flare-up symptoms of whatever random sickness I have, (say a little/massively big prayer for my visit with my new rheumatoligist this Thursday, she did some bloodwork that I somehow haven’t had done yet this past year & I find out the results on Thursday. At this point a diagnosis would be the best thing Santa could bring.) and I’ve been stuck in the rut of do I spend my precious free time resting, doing neglected housework (hellooo, we’re almost at a severe panty deficiency!) or blogging/crafting/fun for me activities. Even though I’m dead-dog tired I chose the latter because honestly it’s making me super bummed out to not be creating.

I have to say…I made the right choice. This Candy Cane Play Dough is a great activity to get you & your kids feeling all sorts of festive, the secret is the peppermint oil & glitter. The whole house smelled amazing!

You can find my original homemade play-dough instructions here, to make your dough “candy cane” simply add a few drops of peppermint oil to the dough while you’re kneading it. Then divide your dough in half & add a good bit of red food coloring to one half & silver glitter to the remaining white half. For a great gift idea you can twist the two together like The Artful Parent did below, so cute right?

img via Artful Parent

This recipe made enough dough for little gifts for a couple of the girl’s friends, a good amount for her school class to use & a nice tub for Sam & Sophie to keep at home. Oh and best idea ever, I put two little tubs in my purse for restaurant entertainment because nothing, NOTHING, is a better feeling than being able to whip something out of your purse that makes your kids squeal with joy & immediately get up off that dirty floor & oh yeah, make that old couple behind you stop shooting you nasty judgmental looks. Mom. Of. The. Year.

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  1. Leigh Anne

    Love it! My kids would think this is grand! Saying a prayer for your appt Thurs :) And love the purse idea too… of the year for sure :)

  2. Denise

    Boo for unknown mystery illnesses :( I got one step closer to a diagnosis for mine tonight, so I hope you have the same luck on Thursday :D

    And I hope Sophie is past the play-dough licking phase, or else that kid is going to SPARKLE! lol Great post, I might make some for my nephew!

    • Natasha

      If you ever feel like sharing would love to hear your story, it’s always nice to hear other people are going through the same thing!

      • Rachel

        I feel your pain Natasha. I went through a couple years trying to find a diagnosis of why I was randomly getting sick all the time…keep your head up and trust God will reveal it in time…your patience is growing (which can only help when your girls are teenagers :) My prayers are with you, especially that your diagnosis and treatment plan will be figured out soon!

  3. feel you on the do i create or try to rest slash do grown up things, broke my ankle and i’m just starting to walk again. i know when i get in the kitchen i’ll feel so much better emotionally even if i’m super throb-y and tired afterwards. hard to push through right now, but i’m trying my damnedest…

    hope you get some definitive news on thursday!

    • Natasha

      Yep, totally get you…cooking is such a hassle with all the work but it makes me feel like me, it’s a balance I guess

  4. leonie

    To really confuse the little ones you can make edible playdough out of peanut butter.
    1 cup peanut butter
    1/2 cup honey
    2 cups of powdered sugar

    Just mix it up. The kids can make “no-bake” cookies and have them for a snack.
    After tasing this yummy dough,they may not have a taste for the other playdough!

    I was sorry to hear that you are still having health issues. I hope that your Doc figures it out and gets you well. Enough is enough. Oh,have you tried Zentangles?Look up

    • Natasha

      What a fabulous idea!!

      I guess if Soph won’t stop eating the play-doh I might as well make something she CAN eat! Going to try this for the holidays!

      Never heard of zetangles, going to look it up now!

  5. BBB

    Okay, I’ll be honest: that little “scratch-n-sniff” label you put on your picture combined with the words “Candy Cane” next to it tricked my brain for a millisecond. I did think of scratching and smelling candy canes. Then my logic quickly kicked in and I didn’t physically do it. Still, you had me there for a bit!!

  6. Rachel A.

    I totally LOL’d at your “severe panty deficiency” Did you mean pantry deficiency? Or are you severely in need of a trip to Victoria’s Secret? :-P

    • Natasha

      I mean my 4 yr old changes her underwear about 5 times a day so there’s never enough princess panties in the house! LOL, I guess I should’ve specified I meant kiddie panties, people are going to think I have dirty drawers, lololol!


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