Kitty Condo

Bored children? UPS deliveries blocking your front door? Introducing at least one hour of entertainment…


Even if you don’t have a small animal to take advantage of your child’s mad architect skills there’s always Barbie…

I had two rectangle boxes that were the exact same size. One box seemed a bit small for Rose but two, two was a Meow McMansion.

I taped the boxes shut & then cut a hole out of the top of one box that was big enough for her to slip through & then a hole in the bottom of the other box in the same general area. Then I taped the heck out of the two boxes until they were one secure building. This way Rose could go from one story to the next. After that I let Sam loose with the paint but I have to say, next time we do this project we’re going to use markers. For who knows what reason she was obsessed with painting the inside of the box. (future interior designer perhaps?) The problem with this is it doesn’t dry very quickly on the inside, especially when kids are doing their typical ‘glob application’. We ended up with pink paint kitty paw prints across the floor. NOT awesome. But luckily very washable.

Just a quick little nugget from me to you because you know as well as I do that no matter how many amazing toys you have in your house you’re still gonna hear, “I’m borrred!

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  1. leonie

    Great idea! Cute cat condo and barbie house. When my daughter was little,we used shoe boxes to make dioramas.(a one room doll house-or a scene from a storybook…). We just used construction paper -kids come up with ideas.Making paper dolls and the clothes are also a good boredom buster. (I mean make everything from scratch)Your girls may be a little young for that activity.

  2. BBB

    You’re right, this seems like a fun time killer with a pseudo purpose. Did you have problems with discarding it later, were they sad to see it go or did they easily forget about it and you stealthily allowed it to “vanish”? I ask because although it’s cute to display kid projects around the house it seems like you could accumulate a lot of items over the years trying to keep them entertained. This is a good one to allow them to enjoy but then be able to chuck without too much remorse.

    • Natasha

      Yeah that can be tough…I usually transition it out the door by moving it out of eyesight for a day or two and then eventually to the recycling bin. I have been caught a time or two though, there were some broken hearts…

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