We are siameeeese!

My girls are OBSESSED with watching the Siamese Cats (“Si” and “Am” if you didn’t know) from Lady & the Tramp over and over and over…it was actually my favorite when I was a kid too. When they decided that’s what they wanted to be for Halloween I was at first extatic that a.) Sam was willing to be something other than a princess for the first time in her life & b.) they would be twinsies, so cute right?

Then I realized that I had absolutely no idea how to make a Siamese Cat costume.

A few weeks ago I found the nude leotards at American Apparel & kind of built the costumes from there. I’ve been in a non-sewing mood lately (gasp!) so I did as much with already made items & a hot glue gun as I could. The hats were teddy bear fuzzy hats from Target turned inside out, ears were made with hot glue & brown men’s socks, the tails were fuzzy fabric glued around pipe cleaners so they’d stand up, the sleeves were men’s tube socks cut off & sewn onto the leotard sleeves & the legwarmers were also made from men’s brown socks using this babylegs tutorial. Here are a few pics from the steps to give you the gist…The ears were on a headband so that they could take the hats off in school and still maintain their ‘catness’. I used the long end of the sock base & some hot glue to cover a plastic headband & then sandwiched the headband with the sock heel…To add some support I put a triangle piece of felt in the sock heel ear (the blue piece) before gluing the two heel pieces together. Next I used a piece of tan felt for the inner ear. I cut a small slit in the bottom of the triangle and then glued that slit shut to create some some curved shape to the ear. Then I glued the tan pieces right onto each brown ear.

(ugh, remind me to buy a new ironing board cover. gross.)

Finally to cover the raw edge around the ear (knit socks fray like mad after you cut them) I cut a long piece of sock & then rolled it in on itself with a bit of hot glue. I then glued my tube around the perimeter of the ear. I realize this is kind of hard to envision but my advice is just start fiddling with it, let the glue gun lead you my friend.

I took a ton of pictures of making the eyes that I glued onto the hat & have no idea where they went. They were on my cell phone and now they’re not. Stupid technology. That’s ok, basically I looked at a picture of the Siamese Cats & cut out felt shapes to create the eyes. I made them big & in your face because they’re basically the only thing that separates their costume from any other cat costume. They give it personality.

So did anyone else make their kid’s costume(s) this year? Mine was the only homemade costume I saw at my kid’s school & I’m starting to wonder if it’s just so passe to go homemade for Halloween…

PS- Here’s a little nugget from me to you…

If you use your waterproof smudgeproof liquid eyeliner to draw a nose & whiskers on your kid’s face it will not wash off. It will still be there the next day when your kids go to school & people will think you don’t bathe your children. Which in all honesty you didn’t bathe your kids last night. Teenage boys kept ringing your doorbell well past 8pm and they didn’t even bother wearing costumes which is ridiculous, it’s not “FREE CANDY NIGHT FOR EVERYONE WHO’S ALREADY HIT PUBERTY”. Then you realize you’ve become the cranky old woman who keeps the kid’s ball that rolled in her yard.

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    • leonie

      Oh so adorable! I have alot of sisters,and one year some of went as- the 3 blind mice!
      Thankyou for sharing in the Halloween fun!

  1. Nicole

    Oh they are so cute! Good job Momma! I made my kids costumes……..Wendy and Peter Pan! Last year they were Ariel & Flounder, made those too! I love home made costumes, in fact they are the reason I learned to sew.

  2. Maria

    I didn’t make my daughters costume this year ( belle), not enough time with work & her changing her mind- but there’s something to be said for homemade costumes- love them!!! I should start planning now for next year!!!

  3. Emily

    Did you try some baby oil on the cat makeup. My little nephew got some some stuck all over his back and that’s the only thing that did the trick! Maybe makeup remover?

  4. They are adorable! My 9 year old was Joey Ramone and his was sorta handmade and my 3 year old was a LaLaLoopsy doll. Hers was totally handmade. I love handmade costumes and when I see kids in them it get me all happy! Even if it’s not actually made but more put together from different things. I like the creativity it takes rather than just buying the same costume you’ll see on 20 other kids. Although my son has worn a couple of store bought costumes just because there was no way I could make what he wanted LOL

  5. Krista

    Cute costumes! I made my daughter’s costume again this year, and plan to as long as she’ll let me! She was a peacock this year. Her costumes was the only handmade costume at her preschool, and she won the costume contest! I was one proud Mama! As my sister said, though, I was really the one who won the contest!!

  6. Brenda b.

    My 2 year old daughter was batman. I made her cape from a black thirst and the logo from construction paper. It was my first homemade costume and it was awesome.

  7. Those are precious! Great idea! I too loved the Siamese cats from Lady and the Tramp… I don’t know what it is, maybe their sassiness, maybe their mischievousness.

    My sister made my nieces costume as Peter Pan, she looked absolutely adorable in it! Homemade costumes for the win!

  8. Jennifer

    They look great!!! So is that what a picture from cinegram does!? Neat…. Also I feel the same way about teenagers I don tthink its fair I mean they could throw on some old clothes and say they are a bum or something!!! smh

    • Natasha

      Cinegram? I don’t think I know what that is, sounds neat though. I used a gif file creator to make my animated photos.

  9. Diana

    I am SO glad that you make your kids’ costumes. My mom made all of mine growing up and I love looking back on those pictures and seeing something that she created instead of bought.

    Except for the year she was making me a princess dress and I took the beads she was supposed to sew on and shoved some of them up my nose. That memory isn’t so great.

  10. I had the exact conversation with my parents yesterday. Everyone seems to buy costumes nowadays. I NEVER had a store bought costume when I was growing up, and I hope my daughter will appreciate her homemade costumes as much as I did when I was growing up.
    My daughter was a cookie (I was milk) this year. I made her costume out of bathmats I found at the dollar store… can’t beat $2 for a halloween costume!

  11. Melinda

    Originally my 5-yr old girl and 4-yr old boy wanted to be fairies but fortunately they changed their minds and opted for cheetahs. I had some yellow fleece on hand that I quickly sewed into pants and I was able to piece together a shirt for my son who isn’t nearly as particular about what I sew him (as compared to my very critical daughter). I snagged a $2 yellow sweatshirt from the thrift store, sized it down to fit my daughter, and had enough fabric left over to fashion two tails. Add one black fabric marker, lots of colored-on spots, some face paint and I had two decent homemade costumes (and two delighted kiddos). I’ll opt for homemade for as long as I can get away with it! I love your siamese kitties; great job coming up with no-sew solutions!

    • Natasha

      Wow, good for you! And if it makes you feel better Sam is only 4 and has all of a sudden become super critical of, well, everything I do! But definitely when I craft for her. Those kids…sheesh

  12. caryn

    homemade costumes are the best! most of my costumes growing up were homemade and those are the ones i remember. also, you’re not a cranky old lady, i got mad at the kids who came to the door without a costume. NO COSTUME=NO CANDY. and don’t get me started on the parents/grandparents/random adults who came up and asked if they could have a piece of candy!! last time i checked most parents take part (if not all) of their kid’s loot! oh and also, um your’e adult go buy your own damn candy!

    cranky not that old woman

    • Natasha

      Well we can just be cranky bff’s together.
      Which also means we can help clean eachother’s houses when those kids come egg us!

  13. Laura

    They are so sweet! I made my boys costumes this year, but they were no where near as nice as yours! My 4-year-old is obsessed with the Wild Kratts on PBS and insisted on being Chris Kratt for Halloween, so I made creature power suits for him and his little brother, who is 8 months. It was my first try and obviously looked it, but he’s young enough that he didn’t know the difference :) Maybe by next year I will work on my crafting/costume-making skills ;)

  14. Barbara Westby

    I am amazed. The costumes are perfect. My husband’s mother made the two of us Raggedy Ann and Andy costumes when we were in High School. We won the first prize – a live rabbit.

  15. Kayla

    I love this! I am making it for my daughter for Halloween. We have a Siamese cat and this inspired our family costume this year: we’re all going as our pets! Thanks for the inspiration!

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