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Do you Instagram? Do you have an Instagram obsession like I do? Then be prepared to fall in major love with Prinstagram. (Prinstagram did not sponsor this post whatsoever, in fact, they don’t even know I exist, I’m just really happy with my order & wanted to share!) (also find me on Instagram at Samstermommy)

I’ve been digging around for ways to print my Instagram images & I’m so happy I stumbled upon Prinstagram. I was able to easily upload pictures directly from my Instagram account & ordered two books of Instagram stickers for $10! That 252 custom stickers for cheaper than a trip to Chickfila. I also ordered some 4×4 prints that I’m very happy with the quality of for only $12 for 24 prints. Next I’ll be ordering the posters, I have a great idea for a piece of mega art to make with those!

Here’s what I’ve done so far with my stickers…

An iphone case…

I used a clear back belkin case (mine was from Target but I’m going to buy this clear case
next) & applied the stickers to the cardboard insert that came with the packaging. Easy enough.

Next I made a neat piece of art by covering the insert area of a frame with stickers. You know, that part that is greyed out & says 5X7 or whatever the frame dimensions are? It makes a great template for creating a piece that will fit your frame. I’m hoping it will make people want to study it & see all the little images of our life.

Last I thought Samster would appreciate a special little pendant with her favorite kitty. I strung a few different pink beads on some string & then just trimmed down a sticker of Rose to fit inside the little frame pendant. (I’m pretty sure I bought those in the beading section at Michaels)

The possibilities are endless really, keep this idea in your back pocket for Christmas time, if your relatives are anything like mine they eat up the personalized gifts.

If you’ve done anything creative with your Instagram photos please please share, I’d love to have more!!

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  1. I love prinstagram too! I order the 4×4 all the time, then I found the postal pics app and they r even cheaper! They don’t have the matte finish that printstagram has, it’s more glossy, but I like to do both… I’m totally addicted to Instagram haha

  2. Wendy

    Love the framed photo collage… And the necklace! Printstagram should sponser this post, because I’m headed over there to order some stuff!

    • Natasha

      Hi Carolyn, I’m not sure what you mean…unsubscribe you to my blog posts? If so I believe there is an unsubscribe button on the bottom of the email you get with my posts. Sorry to see you go though!

  3. Hey! I googled instagram stickers and came across the awesome site you used to create yours. Unfortunately I CANNOT get any of my pictures to upload for me to pick which pictures to use.
    Did you have any problems with this?


    • Natasha

      Oh nooo! That didn’t happen for me, when I logged in they just all popped right up. Does it say it’s connected to your account alright?


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