girl’s room Makeover Part 1: Inspiration!

I’m SO excited for this room makeover! For months I’ve been dreaming about it. Literally. When I can’t sleep at night I decorate in my head. I’ll visualize rearranging furniture or color schemes. Does anyone else do this? After one particularly good ‘session’ I sketched out how I envision Sam’s room makeover to go…

If I was just the nicest mommy on Earth & gave her a bedroom that was exactly what she wanted the walls would be hot pink glitter & every flat surface would be covered in a life size Disney princess wall vinyl. Unfortunately for Disney I’m not quite that selfless. I want this room to be pretty & tasteful too. It’s a part of my home that everyone will see, why not make it a room I enjoy too?

But hey, the kid’s gonna have ombre pink pom poms hanging from her ceiling & glittered carriage art on the wall, let’s not feel too bad for her.Over the weekend I was able to completely finish the ceiling. I also quickly remembered how much I dislike painting ceilings, it’s like painting upside down. It really does make SUCH a difference though, I highly recommend it in any room. I also got a good majority of the walls done. You can see the old beige poking through here & there, almost there though! I have had everything I need for this room for months, except energy that is, but now, now this room is going to be my bee-otch. Sorry Cinderella.

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  1. Amber

    I so do that too! In fact, one day years ago, as I was waiting to get picked up from my job at Starbucks, I renovated the entire store into a loft-bedroom type apartment. It was awesome. So glad I’m not the only one!!

  2. Jennifer

    can’t wait to see the finish product! is it bad that I actually want to fast forward I get so excited when it comes to room makeovers :)

  3. leonie

    Can’t wait to see the finshed room! I also like to dream of projects when I can’t sleep-mostly quilts I want to make. I am glad that you are not making the room look like you never know,her next passion may be the Wizard of Oz.(that was my daughter favorite!). Sam is lucky to have such a creative mom!

  4. Kira

    I have “A pair of shoes can change your life, just ask cinderella” on my girls wall, right over her book shelf…… Love it <3


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