Black Eye Karma

A few months ago I was at my nail salon when I noticed one the techs who walked by had a whopper of a shiner on her right eye. Immediately I thought, Oh poor girl! Who is this man in her life that could do such a thing. Why is she ok with it? Is she scared to leave? Perhaps she doesn’t believe she deserves better? At this point she noticed my pitiful stares, shot me a what are you looking at bee-otch look & left the room. This just made me feel even worse for her, how embarrassed she must be. I started to wonder what she did that set him off. Was dinner not hot enough? Perhaps her greeting to the UPS man a bit too friendly? Jerk. I hope he gets a flesh eating bacteria on his penis.

It never even occurred to me that this girl who mind you I know nothing about could have never experienced any sort of physical abuse ever in her life…not until this past Saturday when Sam stood up right as I was bending down & her solid noggin collided with my eye socket. We were at the Baltimore Aquarium & right in the middle of everyone Sam & I were both crying. It was memorable to say the least.

3 days later & I still have this….
I’ve piled on a pound of concealer, have worn my glasses constantly & have never been so grateful for bangs. Although I still can’t help but wonder if people are noticing. Maybe even judging. I certainly judged the nail lady.

So my lesson is this, even if your intentions come from a loving place judging others is still just that, judgement. I’m going to try and re-wire my brain to stop assuming things about other people. Unless you’re in their home with them 24/7 you just never really know what might be going on in their lives.

I’m also going to keep a 3 ft distance rule when it comes to children in motion. Yeah, right.

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  1. OMG! What has Kane done to you!? That ass! Do you need me to call for help? Nod once if yes. :P

    I hope you are feeling better! I certainly miss your craft posts! Hurry back to us soon!

  2. Nancy

    aww….LOL! I had my two year old do the same thing to me. She has this thing where she loves to throw herself backwards onto me. I few times she has hit me but one time….she hit me so hard that I almost blacked out. I literally saw stars. I ended up with a sore cheek and it turned blue…lol! It doesn’t help that she has an extremely big, hard head! I was almost in tears and she was running around like nothing happened! LMFAO! Hope you are feeling better and watch out for baby heads!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

    • Natasha

      Yes ma’am! It feels really good to be blogging again. I’m hoping its a lot like going to gym, you feel good afterwards but if you skip it for a week or two it’s there much harder to get yourself going again. I think I’m getting there though!

  3. claudia

    oh thats so funny and a great lesson learned for you and thank you for always sharing it with us :)

    get better soon!

  4. Rachel A.

    That sucks! I hope it goes away soon. My son dropped a giant toy on my face twice last week and I still have a sore spot on my head. He also stood up as I was looking over the crib and clocked me in the face with his head. Having kids is a hazard to our health sometimes!

  5. Carolyn

    OMG!!! Just a similar incident with my 21mo old except she busted by bottom lip and my husband just sat there and laughed!! Hope u feel better soon!

  6. Chris Durst

    My son’s almost 3 and of course he’s a bit of crybaby when it comes to ouches, with the exception of headbutting me into almost unconsciousness. When the stars start to fade out he’ll be just sitting there and giggling at me thinking it’s the funnest thing ever.. don’t understand how his little head is that tough.. LOL.

  7. Sydney

    I guess that will teach you to have dinner hot on the table when Kane gets home, huh? ;) Just teasing! I had an accident one time that made a long cut right at my wrist and just barely missed my vein (whew!). It looked just terrible and the doctors that stitched me up were joking with me about how I really did have something to live for and things were going to be okay. I have a scar there that will be there forever. When I’ve had my blood drawn or other things I’ve noticed nurses looking at that and then kind of looking away and I just know they think I’m suicidal. I completely agree, just don’t judge! You never know! A real clue that someone wasn’t beaten is when they are joking that they were. My mom fell and got a real shiner and her automatic reaction to everyone when they saw her was that she got lippy with my dad. (He didn’t think it was near as funny as we did!)

  8. Sydney

    By the way, my niece broke my mother-in-law’s nose so badly that she had to have plastic surgery to repair it by rearing her head back and hitting her smack dab in the nose. Those little hard heads are lethal weapons!!

  9. Pam

    Ouch!! You have to watch out for the animals too!! I was laying in bed one night watching TV and my son came bouncing in playing with one of the dogs. The dog went UP … then back down with paw to eye!! I thought for sure it was going to be black and blue! I immediately went and put ice on it! It did get purple around the inside of my eye on my nose but luckily not full blown black and blue!! I’m going to start walking around with one of those dog collars around my neck when near young kids and dogs!! LOL!

  10. Sarah Kelly

    When I was pregnant with my second baby my daughter did something similar to me. She was sitting up in bed and flopped back all of a sudden and hit my cheek bone. I saw stars and had a shiner immediately. I’m sure my OB was thinking some not so nice thoughts when I went in for my appointment the next day.

  11. The best kind is when your kiddo bashes you in the head with their own noggin and then giggles while you’re seeing stars and fighting back the tears. It may be telling that as soon as you started talking about the nail lady with the black eye, my thoughts went to her getting conked by a child rather than domestic abuse. My sweet, innocent, adorable little girls are super rough, lol!

    • Natasha

      Yeah I guess I’ve been lucky but now that Soph is older the two of roughhouse like puppies ALL THE TIME. I’m sure this is the first of many innocent bystander injuries!

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