So here’s what happened…

I was on my way home from school last week when I was attacked by a pack of wild dogs. I ended up in the hospital with a case of amnesia & no way of knowing who I was or where I came from much less my WordPress login. And that’s why I haven’t blogged.

At this point I’m sure your imaginations have run off with all sorts of speculations as to where I’ve dissapeared to. I’ve come to realize that posting a picture of oneself in the hospital on your social media outlets without any sort of explanation as to why you are there is not the wisest of moves. People tend to worry…sorry.

The truth is after my last post I started feeling a lot worse & made the decision to pack up the girls and head home to Nana’s house in Florida. While here resting things got bad enough that I went to the ER & ended up staying in the hospital for 3 days on IV antibiotics for an inflamed colon. Does that make you uncomfortable to talk about my colon? I suppose it is kind of like talking about your bootyhole. But listen…it’s just like opinions, everybody has one. Anyway, I’m back at my mom’s now recuperating & am heading back to DC later in the week to follow up with my doctors there. I’m not exactly sure why I stopped blogging, I do really love it here, it’s kind of an escape. I guess I just needed to give myself permission to shut down & truly rest. In hindsight I’m not really sure that was the right thing to do because I worked so hard for so long to build up my traffic & now basically flushed that average down the toilet but oh well, what’s done is done.

I have all sorts of pictures of past projects that I haven’t blogged about so I’m going to pull from those for the next week or so, hope you don’t mind. For today how about we catch up from the last week (or two).

There was a movie star on our flight down…

And I realized how Nana always gets the girls to eat their sandwiches. Nothing like a flower cookie cutter & a surprise M&M to get a 2 yr old to be your BFF.

There was music…

and nudism.And in addition to endless fun Nana, Pop Pop, Aunt Ti-Ti & Auntie Maggie kept my kids safe, sound, relatively clean & most importantly happy while I was out of commission.

While my kids were at Retreat De Nana I had the pleasure of discovering a new favorite show… While in the hospital, I watched the entire 2nd season on my ipad and OH MY BBC GOODNESS am I in love. If you have a pension for period pieces & soap operas this show my friend you will adore.

Obsessively good entertainment & intravenous drugs…better than a spa.Finally I need to give a big thankyou to all my family for taking such wonderful care of me. It was absolutely heart warming to be reminded of how family jumps in & goes above & beyond when you need them. You don’t even have to ask.

Abuela brought me cafe con leche & cuban bread every morning (even when there was a big ‘no food or drink diet’ sign on my door), she also drove me home & brought me clean underwear when I didn’t think to bring any. Yes, I wore granny panties, and was quite happy to do so. (notice the hair rubberband around my pants’ button maternity trick…best bloating tip ever)My Dad has been working non stop to find me the best doctors, my sisters have done my daughters’ nails (daily), my Tia jumped in her car & stayed with my kids when I wanted my mom to stay at the hospital with me…everyone was wonderful & I love them all. Perhaps that was part of the lesson I was supposed to take out of this experience…you can always count on family.

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  1. Oh Natasha! I’m an always-reader-follower (and still look up old tutorials when my magical time-freezing clock works properly, which isn’t often enough these days). Don’t worry about traffic. I know that’s easy for me to say, but seriously…don’t worry about blog traffic.

    What an amazing, loving, and giving family you have. You are truly blessed. Praying for wellness and answers for you.

  2. Izze

    Natasha, I am so very sorry to hear about your hospital stay and still lacking a diagnosis. But yes truly a good lesson indeed, to know that family will be there if you need them. Will be praying for you and hope you find out what your body needs (or doesn’t need) really soon!


    P.S- This may be too obvious, but have the doctors ruled out a gluten allergy?

    • Natasha

      You know it’s funny you mention that about gluten…

      I’m actually going to give that a try, I thought that might be it a few weeks ago and tried to go gluten free but then my GI Dr said he didn’t think that was it. I’m ready to try it again though.

      • I just had to respond to this.

        I was reading up on this today and what has happened to so many people is misdiagnosis of gluten allergy or celiac disease. For some reason, all doctors like to think it’s rare or that “it can’t be it,” when in reality, IT IS IT! I don’t think you should rule it out and definitely talk to your doctor more – if he still doesn’t budge, get a second opinion :)

        And I would never leave your blog, Natasha! I hope you are on your way to good health! xo

      • I also wanted to throw it out there that I have an IRL friend who was diagnosed with Lyme several years ago, and they estimate she had had it for at least 10 years. Prior to her Lyme diagnosis, she was misdiagnosed with several gut issues, including Crohn’s and several other scary-sounding diseases ending in “colitis.” After reading pretty much everything ever written about Lyme, she made a MAJOR diet change, the first thing being to cut out gluten. Along with all her other changes, her life is profoundly different now; she rarely (if ever) experiences the same gut issues and symptoms she did before her diet change.

  3. leonie

    Blog traffic will see the green light and go back to your blog. You have followers in blogland. I was worried about you and am so glad that you are out of the hospital. sounds like you have been thru a trama. It is wonderful that your family is there for you. Take all the time you need to get well. Life certainly has plenty of rocky roads.I will join in the prayers for wellness for you. Thankyou for blogging! Tutorials and other fun stuff can wait.Get well first!!!

  4. Denise

    Don’t worry about your blog and any readers darling. Your health is first and foremost, because if you don’t have that, you don’t have anything :) I’ve been trying to get my own blog up and running, and due to health issues I’ve had a “coming soon” sign for three months :( BUT! I’m taking care of me, and that’s more important! So sit back, relax, and we’ll be here waiting :D

  5. Heather

    Glad to hear you are hanging in there! We’ve missed you! I can imagine how tough it is to be so far away from family, but good for you for going home! Sometimes it can be hard to ask for help. I heard P talking about your trip to Vegas on the radio, so I was hoping to hear from you soon! How was Vegas?? Blog traffic will be back before you know it!

  6. Diana

    There’s nothing Mr. Bates can’t take care of, even your mystery illness.

    Hope you are feeling back to normal soon.

  7. jamie bishop

    Hey Natasha,

    Us loyal readers are just waiting and wishing you a speedy recovery! Everything will come together and most importantly focus on your health and your girls :)

  8. Wendy

    I know I commented before about this, but did they 100% rule out Crohns? It sounds so Crohns or Colitis-like. You had a colonoscopy, right? Celiac is a blood test… My sister has that… Wouldn’t hurt to eliminate gluten as a rule out? But I am still very much thinking it sounds like Crohns… I have two friends who have been diagnosed, both after a long, agonizing journey through medical hell. One ended up in an eating disorder clinic (after she stopped eating because every time she ate he felt sick, and t the time she was a teen, so obviously she had anorexia. You know, the kind of anorexia where you have no issues with body image but feel sick every time you eat).

  9. Jessica

    Hope you feel better real soon! I love your blog btw and will always read…after I read I swear I become a little bit sweeter to my kids, having 2 boys is much different that 2 girls…and you definitely are a rockstar mom:) Hope your colon stops being so damn pissed off, lol.

  10. Oh I hope you can get some answers soon, and I’m sure glad your family was able to support you! Your symptoms do remind me of the symptoms my friends with various c-problems (crohns, colitis, celiac) that have to avoid gluten have. Cutting gluten might help! It’s in a LOT more than you realize, though.
    I hope they can figure out what’s up soon, not just so you can get your life back but also before too much damage is done to your poor system! Lyme can sometimes kick mild intolerances/allergies into full blown life-threatening ones. My mom has always been allergic to certain fragrances/chemicals but just like, headache and red face and tight chest. A few months after she got Lyme it blew up to such a proportion that she needs an epi pen and is soooo sensitive. So if you had something that kind of bugged you before but not too bad, maybe look to that as an option?

  11. Kim Tafer

    Miss you. Hope you’re feeling better. I’ll be here when you get back full-time, or even if you post here and there.

  12. Meg

    I’ve got a friend who just realized she had a slight gluten allergy, and since cutting it out of her life, everything is SO much better! And thankfully, GF is all the rage on pinterest now, so there are plenty of recipes to try. I can’t wait to try the alternative pizza crusts, like cauliflower and potatoes.

    Feel better!!

  13. Carmen

    A lovely written post on family. :) Sorry you still don’t have many answers. Don’t worry about your Blog traffic. I’m still here as I know many of your other followers are too!

  14. I am so happy to know you are still alive! But so sad that you have been having a difficult time with your health! Wish I could do something to help you out–even being on the other side of the country. Our family is praying for you Natasha! Hang in there, hopefully the end of this is near!

  15. Marta

    It’s so good to catch up! Sorry things were rough, but with lovely Lady Mary Crowley by your side, you would be able to get through anything. I just watched the whole second season, too! Let’s discuss! :)
    As for your tummy, have you ever heard of There is a woman named Heather who has had tummy issues her whole life, and she has some great suggestions for every tummy ailment. (This includes you battered busted up colon, my dear.) The peppermint tea and acacia fiber are particularly wonderful. (And no, I am not a paid endorsment. The site really is great.)
    Check it out. Take some probiotics for your tummy, use some prebiotic fiber, and feel better soon.
    Lots O’ love,


    LOVE the post!! hope you are feeling a lot better. Family, is the BEST kind of medicine glad you took the trip home that was probably what you needed. Love, the pictures and hope to see more posts soon that is when you are feeling 100%!

  17. I will 834th the gluten free thing. I was having a lot of tummy and intestinal issues and after trying to cut it out, felt so much better! Not only that, I cut out lactose, which, I think was not helping anything. Sending you many hugs and best wishes your way!

    And not a bad way to spend a hospital visit with Downton Abbey! I started watching from the first season and was instantly hooked. Hope you are getting to watch the current season online!

  18. Melanie

    Love Downton Abbey! I could watch that show over and over and over again. I hear season three is airing right now in the UK but won’t come to the US until next year. If anyone knows where I can get my hands on new episodes… I’d love you forever ;)

    re: sandwiches… I have the pickiest eater on the planet…he loves bread but hates anything with it (no meat, peanut butter, anything sandwich-like but I do have a big mickey mouse cutter that might make it fun enough for him to eat a bit…kudos to your family

    Now, as far as the blog traffic, you still have a huge following and tons of people that love coming back and hearing your “voice”. Have you ever though about guest posts? I don’t know much about the blogging world but I thought it might be a good idea for you not to feel like your hard work is flushed down the toilet. Part of the wonderful thing you’ve done here is bring a whole bunch of people together on the internet…so, who knows?

    Lots of love!

  19. Nicole

    SO glad to hear from you..was getting worried. Sorry you’ve been going through so much lately, but thankfully you have a wonderful family to help you out. I hope the doctors find out what’s going on soon, so you can start to feel better.

    I have been GF for almost 2yrs and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. I had so many issues prior to cutting out gluten and only wish I’d done it sooner. Makes a world of difference. If you need any suggestions on how to get started or what you can/can’t eat let me know..I’m an expert now! :-)

    Feel better Natasha!

  20. Kelsey

    Was wondering where you were! Sorry about your hospital stay but glad to hear your family rallied! Hope you figure everything out soon!

  21. Get better Natasha but most importantly remain strong and hopeful for your girls :) Thank God you have a wonderful family that is there for you :) You have us, your wonderful followers who are there for you as well :)
    Ulcerative colitis that is what my brother in law has. It came out of no where and he would go from doctor to doctor and no one knew what it was for a while. He is still struggling with it and he has his good and bad days but he has us, his family, there for him.

  22. claudia

    Im so glad to hear that ur ok, i keep up with ur posts on fb and instagram :)) i hope u get better soon,im sorry to hear abt what ur going thru but family is amazing during times like this.

  23. Stephanie

    Still have you on my favorites bar and always will! You are one of my daily website stops. excited to see some more projects, but get yourself better. we will all wait patiently!!

  24. Kayla

    I am so glad to hear you are OK & thank you for posting such adorable pictures of the girls! The Superstar Samster pic is so adorable. Keep getting better and just know that the people who follow your blog aren’t going to stop just because you’re going thru a tough time. We all get it & it’s what makes you even more relatable and fun to follow.


  25. Chantel

    So SOOOO very glad you posted Natasha. I was worrying over here in the MoCo and waiting to hear an update from your hubs on the Radio. If he did say something I missed it. I’m thankful you have your family and we able to get some down time. I’ve got quite a few doctor friends in the DC area. Email me if you need/want some referrals.

    Take time for YOU! The blog will be here and you can build the traffic back up. xoxo

  26. Lucy

    Hi Natasha
    Glad to hear that you’re ok. Don’t worry about the blog, we’re still hear, and you will be up and running in no time. You will feel much better if you could just get a diagnosis. Definitely worth trying the GF thing or even just wheat. I was feeling ill for months and docs just ignored it. Tried wheat free diet, for a few months and have been a new woman! I must try watching Downton Abbey as well. Missed it when it was on tv in UK, but if you guys like it, it must be good! Will get it on DVD!

  27. Desiree

    Oh my gosh..I was a work when I first read this and didn’t really pick up on the fact that you were joking about the pack of wild dogs..I kept thinking both happened. My eyes must have skipped over the 2nd paragraph! geeze, haha. I am glad you’re ok though. And I still faithfully checked your blog once day.

  28. Sydney

    Oh my gosh, I kept stopping by and just thought you might be on vacation or something. So glad you’re out of the hospital. Take care and hope you get well soon!!

  29. Kimberly Limer

    Hope you feel better soon!!! I check almost everyday to see new posts. Your family and health come first and foremost, so relax and enjoy the nice Florida weather :)

  30. Erica

    Hi, sorry to hear what you are going through. I hope you figure it all out soon. You are very lucky to have a family like yours. I couldn’t help but feel a little bit jealous and sad because my family doesn’t really help me with my kids. If they ever do watch them, I’m always being timed and stress out when I’m out longer than I thought I’d take. When my husband and I got food poisoning for 3 days, my mom didn’t want to watch my 10 month old daughter. It was tough. My parents live across the street FYI. I just hope when my kids have kids I’ll be there for them, it just sucks I’ll never know what that’s truly like. You are just blessed! And as far as traffic, don’t worry about it! Your blog is awesome and your readers know that and I mean c’mon you’re going through some tough stuff right now! We understand :)

  31. Allison S.

    Love you Nat, sorry you’ve been sick. I’m no doctor, but I work in the medical field. I really am concerned that you’ve got autoimmune stuff going on (thinking back to your Lyme stuff). I just hope you’re feeling better and find docs that give you the help and answers needed.

    • Natasha

      You know that’s what I’m thinking too…what kind of specialist would know the most about auto-immune diseases? A rheumatologist?

  32. Angela

    I am so sad to hear you were in the hospital! I hope you’re feeling better soon. It is such a gift to have a family like that.

    maybe in addition to cutting out gluten, you give cutting out dairy a shot, too. My GI doctor recommended that and it has changed my life. I hope, whatever you try, works awesomely.

  33. Candi

    Glad you are back!!! I second the advice to cut out gluten :) But with that many antibiotics your GI tract is surely in need of some probiotics. Kombucha tea, yogurt (or coconut yogurt), and maybe some enzymes…good luck!!!! And, if you are having a sensitive gut you may want to try soaking your nuts and oatmeal as well. I hope you feel better soon!!!!

  34. Rhianna

    So glad that you are feeling better. Everyone deserves to hit the “easy” button now and again. In this situation you certainly did. As for losing some followers, I know that must suck, but do know that you have some faithful readers still lingering around and we are all happy you are doing O.k!!!!

  35. Tracy

    Omg! I follow your blog on my rss reader. I’m so sorry about what happened to you. Take all the time you need – you’ll still be on my reader even if you don’t post. ;)

  36. BBB

    First of all I hope your health is getting better! Don’t worry about the daily click averages. I, like probably many others, have your blog bookmarked. I’ve been checking more sparsely because I knew you were ill–but I haven’t crossed off your site and once you get back in the swing of things I’ll be checking in more often as I did before. Also, as far as family helping you out with the kids goes its a win-win situation. Trust me, they are LOVING the time with your precious children. Sure they’re doing you a favor but you are also doing them a favor by giving them time with the kids. I totally wish my family members, who I live away from, would give me their kids for some time.

  37. So sorry you are not feeling up to your old self yet, but it sounds like you are in great hands. It has to all be very frustrating but what a wonderful support system you have and excuse me, but and M&M in a sandwich is friggin’ brilliant. I will be stealing that thank you very much. We will all still be here when you are back to your blogging best. For now, take care of yourself. I know it’s hard as a mom to actually do that, but now’s the time to make that happen. Feel better soon.

  38. Natasha- Everything happens for a reason! I am so sorry that you are incredibly sick. It sounds terrible! Maybe you just needed a little YOU time and the universe knew you wouldn’t take it unless you were sick? Find a little time for you and be thankful for your family.

    I hope you start to feel better soon. My fiance is 24 and has had lactose intolerance happen… could it be that? And my sister has Lyme disease as well… so many problems come with Lyme! It’s crazy!!!!! We need more exposure to the effects of Lyme disease.. most people don’t even know it still happens! It’s TERRIBLE! My sister was in bed for like 6 months.

    I will always be a follower, you just need to get better!!

    • Natasha

      Thanks Caitlyn, you’re sweet (:

      Lyme disease is THE DEVIL. I still don’t know if that’s what’s making me sick this time but I’m pretty sure it’s a part of it somehow! Hope your sister’s doing better with it…


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