Painted Shoes

This isn’t going to be a terribly long post but if for no other reason than to generate some I ‘got back on the horse’ (or is it ‘got back on the saddle’? neither sounds right in my head) good vibes in my brain I wanted to put SOMETHING up. I mean, for Pete’s sake (no offense Pete), it’s been 3 weeks since I’ve posted a craft! Ugh. Saying that outloud makes me gag a little.

But whatever, there’s nothing I can do about that now except to try and get going again. What’s that saying about anything worth trying for or something? My brain is fried.

I found a wonderful primary care Dr as well as a GI & ID Dr so I just have keep on truckin’ and do what I can while they do their thing. I’m keeping a food diary & a symptom journal…trying to pinpoint what happens (if anything) right before I get a stomach ache/headache/fever. (my gut tells me it has to do with last year’s Lyme) I also know that blogging here makes me happy & happy=good. I’m making it a priority again. At least I’m gonna try, sometimes I just want to climb in bed & watch Honey Boo Boo. (Sketti anyone?)

I did spend some of my ‘resting time’ painting shoes & that’s what I wanted to share with you today.

First, Sam needed some Fall boots that had more support than her usual Uggs. I love these lace up brown boots from Nordstrom but I knew she’d never go for plain brown boots. No way, no how. That’s ok, mama needed to get her DIY fix anyway…I taped off the toes & back buckle area & then painted them with white acrylic paint. (neon paints tend to be very transparent, they really need a good white base) After it dried (10-15 minutes) I applied the first of 3 coats of neon pink craft paint. I let them dry overnight & in the morning painted on a coat of my favorite polyurethane sealer, with shoes you really need to use some sort of sealant to prevent everyday scuffs from chipping off the paint. At this point the paint job looked a little too perfect considering the rustic style of the boots. I scuffed them up with some sandpaper around the toes & stitches. Perfect. Sam says as soon as I change the neon blue laces to pink she’ll wear them everyday. That kid, she’s a pink-a-holic. I can’t wait for her to wear these with her funky print knee high socks or contrasting tights with a frilly skirt & cardigan on top. Seriously, how cute would that be?? Maybe I can bribe her.

Next I decided to spruce up my Tom’s, why should Sam get all the pink? (For those of you LPM old schooler’s remember my utter disdain of Tom’s?? I’m making an exception, I’m kind of in love with the lace-up style) For some reason the grey tweed slip-ons come with a pink base but the lace-ups don’t. (see pic below) UNFAIR. I won’t stand for it…so I painted them too.

Toms Fleckpop Classic

Once again, white acrylic first, a few coats of neon (this time I mixed the neon pink with white to make a bright bubblegum color) & then a sealant on top. That’s it!

So are you itching to paint your shoes now? Go ahead, go to your closet right now & I guarantee you can find something that will make you much happier with a little pop of color. Don’t be scurred.

PS- Thanks for sticking around and being patient with my absence. You’re a good friend.

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  1. Hey girl!
    Love the shoes! Great welcome back project!!! I so want to paint my shoes, pretty much all of them. I am not the biggest lover of Toms either, but the “new and improved” lace-up’s are cuuute!!!

  2. leonie

    I was pink-a-holic child with dreams of someday having a pink car… Luv the pink painted shoes! A matching pink painted purse would be cute.
    I hope that you start feeling better. take care of yourself. Your friends in blog land luv your bloggings,but understand that life gets in the way sometimes.


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