Blah blahh blah blah blah. Blah!

That’s what I feel like other people hear when I talk about my latest Dr. appointment.

I was just telling P how the Dr just called & said a Lyme infection showed up in my bloodwork for Tuleremia testing & he didn’t even look up from his laptop. “Uh-huh, really, that’s interesting, so um….yeah,  so what’s next?”

And when I tell my girlfriends about how I still have a stomachache & a fever AGAIN I get that same pitiful trying to act interested face but really they’re dying to talk about anything&everything else. Here’s the thing everyone, I’m bored with it too! I haaate it!!

It’s so not me to always talk about my ailments, that’s what grandma’s do on phonecalls, not 30-something year old active women with lots of fun, exciting things to say & do! Gr!

I’m getting really bummed over on the other side of this laptop & want to blog about something frilly, cheerful & happy to get me back in the game. Oo! I know!!

Wait for it…

Painted. Shoes.

I’ve been working on two pairs for me & one for Sam & they’re finally done so there’s absolutely positively no reason I shouldn’t blog about it tomorrow! And now that I’ve said it outloud to you it’s like a little insurance policy that I’ll get back on that darn horse and do it!

(And I know of few of you dear sweet souls are actually interested in my health so I will give you the update in a nutshell. Colonoscopy & endoscopy were just fine. Anesthesia is AWESOME. When I woke up my first thought was wait, maybe if I just close my eyes I’ll go back to that quiet happy placee…didnt work. You’re up and they get ya on outta there pretty right quick. I will no longer confuse “recovery” with “retreat”. The only thing not normal was the lining of my stomach was red, Gastritis they call it. And it’s really no surprise considering I’ve had stomach pain for 4 weeks. So the question now becomes what’s the cause.

I found a wonderful new primary care Dr who’s leaning towards the thought that I might have a bacterial infection transmitted by one of the buns scratching me. My Lyme also seems to be back. Somehow my gut says they’re related. But I guess I’ll leave the connecting the dots to the Infectious Disease Dr I’m seeing next week. Every day I still have a low fever that comes & goes, abdominal tenderness & occasional pain as well throbbing headaches every freaking evening. Those are getting annoying. Want to hear the really weird part?? LUCY IS SICK WITH SOME OF THE SAME SYMPTOMS! She’s achy, tired & is having major bladder problems. That’s werid to you too right? I mentioned it to the vet today during her appointment, he’s thought I was a little too coincidental and is going to do some broad bloodwork on Lu if the antibiotics don’t get her some relief in the next couple days. So my incredibly smart friend, any guesses??)

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  1. Angela

    Lame! My only guess was that this was lyme related. Have you contacted Sheena Jibson ( I love that I just throw around her name like we’re great friends, but she has chronicled her struggles with lyme and I think she could be a helpful resource, or at least point you to someone who is.

    I hope you feel better. I’m sorry your are fatigued and feel like those around you are compassion fatigued, too.

  2. I am so happy to hear that you are still alive! :-) Sorry, but I was wondering how things had gone. And I hope the docs figure something out because it is definitely no fun when you hear of someone being as sick as you have been!

  3. Amy M.

    I don’t have an exact answer, but you need to google tick-borne illness. There are many co-infections that can go along with lyme disease. I have been researching them because my mil has been suffering since april with a fever, tiredness, painful joints, and a rash. We really think it is a tick thing, but her doctor won’t let her try an antibiotic until they figure it out. I do remember that something I was reading mentioned stomach pain and fever, but I cannot remember which one. Her doctor said there are also a bunch of mosquito illnesses besides west nile showing up. I hope you figure it ous soon.

  4. Allyson

    Hey Natasha, I’m sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time right now. Has the doctor mentions intravenous antibiotic therapy? Many times it recommended for just 2 weeks but can last up to 1 year depending on the current conditions. Hang in there it will get better soon.

  5. Trish

    I would say lymes sounds like it might be it. I know a few people with lymes and it took forever to figure it out. Have they done any rabies testing on you? I would check that out too just to be safe. Good luck hope you get answers soon!

  6. Hi Natasha, just wanted to say I hope you get well soon. Dont worry about blogging about your ailments, I have been checking out your blog to see if you are ok! take care x

  7. Candi

    Hey…I read something weird that if Lyme attacks the gut that cutting out Gluten helps a great deal. My husband’s dad suffered with Lyme for years and was able to control his symptoms through diet. Also I am OBSESSED with Therapeutic Grade essential oils and some people have gotten great relief from Thieves oil for Lyme (because it is antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial). But there are only several brands of oils that can be taken internally. I like a company called Young Living. GET WELL!!!!!

  8. Sam

    I’m the a**hole who is going to say you never blogged about the shoes! (HEY, you say you wanted an insurance policy!!)

    Totally understandable though! Feel better soon!

  9. Denise

    Ugh, I totally understand how you feel when it comes to everyone around you just hearing “Blah, blah, blahhhhh” because I’m feeling the same way! I’ve just been diagnosed with asthma, and it’s gone bat$#!+ crazy, and it’s like whenever I’m talking to someone they’ll say “Oh, how are you feeling?” and I tell them and it’s like “Mmmhmm. Mmmhmm. Well I gotta go, bye”


    So no worries my lovely, you can always rant to us :) At least ONE of us will be paying attention! lol

  10. Christine S

    I too had been worried about you. I am such blog stalker and yours is always very entertaining. I hope that you get well soon!

  11. Emily

    Very interesting. I think they might be onto something with the bunnies. Maybe? I’ve had to go to an infectious disease specialist and he may have been the smartest person I have met. These people are PROBLEM solvers! Lots of interviewing, but they know how to piece things together to find an answer. Good luck!

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