What what in the butt.

I’m still here and still poopy. Slight pun intended.

The urologist & gyno found nothing abnormal so yesterday I saw a GI Dr. The next step is basically to take a look inside & search for inflammation that wouldn’t show up on the scans so I’m off to have a colonoscopy & endoscopy…now. I have to admit, when he said he wanted to do this right away I’ve never been so relieved to hear someone tell me they’re going to stick something up my butt.

I just want a solution and to get back to life. I like to live by hitting the ground running, I miss it.

So I’d better go, appointment is in 15 minutes. Wish me luck. This will be the second time in my life that I’m hoping not to poop on the table.

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  1. carrie

    I have had Kidney stones for 7 years. They just found in may of this year ACTUAL stones. First time, and I finally had a procedure…have gone through everything you are going through..For 7 years they told me it was stones, yet they were never seen until this year.
    i know it is easier said than done, but just keep going to get the xrays every 6 months and they will show up. Now, i have 6 stones, lucky me!

  2. Hope this doc will be able to provide some information for you… and possibly dinner and drinks after what he’s going to do to your bum!? (my attempt to make light humor)

    By the way…. if it makes you feel better, I totally took a deuce while pushing my 2nd child out of my vajayjay. Was NOT pleasant and poor nurse and doc acted like it was nothing. This is why they get paid the big bucks. HA!

    • BBB

      Ahh, how horrible! Is there any way to avoid this? Liquid diet the week or at least the days before your delivery? Was your husband in the room watching the delivery? I can’t imagine being in labor, everyone being excited, all eyes in the room down there to see a baby crowning and suddenly you start defecating! Ahh!! I’m glad you survived and took it lightly, I would die.

      • It was my fault. I had McDonald’s for breakfast the morning of my induction! Oops! My husband and female cousin were in the room supporting me. And not to be all gross about it, but I knew what was going on as soon as I smelt it! LOL. I felt so bad for the people in the room, I wanted to shout out at the top of my lungs “I’m soooo sorry!!!” But you know, pushing a 8.5lb baby out, sans-drugs, was clearly my #1 priority at the time.

        My suggestion to you, if you are being scheduled for induction, is to eat a very, VERY light breakfast. And truthfully, the docs see moms poop all the time on the delivery table, it probably doesn’t faze them. They just clean it right up. (Says my husband who witnessed my nurse wipe my bum!)

        • Rhiannon

          I was so worried about pooping during delivery. Then I read that about 90% or more women poop during childbirth. It’s totally normal and the delivery team doesn’t care at all. When you’re pushing that hard, there is no way around it!

      • T

        omg do NOT starve your pregnantself! It’s normal to poop on the table, and none of the nurses/docs will mention it or care. If you’re pushing right, you’re gonna poop!

  3. leonie

    Natasha, I have had both of those procedures. Please don’t worry. You will most likely have medication ,that makes you sleep through the procedures,. You will wake up after,and wonder if they did the test! That part is not so bad.Then you go home and take a long nap.
    The prep for the colon thing is not fun. Keep some baby wipes in your bathroom,Follow the directions… Oh,get someone to babysit for your little ones that evening.(or tell your husband -they are all his for the evening!) It just one night being busy with #2.
    Hopefully your docs can figure out what is wrong and treat it. We need you back in blog land. Miss you! Feel better!!!!!

  4. Mellisa W

    I had both of those scopes last week, they were looking to explain anemia. They are not fun, but you can do it! Good luck, at least you will lose a couple pounds.

  5. Wendy

    Oh, this must be so frustrating for you! I’m wondering if it might be Crohns? I have two friends that have it, and diagnosis for both was ridiculous. It seems to present itself much differently in different people. Fortunately, you are having the right tests for that. Also fortunately, both felt 100% better after being properly diagnosed and started on medication to help alleviate the symptoms. Good luck.

  6. SkateHop

    This sounds just horrible! Good luck with everything and remember everyone has their down times but you’re still a wonderful momma to your kids and they just want to help make you better :)

  7. Christy

    Have they checked your gall bladder? A friend of mine had similar symptoms and all those procedures and it was her call bladder causing all the issues, so she jaut had it removed last week. Apparently this is pretty common in women after pregnancy. Not only was hers full of “sludge” but it had also adhered itself to the surrounding organs/tissues.

  8. Sascha

    Oh the pooping. I can clearly remember ten years ago when my husband turned his head at the smell. That nurse wiped me up right quick. After it was all said and done I couldn’t believe no one prepared me for that. Seriously people. Help a momma out. I crapped the table!

    Hope your bum is good and your other lady parts are fine. Doctors can be a pain but mostly we are lucky to have the care available to us.

    P.s. tell your doctor that the caterpillar may or may not have balls. In any case it’s a moth.

  9. Lisa

    Hope all went well. (No pun intended) I have had those test twice. Prep is the worst. The actual test was fine. I really didn’t remember anything about the test. Hopefully, they will be able to give you the answers.

  10. my daughter has celiac, and I have gastroparesis. Ask your GI doctor to do the biopsies for celiac during your upper endoscopy (I think thats pretty standard); diagnosing gastroparesis is a bit harder. Also- my gastroparesis came from nere damage when I had gallstoones for SIX MONTHS last summer until they finally found them- ask for a gallbladder ultrasound!

  11. Oh the thought of having a colonoscopy is just not appealing to me! I think I would rather give birth five times in a row, with no meds first! Good luck Natasha! I will be keeping you in our prayers! Just a quick question–would this have anything to do with the Lyme Disease you had previously? Have the docs considered that? Just curious…..I hope you gets some answers!

  12. leonie

    Natasha, How are you? Blogland friends are lonely and missing you! I hope you are feeling better.If I lived in your neighborhood I would bring you chickensoup,chocolates,and some good reads. Keep your chin up! Your blogland friends are looking forward to Natsha’s return. Take all the time you need to get well,rest…. Your readers will be here for you when you return! Much love and get well wishes…………….

  13. leonie

    How are you? are you in the hospital? Blogand is sending you get well wishes !!!! Hope you are home soon and get back to blogglqand-when you feel you are up for it.

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