chevron nails tutorial (using pony stickers!)

Chevron print is so hot right now & so is having an ‘accent nail’ in your mani. I knew I wanted to somehow marry the two but wasn’t sure how…& then it hit me, pinking shears & the edge of a sticker page! If you aren’t familiar pinking shears are scissors that cut in a zig-zag shape, they’re used for cutting a fabric edge that won’t fray but in this case they make the perfect mini-chevron maker. (you can purchase mine on Amazon here)My polish is actually gel (pink is Harmony Gelish ‘Shake It Til You Samba’ & the grey/purple shade is Harmony Gelish in ‘Princess Tiara’) but I think this would work just as well, if not better, with regular polish. Just make sure each layer is completely dry before starting the next & top the whole mani off with a nice shiny topcoat.

Anyone doing a little accent nail on their ring finger? I first saw my sitter Amy sporting this look with a black mani & fuchsia ring finger nail, I loved the look. I’m not too old though right?? I don’t think so…

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  1. Michelle

    I LOVE accent nails, it always makes your hand just a little more fun – so no, you are not too old! My nails are currently a shimmery gold, with both ring fingers in “Playdate” by Essie (they call it a “flirtacious soft purple). I used stickers off printer labels to paint a stripe across my big toes, but didn’t think of using those shears with it. Thanks for the fun idea!

  2. Love this! Totally trying it. Also, you can use circle bandaids and paper hole reinforcers to do PERFECT curved lines. Like you said above, you just have to really make sure that the bottom coat is dry! Great tip for the pinking shears though!

  3. Vanesa

    Tell us more about this “GEL HARMONY” POLISH! do you do your own gel polish, is so, what kind of UV light do you use to cure it, what brand??!?! Give up some details chica!! xo :)

  4. Iman

    Love the nails! Also the book :P And yeah i do the ring finger accent quite often, with pastel and a taupe accent, or blue and a coral accent.

  5. Sara

    GENIUS! Love it. I am currently sporting an accent nail for the first time. It’s kind of monochromatic (turquoise ring finger, lighter aqua nails) because I was feelin’ shy. :)

  6. Emily

    I would also love to know more about what gel polish you use/what you think about it in general! I love having fun nails but I feel they chip so easily and my hard work is ruined! I’ve heard great things about the gel, but would love to know what you think :)

  7. Nicole

    I’d like to know more about this gel polish as well! I go and get it done and it’s getting expensive and time please do tell!

  8. Emily

    Such a great idea! Forever ago, I’d use electrical tape to give myself a french manicure! And just recently I cut a stripe template on my cricut using vinyl. Haha!
    I am so going to try this one. I love the chevron stripes.


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