DIY Princess Aurora Glitter Shoes

Ok, so I know they’re my kids & there’s a smidge of bias but these girls CRACK ME UP in this video!

Click on the video tutorial below to see how Sam, with a bit of help from me, turns some plain ballet flats into a pair of very special pink glitter Sleeping Beauty shoes. Just in time for her princess dress-up party!

Here is the link to the duct tape hairbows tutorial that I mention, however you don’t need to add the clip since we’ll be gluing these bad boys right on the shoes. Also here is the link to the toddler glitter shoes I made Sam when she was a little sprout.

Hope you make your little princess (or yourself) a pair in your favorite color, I might just have to do this to a pair of my heels a la Kate Spade Karolinaoooooh, tempting!

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  1. Jackie

    Natasha- You think of some of the most creative things for your little ones. And I have to be honest, anytime you post a tutorial, I have to watch it because your kids are so adorable and I can count on them doing cute things!! Thanks for always sharing!

  2. Melissa

    I want to make some glittery ballet flats for myself!! I cannot stand how stinkin adorable the girls are and how much they look alike. So cute. Can’t wait to see the next project.

  3. ana

    lol i couldnt help thinking that about what 70 years ago this would be child labor in a shoe factory lol love you guys!

  4. Ashley

    I love this idea, and a great craft for the little ones to help! Your two little chickens are the cutest!!

  5. This is awesome! I made a pair of ruby slippers this week, and these bows are way cuter than anything I came up with! I’ll have to make a few and glitter them up!

  6. Jacinta

    Love it!! I know you guys are from the US but everytime I watch one of your video posts I love hearing your American accent!! Especially Sam’s! It’s just super cute. =D

  7. Audra

    Just found your site and am super excited to make the tie dye dresses. My daughter is going to want these shoes for sure. Thanks for the videos it makes it much easier to follow. I also have to say you and your girls are soooo cute. You made this sleep deprived mom smile. Thanks!

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