Succ it.

I’m kind of obsessed with decorative succulents…(ceramic pig planter)

From my experience as long as you get a container that has surrounding glass the collected moisture keeps them alive. I give mine a bit of water now & then but honestly they’re hard as heck to kill.

I bought my plants from Lowe’s & a nursery down the road. The containers are all random from over the years but I’ve found Michael’s has a really nice selection of glass.

Here’s a great round-up I found from Pinterest on 10 easy terrariums. (including the lightbulb one below)Are you a succulent girl?

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  1. I keep seeing succulents used in bridal bouquets and they’re awesome. I like that they’re hard to kill — maybe I won’t have to have fake plants after all. ;)

  2. Jennifer

    Have you ever checked out the blog Young House Love? They love succulents as well as ceramic animals like I see in your pics. Check them out!

  3. Can I ask where you got your owl lamp? My auntie loves owls. And I’ve been searching for a great birthday present for her. Between, I couldn’t keep a plant alive. No matter what. Then I bought some succulents. I’ve had them for years. So glad I found them. :)

    • Natasha

      Yes! It’s from West Elm, I bought it a few years ago but I think it’s a product they carry regularly

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