Home Office makeover

You need to prepare yourself for these before photos.

I also probably shouldn’t tell you that we lived in our house for FIVE years with the den like this. Oops. It was kind of the bastard stepchild of our home.

But now…now, it just might be my favorite room in the house.

Here is the basic color scheme I tried to keep in mind…The rich leather from the chair (Restoration Hardware “Writer’s Chair”) & the deep indigo hue of the Kilim rug (West Elm “Empire Kilim Rug”) helped ground the design which allowed the fun candy jewel tones to not overwhelm the room. (At least I think that’s how it works. It sounded good in my head, a designer I am not.)

I worked pops of color into the room in a few ways…

This absolutely delicious candy yellow lamp is a vintage find from a thrift store that I bought for $15! It’s glass with a chrome base & I love it like I birthed it. The shade is a grey drum shade from Home Goods & the emerald green glass bowl is another thrift store find. The bowl is filled with candy colored rocks from one of those tourist cavern places we went to. (Luray Caverns I think)

There are several plants in the office to give it a feeling of life. I bought all of them from Ikea including the pretty pink vase. The terrarium is from Michael’s. (ps- I never remember to water these guys which is why I bought a cactus, ficus & the terrarium succulent feeds itself)

Many of the books are from local thrift stores. (that fantastic pink copy of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is from Barnes & Noble) I grouped them according to color which I think really helps the books make a bigger impact. (Linen covered box on top shelf is from Ikea)

And of course the star of the room, my beautiful hot pink Society Social “Piper” chairs that I wrote about here. I’m not sure if you can tell from these pictures but the chairs have cherry red piping which is such a nice little bonus. It’s like finding out that your gorgeous boyfriend can also cook…Finally I thought the room needed a good dose of print, enter my DIY snow leopard sharpie ottomanThrow in a few personal touches like the vinatge creepy butterfly wing art I wrote about here & also a chalk picture Sam made as well as a little gallery wall of black & white photos and you’ve got yourself a pretty good room my friend.

It may not be perfect but I’m certainly happy to deem it part of my home.

So, what do you think?

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  1. Suzanne

    Love it! Could you tell me where you got the old deks you have in the first picture. I would love one of them for my scrapbooking supplies / work table. Thanks!

    • Natasha

      No, Closets America did that built in when they did our closets. I don’t think you can tell too bad that it’s from a closet company though!

  2. Laura

    Amazing!! I’d be damn proud, my boyfriend and I go to settlement in 2 weeks for our first house and I’m already exhausted just thinking of all the decorating we will have to do, you give me hope!

  3. Iman

    I absolutely love it!also, the fact that your readers can pick out some of the previous craft projects like the butterfly frame thingy, butterfly wing thingy, and the leopard ottoman :] one of my favorite things about a well designed room is that it doesn’t look too…cookie cutter :D I call them ikea rooms, when it looks like someone just walked into ikea and basically made a photocopy of one of the rooms there into their own house :/I love when a room is beautiful, unique, personal and not to mention functional! question though, where did the overhead cabinetry come from?

    • Natasha

      Oh yeah, I can’t believe I forgot to mention that!! We had built ins done by Closet America. Yep, they’re actually a closet company but we had them do organizational stuff for our den and also my sewing room (coming soon!)

  4. Jeff

    Nat the office looks great. I need to set my mind to do that to our office as well It looks like a tornado has hit just our office.

  5. Ashley

    honey the before wasnt soo bad. I thought I was going to see something one of those clutter shows. Dont be ashame about it took 5 yrs either. Remember ,the bigger the house the more “stuff” you have in the house. The after pics are sooooooooooooooo lovely. I’m jelous about the after pics I want that room.

  6. denise

    I love the grouping of family photos any suggestions on where to by the frames? I’d like to do a collection going up my staircase.

    • Natasha

      Man are from Target, they have such a beautiful solid black, wood or white matted frames. The other place is Ikea, they’re not as great quality but very inexpensive!

  7. Katie

    OMG! I am absolutely in love with what you did! Wow… I’m not sure what I love more but it’s a tie between the yellow lamp, pink chair or the Alice in Wonderland book!

  8. Jennifer

    LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! It makes the room seem so much bigger and I love the color and that you added a sitting chair to relax in as well. KUDOS!!!

  9. Jill

    How did you know I was looking for office decor inspiration!?!?! I love your *new* office! It has no resemblance to the bastard stepchild you originally deemed it — she is definitely Cinderella beautiful now!

  10. Brittini

    Those bright pink chairs are so fun and unexpected! Offices are usually so boring and bland, they really sass it up! I wonder if my husband would go for that…

  11. Janelle

    Stumbled upon this from a pinterest link to a buzzfeed article. I LOVE finding one of my favorite bloggers in unexpected places.

    I’m moving in a week and need an automan so now I’m on a mission :)


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