Cross-stitched iphone case

Remember that cross-stitched family I was (and still am) working on? This is a bit of a take on that project. The template is based on the Martha Stewart Living project & the cross stitch iPhone case can be found on Amazon. Super cute, right? I love that you can personalize it any which way you want. I would love something a bit funny & “off” like a skunk on skiis or perhaps a bull ballerina. Maybe a taco. The mix of new technology with such a traditional craft is what makes it endearing however, no matter what you choose to stitch. Very Urban Outfitters.

What would you stitch up?

PS- if you’re a DC local than check out P on NBC 4 today during the 4pm news, he’ll be showing them “Kane’s Favorite Things” for Christmas & I have a sneaking suspension my iphone case might just have made the list. (;

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  1. I got this for Christmas (accidentally opened the package when it came in) and was thinking of doing the martha stewart idea too! Its so small though and I wanted to add my husband and i or my three kids.

    yours is super cute!

    • Natasha

      Honestly it’s just ok. It’s certainly the cuteness factor that sells me on this case, the silicone isn’t really that snug. I personally like a hardshell case…

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