My boobs go shrinking two by two- hoorah, hoorah

Back in the day when I’d get out of the shower I’d be completely confident with being naked in front of my husband. There was no rush to throw a robe on, no strategic hiding of any body part with the towel. I’d strut around a little, I believe I used to even blow dry my hair naked until they’re was an unfortunate hot dryer incident that we shall never speak of.

That went away after the girls were born. Since I’ve started running however that confidence has started to return a bit. My previously droopy butt (someone please tell the physiological reason why your butt droops after being pregnant) has actually moved up a couple of degrees. I’m feeling decent about my tummy again, my jeans actually fit. What I am not feeling good about however are my breasts. They are flat as pancakes. When I bend over to pick something up & get a glimpse of my naked deflated breasts in the mirror I feel like I’m looking at a National Geographic cover.
This doesn’t mean that I have bad self-confidence. This means I have decent vision.
I can see what reality is & it’s that I’ve gone from a 34B to a 34DD…twice. That type of stretching doesn’t happen without ramifications. Gravity is a bitch.

For those of you who are totally cool with the ways your body has changed since giving birth, that’s awesome. I highly encourage you to spread your utter awesomeness around the world. For the rest of us who have a little of a harder time being proud of our lumps, or lack there of, than I say what’s the big deal about getting a boob job? If you want one & can afford it than why not? I am completely willing to admit that I’d love to have breast augmentation. I have never felt sexier than when I was pregnant & had these full, voluminous breasts. I don’t feel that way with how I look in my tops now & I want it back.

Yes, I’m a little apprehensive about going under anesthesia because it is always a risk. I’d hate for Sam & Soph to have to have to tell their friends that their mom died from a freak plastic surgery incident a la Cher in Clueless. That aside however, which I could get past, the main reason I won’t do it is because I’m afraid of people judging me for it. In particular, other women judging me. I really want a doctor who can give me a natural looking boob job because not only do I not want Christina Aguilera boobies but mainly because I wouldn’t want anyone to be able to tell that I’ve had my breasts done. If they can’t tell then they won’t judge me. That’s what bothers me. I care what other people think. Let’s be clear, I don’t want to fix my boobs because I’m worried other people think they look bad, I want to fix them because I think they look bad. The problem is I care what assumptions other people are going to make about me for getting a boob job.

What do you automatically assume when you see a middle aged woman with fake breasts? She has no self-esteem? She’s unintelligent? She must have nothing else going for her & has to rely on getting attention with her breasts? She must have a rich husband? She’s selfish? Is she a former stripper with daddy issues? I know I’ve thought these things. They’re not fair, but they’re realistic assumptions others will make. That is the thought I keep coming back to & that my friends is what keeps me from getting a surgery that I otherwise would very much want.

It’s funny because with that mentality I’m actually not doing something because I’m worried people will think that I only got it done because I cared about what other people think. Ironic, huh?

One also has to wonder where do you draw the line between caring too much about what others will think & being prudent about your image? Really, what’s the difference? If I told you I had always dreamed of having a giant dragon tattoo across my face but didn’t do so because I’m concerned people won’t take me seriously & small children might go running away from me you’d probably think I was being mature by not indulging in my desire. Is not having my breasts done because our of concern for other’s judgements being sensible or weak?

At the end of the day is it more important to me to like what I see when I look in the mirror or to not have to worry that other people are making false assumptions about me because of my plastic surgery?

Or I could just get pregnant again so they’ll re-inflate & the decision can be postponed for another year or two…yep, that’s wise.

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  1. Shara

    My BFF Kristin had her boobs done a couple of years after having her daughter because she was so self conscious about, what she called, her ‘national geographic boobies.’ She was a little hesitant about what people might say about her (especially as a mommy) getting new boobs but in the end, she did it because she knew they would make her feel better about herself. Her doctor did a fantastic job and they look completely real. I say if it makes you feel good about yourself, go for it!

  2. Tammy

    My cousin had her boobs done after her second baby. She said she was miserable and nothing fit right because of the shape of her breasts. I try very hard not to judge because you don’t know what the person you’re judging has been through. My mom and my aunt are both middle aged women who have fake boobs but they’ve both also had a double mastectomy. Thankfully neither had cancer (severe breast fibroids) but mastectomy for the extremity of their cases was the best option. So, I’ve learned you rarely know the back story to a decision.

    I personally wouldn’t have plastic surgery because the thought of a painful recovery just completes turns me off. I’d rather hate something about my body then suffer. Sad–I know.

  3. LOL! Loved that post! I’m in the same boat. I’m in the works of a breast lift and tummy tuck after losing weight via weight loss surgery. I have always been big chested, the Italian in me?? But after 5 pregnancies and now losing weight they have gone south and they ain’t ever coming back.

    I used to say I wish my boobs weren’t so big!! My husband disagreed. Now look what happened!!

  4. Amanda

    I had the same issues after my first daughter and I got them fixed. I had the same concerns you had about them not looking fake and not being the center of attention when I walked into a room. My doctor was extremely helpful in guiding me towards the right size. Nobody noticed that I got them done, but people always tell me that I have perfect boobs without realizing that I paid for them. As long as you’re happy with them, I don’t think people will be as judgmental as you think. In fact, I think lots of women want them, but have the same reservations that you have. Own it like they are yours and people will believe that they are.

  5. I too want a boob job but haven’t gotten one for fear of what people might say. After our daughter (a fertility baby) was stillborn, I told my husband that it’s not fair that I have to have a post pregnancy body but no baby to show for it. We have our final fertility treatment tomorrow. If it doesn’t take, I just might consider a boob job a little more seriously!

  6. Megan

    My sister-in-law got her boobs done before I even knew her. I had NO idea she had got them done, until somehow we got on the topic of boobs one day. I don’t think anything of it, other than that I wish mine looked like hers! Lol.

    I think as long as you are doing it for you (as you would be) then go for it!

  7. Kimberly Limer

    I went through the same thing, after I had both of my kids, I lost a lot of weight and I had always worn a 34B cup bra. I also breast fed both of my children, each one for about 10 months, and that takes a huge toll on your breasts. I was tired of having what I call “grandma” boobs that were like pancakes. I moved from DC down to North Carolina and everyone around here has had a breast augmentation, so I started to ask them questions about it, and I didn’t want anything crazy, just something to fill the loose skin I had. I went to a plastic surgeon down here, his name is Dr. Rojy and he is amazing!! He does not believe in doing crazy big boob jobs, he is all about an all natural look. I went under the knife last March and I couldn’t be happier about my decision. I did it when my husband was deployed overseas, and that was the hardest part being alone after the surgery, but it didn’t take long to recover. It feels like you worked out SUPER hard at the gym doing chest and arms weights. I was also scared to go under because of my kids, and what if I didn’t wake up. My doctor treated my surgery really serious, before the surgery he made me go on a special diet that limited certain foods/medications that increase bleeding, and he also made me get an ultrasound on my breasts and lots of blood work to make sure I was in good health. I am now a large C or small D, and my OBGYN didn’t even know I had an augmentation when she first saw them this year at my appt. The scars were about 2 inches across underneath my breast, and they have started to fade away with mederma. When you first get them, they are a little on the high side and not so natural looking, but in about 6 months, they really loosen up and become normal. I highly recommend you getting them, you seem to want to do it for the right reasons, and I think you will be happy :) Good luck!!! I know you live far away, but Dr. Thomas Rojy in Jacksonville, NC is very very good!!!!

  8. Tessa

    Oh, the title of this post had me laughing before I ever even read further. I think this is something many women, especially moms, can relate with. That is a toughie. I say do what is best for you. And your husband. I would definitely get his opinion. I want my husband to like the way I look. But overall, do what you need to do to feel good about yourself. What is it Dr. Seuss or someone says? Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

  9. Heather

    If I saw you on the street and I happened to notice your ta-tas….and let’s say for one reason or another I wondered if they might be fake I’d think, “Hmm, GOOD FOR HER! She probably had children and now wants to bring the sexy back! Rock it!”. I’d applaud you because I plan to do the same thing myself one day. I’d get a boob job that was modest and didn’t scream ‘night walker’, but yet still made me feel sexy. I’d venture to say that most mommies would understand why other mommies get a boob job after children, and there’s no judge (at least not from me!) I think there’s less of a stigma in getting a boob job after children than there is before children. Anyway, that’s my two cents I hope it helps!

  10. { J }

    If I saw a young-ish woman who was obviously a mother and noticed she had had some work done on her breasts, my first assumption would be “ahh, a member of the pregnancy-and-BFing-did-a-number-on-my-boobs sisterhood.” I wouldn’t judge her for wanting to get a bit of her old body back and feel good about how she looks in clothes (because despite losing all the baby weight, I don’t feel like clothes, in general, are as flattering to me as they were pre-baby). Motherhood changes us fundamentally in physical, emotional, spiritual, etc. ways…it’s OK to seek the reassurance of “I’m the same person I’ve always been.” I don’t view it in the same light as botox, face lifts, etc., because those seem to be futile attempts at keeping the natural, inevitable aging process at bay (and after such procedures, a lot of people still don’t look like the “myself, 15 years ago” that they’d hoped for). Your breasts were a certain way, you went through the nine months of growing a baby and whatever # of months of breastfeeding, and now you’re done. I don’t see it as fighting Father Time…more like reclaiming some normalcy. As long the rest of you doesn’t look like you’re auditioning for the next “Real Housewives of _____” franchise, I wouldn’t think less of you. BTW, any doctor will show plenty of before-and-after photos. I would be most interested in those taken 10,15, 20 years after the procedure. What looks good now could look like bolted-on cantaloupe halves when you’re a grandmother if it’s not done properly.

    My only concern would be how it’s presented to your daughters as they grow up. There’s a fine line between “I wanted to feel good about myself” and “I didn’t feel my body was ‘good enough’” that teenage girls can find hard to differentiate (though we lay the groundwork for self-esteem and a positive body image in childhood). Also, keeping up an exercise regimen and eating well will reinforce to your kids that health is your main priority; you don’t make lifestyle changes purely for aesthetic reasons. I was self-conscious of my small chest for years – it was only after using it for breastfeeding that I came to appreciate it. I’m already wondering how to help my young daughter avoid similar hang-ups (as much as possible in our culture), and leading by example is what I can do for now. I would love a nose job, but my son seems to have inherited the same one. I’d feel like a hypocrite when he gets older and I have to explain how “that nose wasn’t good enough for me, but I expect you to be fine with it.”

    So…if you feel you can present any enhancement (or repairs, however you want to look at it!) to your girls in a way that won’t have any negative impact on them, then do it. Hey, I have a hernia (thank you, three pregnancies) and am wondering if I can find a doctor who’ll do a little tummy tuck action while they’re in there fixing it! Crunches don’t do the job like they used to :/

  11. I am in the complete opposite boat, and wish that I could suck out some of my extra and send it your way. I’m a 34DD before adding in anything for pregnancies, and I have always wanted to have reduction surgery (for back/shoulder problems) but have always been scared of the scarring. My mom had it done when I was little, and those lines always freaked me out. In the end I decided to wait until I’m done having kids and then see what I’m working with. Then if I decide to have some removed, maybe the Dr. could lift them back up where they belong too. ; )I say do what makes YOU happy and the heck with everyone else! (maybe those “other people” will even be jealous!)

  12. Moe

    If you think about it, a person can judge you about any choice you make. What’s your hairstyle like, who are your friends, who’s your husband, what are you wearing, why did you have 2 girls and not more? The list can go on and on. My opinion is to do what makes you and those that love you happy – and that’s it. As long as you’re not hurting anyone in the process, or taking away from your children to get new boobies, then so be it. Everything in life is about choices, and some of us are lucky enough to have many options to choose among, such as whether or not to enhance body parts.

  13. If you want to have your breast done do it. I have always had breast inferior issues because I was always the large breasted girl everywhere. When I was 15 I wrote a long & emotional letter to my insurance company & they approved me for a breast reduction. Best decision I ever made. I know that, that is a little different then what you want done, but I know after I had them done I felt like a new person. I don’t know if it was my age (23) or my large breast but after I had my son they didn’t really do anything.BUT if after baby # 2 or 3 or 4 they start to droop I will get them done peoples stupid stares be damned!

  14. Jenny

    Toni, you made the right decision! I had a reduction when I was young, long before my two children. Now my breasts look exactly as they did pre-surgery. Well, except for all the scars. It’s a great surgery, but I only recommend it for after kids.

  15. Lauren N

    Amen sister!! I say if you have the money to do it…go for it! Make sure you have a great doctor.
    As long as when you’re 65, you’re not wearing skimpy tops…I’m sire no one will judge you. :)

  16. Kristina

    Such a great post! We, as moms, women, and American’s have too many boob issues. And we care what other people think too much.

    I am another that is on the opposite side for the problem. I have decided that for my 35th b-day I will treat myself to reduction surgery and (like Toni said), maybe have them point back where they belong.

    It is a touchy issue where kids are concerned. Good point {J}. I have a daughter that will be 6 soon, and I don’t want here worrying about her body. Might have to weigh that into our decision.

    As far as seeing a middle aged mom that has had an augmentation, it depends on her behavior and attire. I try not to judge people,, but if a mom with a tight revealing shirt walks through a room, flaunting her boobs, I might not think to highly. Other than that, I tend not to notice other peoples chest. I prefer to look women in the eye :)

  17. Ok I’ve had a dd cup since 8th grade and I’m still nursing my second baby so imagine what mine look like! I already told my husband I am getting a boob lift after baby #3… I say ppl have different body issues/insecurities. Women are always going to judge other women, its what we do… So just do what personally makes you happy because you have to live with you.

    Ps… I have always had little to no eyelashes and recently got lash extensions (after my husband and girlfriends made fun of me) and I LOVE them!!!

  18. Miranda

    I say go for it, but only after you know you’re done having kids, especially if you’ll want to nurse again. I wouldn’t judge you for it and there are plenty of doctors out there who can give you a natural looking augmentation. I think the key is to go with a realistic size (sounds obvious I know). It is very important to feel good about yourself. I think it goes a long way for every aspect of your marriage, not just your sex life. I personally would love to have a tummy tuck once I lose the weight that I’m shooting for. I don’t think that’s in our budget any time soon though. :(

  19. If you want them for the right reasons (which you do) then you should get them. If I saw a a middle aged woman with a boob job I’d probably be thinking “Damn this hot mama with two kids has a better rack than me!”.

  20. all smiles now

    I saved my $$ for 6 years. I started that little savings account the moment we started thinking about having children, I always knew it was my “boob fund”. I had a lift only 2 years ago and am so happy! (They really look better than they did before.) I say start saving and go for it!

  21. Cammie

    Go for it! Don’t worry about what other people think! If you get one that’s natural then they shouldn’t even know about it to begin with. I think what you are going through is completely normal. I’m pregnant with baby #3 and for the first time won’t be going back to work within 6 weeks, so I know nursing will probably last longer. I’m nervous about what my “ladies” will look like when it’s all said and done having nursed my last two for around 6 months (or nurse/pumped) each. I’ve already talked to hubby about a mommy makeover of tummy tuck and boob lift and he said if we have the money and it’d make me feel better, by all means let me go get it done. If I see a lady walking around I typically don’t stare at her chest unless she has it on display. If I hear that someone has a boob job done I figure it’s for good reason if they didn’t haul off and get mega-boobs that scream for attention. The mommy-makeover, a lift after a lot of weight loss, repair from having breast cancer, there are so many reasons why one may want to have it done. To heck with anyone who is negative and would judge you! And unless you wear a shirt saying “I paid for these!!!” then I think you are in the clear. :)

  22. Clarissa

    oh my gosh, this made me laugh so hard. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I LOVE my boobs while I am nursing, but as soon as i stop, they are like empty baggies. totally sucks. someday, when i am all done having children I am sure i will want a boob job too. rock it sister! the only reason people will judge you, is because they want a boob job too!

  23. Karin

    Your blog on Samantha and her bad eating habits hit the nail on the head with me. I myself have a super picky 3 year old who I swear is the pickiest eater in the world! I am definitely going to check out the book Deceptively Delicious. Im willing to try anything to get some veggies in her life. Having a constipated child is no fun at all.

    Now with this blog I totally agree with you. I’ve actually always wanted a boob job. After having my daughter I remember waking up one morning and looking in the mirror to see these beautiful plumb boobs. I was in heaven. All through my pregnancy my boobs never grew so I thought maybe they were never going to. Then of course once the pumping was over the boobs deflated. They are definitely saggy now and this is after only one child so I can imagine with you how it is with two. I definitely see your point of view as to the bad of what could happen if something went wrong. We have to think like that because we would never want our kids being without their mommies. But other than that I say screw what people think. I want them for me and no one else. Its my body and as long as I am happy with the outcome then thats all that matters. Your husband will still love you and your kids wont know the difference so isn’t that the most important thing? I say if you want it and are financially able to do it then go for it! I am very much a person who worries about what other people think but I also feel like if they are not going to be in your life because you got a boob job then clearly they are not meant to be in your life.

  24. Gravity is a bitch! Nobody told me about the flat butt thing. It’s like when you’re pregnant you have this nice juicy booty then you give birth and it flattens like and pancake and for some reason your jeans are still ten sizes too small. I say get the boobs if you want them. Not everyone with a boob job looks like Pamela Anderson. Most women have them and you wouldn’t even know. I would say wait until you done having kids, because if you think your boobs got big before it’s way worse when you have the fakies in there. It’s like walking around with two beach balls filled with cement. And then you start going though the alphabet of bras sizes and have to shop at special stores. No more cute Target bras. I have them and I’ll tell you like it is. They look great. They feel fine. You can’t really sleep comfortably on your stomach. And “the biggie” I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to replace them every five years or so. Something I didn’t think about when I got them at 22. I hope my crazy rant helps. :)

  25. Dude. Dudedudedudedudedude. This is exactly the argument that has been running through my head forever. The one thing that im hung up on though is the risk of “loss of nipple sensitivity”. That would leave me in an apocalypse of orgasm absence and that would be so incredibly UNacceptable. Anyone wanna weigh in on that one?

  26. I loved this post because it rings so true to someone who has gone through this very thought process. I went under the knife for the first time ever about 18 months ago. I had a tummy tuck. I tried to get my hubby to let me get my boobs done too, but he drew the line. However, I thought of getting them done hasn’t left me. Anyway, I am a 105 pound mom of three who works out 4-5 times a week for 1.5 hours each time. I run (just did my 3rd half marathon last month), lift weights, do lots of cardio and eat right most of the time. But on my small frame, 3 kids did a number! I had so much stretching from babies (my last one was 9 pounds, nearly 10% of my body weight at the time!) that left me so self conscious about my tummy. I was always pissed at those celebrity moms who could pop out 4 kids and still wear a bikini (think Heidi Klum) or those moms at the beach holding toddlers and looking amazing without a single stretch mark on their stomach. Before I got it done, but during the wait time of my appointment, I had several people ask me why I was getting it done. On the outside, under clothing, I looked totally fit and trim. But once I showed my tummy, they all seemed to get it. During the surgery, I found that the real problem was the fact that I had a 5 inch separation between my abdominal muscles (diastasis). Because of that my stomach would pooch because the muscles weren’t in the right place to hold everything in. I’ve heard that having a tummy tuck is one of the worst cosmetic procedures you can go through and I must say, other than the first week it wasn’t that bad. Having your boobs done is nearly an overnight procedure. The recovery time is minimal and with the right drugs afterwards, I think pretty painless. I would do it again in heartbeat and next time convince them to do the boobs too. Good luck on your decision!

  27. Jennie

    What a wonderful, thought provoking piece. I always hated my tiny, pointy breasts when i was younger and wore super padded push up bras to fit into shirts. When I graduated from college, I had my breasts done. I went from a small B to a small C – barely a cup size up. It looks TOTALLY natural, especially after a few years (gravity gets to the fakies too, just less so) and some of my closest friends don’t know. I hear women around me all the time make fun of augmentation and women with “fake” books, never knowing that I am one of them. I’ve been too ashamed to say anything. After reading this, maybe I will say something! And PS you can find a doctor to make it look gradual and real. My doc special ordered the implants to be small, he thought I was nuts since he always sees the DD requests. But after it was done he agreed it was the nicest job he’d done. :)

  28. Oh I have to comment on this post,
    I sure hope no one judged me so harshly when I had implants when my youngest was 2 years old, I had ginormous breast feeding boobies with my first and they never recovered , when I lost the pounds I needed to I had sad flap jacks for boobs, it bothered me , so much , so I researched implants and after a lot of talking with my husband who was initially against it completely ,he saw how much it meant to me and made it happen, so almost 8 years ago I did it , let me tell you if you have flat apres pregnancy boobs they will not look like fake boobs because of the already lax skin , at least not for long , and also under the muscle looks more natural .
    my 10 year old just found out that I had implants 9 thanks to her big mouth dad , he thought she knew, she had no idea , and that was fine by me , I don’t always love them and sometimes I feel like it was a selfish decision , but if I had to choose to do it again I would , I am almost 40 and I love my boobs most of the time and no one knows that they were “helped” , I could use a little lift now , but that is what a good bra is for , right. Now my tummy , well that looks like a tummy that has had a few babies and I have completely made peace with that , but you have to be of sound mind and not on a quest for perfection when you take the leap into surgery for appearance sake. But to each his or her own , I don’t judge someone for improving their appearance , we wear make-up , color our hair , blow it straight or make it curly , we wear clothing that makes us feel pretty or cute , as long as its not to please anyone elses desires I think it is perfectly fine .

  29. Your second commenter, Tammy, mentioned this, but I think it bears repeating, because what you do to your body is nobody’s business, and there is often a back story that puts things in perspective. I have 2 friends that have had double mastectomies after a breast cancer diagnosis, and had reconstructive surgery (aka, boob jobs). They look amazing! And feel great about themselves as well. And since I also fall into that middle aged, I’m probably your mom’s age, category, I’ll add this… people are often concerned about what others think about them, but the reality is that those “others” are concerned about what others think about them too, and aren’t judging you nearly as much as you think they might be, if at all. And if they are judging you, then do you really want them to be your friend?

  30. I am SO happy with my body after my baby! It is better than ever. However, I have pancake boobs, too and it makes me sad. I told my husband to start saving his money because after we’re done having babies they are going to need some WORK. I’m not above it =)

  31. Jessica

    I haven’t had children but I am scheduled to get my boob job, December 27th (Merry Christmas to me!!!!)

    I am barely a B and I have recently lost a lot of weight. I FINALLY have the body I have always wanted…and I’ve worked really hard for it. The only thing missing in my mind was my boobs. I could live without them…but it’s something I want. Icing on the cake if you will. My husband was on board as well…telling me it’s my decision and he supports it either way.

    I was pretty nervous to tell people. I’m not announcing it to many… but the people who do know are SO much more supportive than I ever thought (or they just don’t tell me to my face!). But even if they were not supportive I’d still go through with it. I’m doing this for me. No one else.

    I’m going to a big C small D. I’m positive (because of the way I’m built) most people on the street won’t be able to tell. When I went to get my sizing figured out she showed me 2 different shapes of silicone same size…but one would give me more cleavage (making them look more natural) and the other would be more “perky” and have a space in the middle. Implants have come a long way.

    I’m going with Dr. Dean Kane (he’s in Baltimore) and so far my experience with him has been WONDERFUL. His office has been nothing but helpful in answering my 1293812938 questions. He also does a “twilight” sleep. Where I will be knocked out, but it’s in office (they have an OR) but no tube down my throat or anything…so the recovery is easier…easier to wake up..etc.

    At the risk of this sounding odd. haha I’d be happy to send you my before and afters in December and update you on my experience.

  32. Jessica

    I also wanted to add that my ONLY hesitation was the idea of not being able to nurse my (hopefully) future babies. Again, boob jobs have come such a long way. And 95% of the time, the woman is still able to nurse. It’s all about the surgeon not cutting any milk ducts when he’s making the pocket for the implant.

  33. Jenny

    Thanks for this post. I am hoping to have some post-baby work done eventually. I ended up with the “mothers apron”. What is the approximate cost/recovery time for different post-baby surgeries???

  34. Brittini

    I want to tell you that the only time I assume someone with a boob job must a hussy or a stripper is if they are dressed like and acting like a hussy or a stripper. And I have a slight inkling you wouldn’t be bouncing around town in a skin tight see through shirt, showing off your new boobs! I see lots of women [who have clearly had theirs done] who are dressed respectively and behaving appropriately and I think “good for her!” She was unhappy with something and she did what she could to change it.

    I am all for plastic surgery, if the person is doing it for the right reasons. You’re not considering it in hopes of getting attention from men or thinking it might boost your career… you are wanting it for YOU. so that you feel better with the way you look. I myself was also a 34B before babies. Then after each was born they were E cups for awhile. And now they are an A! I actually prefer the way that I look better with small boobs. The bigger mine are the heavier the rest of me looks. However, mine too are saggy and national geographic-ish. I wouldnt mind having them lifted back up to where they are supposed to be. Small but perky would be nice. :)

    Maybe you should do some research in your area, speak to some doctors. Sounds to me you aren’t hoping to walk away with giant boobs, you just want yours full like they used to be. Its very possible for that to be done in a natural looking way. And if your friends ask about your sudden assets, tell them its a push up bra! No one else needs to know. You’re doing it for YOU. Also keep in mind you may want to hold off until you are for sure done having kids. Some women with implants have a hard time breastfeeding.

  35. Laura W.

    Amen, sister! I’d love to get a boob job if we could afford it! I had some really great ones, and then I had children… and nursed for almost two years! So I too have what I call “flappy pancake boobies”. I have two girls, and I do worry about what they would think if I changed something about my body.
    I say go for it, and enjoy them :)

  36. Pam

    I have a friend in the same situation as you, and she says it’s not plastic surgery, it’s reconstructive surgery!


    I had a good laugh at your boob description-national geographic…hahahhaha! I say get the surgery, females will just hate cause u will be smokin hot with 2 babes

  38. Are you done having kids? Id wait until you are. Just to be safe. They will change again if you have a 3rd kid and you don’t want to have to get adjustments. I have pretty large boobs to start with (36f right now) and ive never had any kids yet. So im pretty scared how big they will get…. i thought about having reduction done but i think ill wait until the kids comes and then deal with it. I just hate surgery a lot haha.

  39. I love your honesty! I also have 2 kids and after we are sure we are done, I dream of a week long “spa” escape with my girlfriends to “fix” how we all feel about our boobies! I think its important to feel good about yourself, but most of all, I struggle with what I will tell my daughter. I want her to always feel as if she is perfect in every way, and don’t want to set an example for her that shows I feel negatively about my body … So, I’m still on the fence.

  40. You should forget what others will think of you. They form opinions about you no matter what you do, or don’t, DO. Follow your heart and do what is right for you.

  41. Lucy

    Great post, I am certain that a lot of mothers would agree with you that they haven’t/ won’t get a boob job because of what people will say! If your not going to have anymore babies, then why not? My national geographics ( after 3 kids) are beat. You know the song, “do your ears hang low” that’s my boobs! I will be having them done for my 40th birthday present in a few years, no doubt!

  42. Dana

    Natasha, don’t worry about what other people think. I know that is easier said than done. I’m also considering having a “natural” boob lift. I had my 2nd child in Feb. of this year and we are officially done. I just want a little lift and to fill them out. My neighbor is scheduled to have a boob job next month and I just know that I’ll want it done as soon as I see her results. I agree that if you want to do it for yourself because you need to feel more confident about your body then I say do it! But, just wait until you are done having kids. :)

  43. Marisa Gingrich

    I think you should do what makes you happy.. It’s funny how women are all so different. I HATED how big my boobs got when I was pregnant. I was a 36C before and went to 38D and beyond. They are back to “normal” now and I am thinking of getting prego again, and dreading the enlargement! In fact, I have contemplated a reduction just to not go through it all again!
    But I digress… Yes, I am sure people will think all of those things, but if you do it because it will make you happy, then go for it. We only get one shot at life, and we need to do things that bring us joy.

  44. Ha! Great post! And lots of great comments too! There is “new” plastic surgery thing called “the mommy makeover” it’s all about fixing what baby broke. Stomach, lipo, boobs, etc…
    I’ve been looking into it a lot because I went from being a cute B pre baby, to being a 32F after two kids! :-P ugh! The thing I’ve learned is (do your research!) that a post baby-boob lift is not the same as a “regular” boob augmentation. And there are a lot of things they CAN fix without adding silicon.
    That being said, if silicon is what fixes it, fix it! Nothing is better than being able to look in the mirror naked and smile, not to mention strut in front of your husband! In the light! Without covering up!
    <3 y

  45. lisa

    I just had mine done a few months ago and love them!!! I too was worried that my friends would judge me but was pleasantly surprised in how many of them all said they wanted to do it too. I say, “go for it!” My only regret is that my doctor went bigger than I had wanted. Research your doctor and make sure you go into knowing exactly the size you will be getting. Good luck!!!

  46. jannet

    i got mine done when my youngest dd was 1 year old. she’s almost 9 now. it was the best money i’ve ever spent, to be honest! i feel SO much better about myself. i was not big at all before getting pg and nursing all 4 kids. but afterwards, it was like a tube sock with an olive in the end of it. made me so so self conscious!

    if my breasts fell off tomorrow, i would go get them done again. no question. no hesitation. GOOD LUCK!!

  47. I laughed at the title and parts of your post. I totally get it and I am in the same boat with you and I have thought about this many times as well. I hope whatever you decide makes you happy. Good luck girl!

  48. A padded bra from Soma worked for me, and was a lot cheaper (and less permanent). If I get compliments from the husband on my looks, I say, “thanks! I put on my boobs this morning.” haha (it takes my cup size from a B to a C or a D.) You’re right – post-preggo boobies are just…sad.

  49. I’m pretty big busted and my husband and I have talked about getting a lift once we’re done having kids. I don’t want to be one of those 60 year old women with boobs down to their belly button. My understanding about getting a boob job is that they can get messed up after a pregnancy so if you’re going to do it you might want to wait until you are done having kids. I could be wrong, just something I heard once.

  50. Boobs change all the time. I go up to a 36DD whilst breast feeding, then they shrink to “schoolgirl” boobs and I hate them, but although they take a while they fill up again back to my normal 36C. It just takes a while. But I think you should never let other peoples opinions stop you if its something you really want to do.
    I have used bigger boos as an argument for getting pregnant again and I’m not ashamed to admit it! lol!

  51. Hi Natasha! I say go for it, if it suits your fancy. I have a friend who had 2 children, and after she was no longer the size C she was before. She decided to have surgery to go back to her ‘regular’ size and she looks amazing. There is not too much and she is happy with herself. I am not a surgery kind of girl, but I would like to have mine just lifted. Personally I got my boobs from having kids. :-) (Before I was maybe a large A, small B. Now I am a C, but the skin has stretched and I am not happy about that.)

    Good luck in whatever you decide. It really only matters what you think of yourself and what it going to make you happy!

  52. Jules

    I also went through the same thing and would almost cry whenever I got a glimpse of my saggy, absent boobs. When you breastfeed it often sucks out all of the fat, but hopefully will improve with time. It took almost 2 years, but mine are almost (not quite) back to pre-pregnancy size, although a little lower than before!

  53. Tits suck! I nursed number three for 25 months and I seriously CANNOT believe how crappy these bags look. If I could afford a boobie blow up I so totally would, but I have some crazy dream that my oldest is going to Stanford and holy crap the tuition is $55,000/year. He better kick ass in school and get some scholarships.

    BTW… you are so awesome!

  54. jenn

    wow I cant believe all these women had this done!…. I enjoyed reading your post and it made me feel better about looking the way I do after 2 kids myself… Im not the only one :) You are perfect the way you are and you do not need to have this done. Be you the real you the one who carried, grew, nourished and fed your two precious babies!!!

  55. I am so with you on this! If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would so get my boobs done. I nursed FOUR kids and by golly, my boobs look like jersey socks. It sucks! I don’t want huge boobs, but I do want them up where they are supposed to be. It’s so frustrating. I just want to be able to look good in my clothes again. I don’t want every guy on the street to notice my boobs, but I miss looking in the mirror and wondering what the crap happened to what used to be my boobs.

  56. I totally hear you. I’ve always been well endowed. I was a 34D by the time I hit 8th grade. After my daughter, I jumped up to a 38DDD. OUCH. I was in so much pain the entire time. 2 years later, I’m down to a 36DD, but I still have a hard time coping with them. I’d LOVE to get an augmentation, but I’m worried that it’ll cause problems if I decide to have more kids in the future.

    Unfortunately for me, my boobs are the first place I gain weight and the last place I lose it. I’m hoping that once I lose a few more pounds, I’ll drop another cup size. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  57. Rach

    I think your reasons for doing it are pretty spot on for a lot of moms. You dont want to go around parading a pair of DDDs with your low cut shirts and cleavage hanging out. You want to feel better about yourself and feel good in your clothes. One of my good friends went from boobs that resembled droopy socks with tennis balls in them to a nice firm lifted C and she is so happy about it. She feels comfortable in her skin again. It’s nice to see that. Do what makes you happy. :) You’re a mom. You do so much for others. Do something nice for yourself.

  58. After 2 kids and deflated boobs (think fried eggs hanging flat against my stomach) I had no problem marching in there and getting a boob job (and lift, because come on, filling those things the way they were was not going to help…they needed to go up about 6 inches!).

    My doctor saw a 35 year old mother of 2 and wouldn’t do anything other than natural, so I wasn’t worried about looking fake or phony. If you didn’t know me before, you wouldn’t know I had it done. My only girlfriends are close friends, so I knew they wouldn’t judge me. Of course I new people in my office would notice…I was out for a week and voila, chest was bigger! But I didn’t tell anyone, and the ones who were brave enough to ask, I took a proud stance and told them nursing and birthing 2 kids did a number and I wanted my chest back the way it used to be.

    My only concern like some others have stated above was/is how my kids will view it in the future. They were 6 and 3 when I had it done, so I didn’t have to explain much at the time, but I might have to have conversations in the future.

  59. Lisa

    I so understand the boobies heading South with no intentions of coming back up North. I couldn’t resist this photo when I saw it. (hope you don’t get angry). Although, I am ashamed to say that I am uncertain how to send a link for a photo. Oops. I will send it to your Facebook.

  60. Ha Ha the Sister Hood! I’m totally in that head space too…i just posted something similar on my facebood page a few weeks back to give my mates a laugh as i’ve just finish breast feeding our second child…they have totally given up on life…like 2 little sacks of hopelessnesses (made up word required). Only thing i was greatfull for is now i fit into my old bras and old tops but then i bend over and one day i’m scared they may roll out! Thanks for your blog as you are my kind of chic…you totally introduced me to this world… pop over and say hi ;o)

  61. Christina

    I completely feel your emotions. I just had a lift and implants a month ago. I have wanted it done since i had my son 9 years ago. I was scared of the recovery and that people would judge me as I have judged others. Because of my fear of judgement I made the doctor put them in smaller than he suggested and they dont look fake at all! Unless I told you I just had it done, you would never know. And that is exactly what I wanted. To get rid of my “tube socks” and have normal breasts again! Go for it girl! As long as you keep the size “normal” nobody will know. I still secretly judge the girls who have a size 0 waist and rock an obviously fake “F” chest. Yes, I know that some people have naturally large breasts even if they have a small waist, but I am referring to the ones that are obviously fake and way larger than necessary.

  62. Jessi

    Thank you so much for this. You’ve put into words what I’ve always felt. I’ve always wanted a boob job, because I’ve been unhappy with how my breasts looked pretty much since they started coming in. I don’t feel womanly at all! I would never go up to DD’s or higher, but something that balances out my junk in the trunk would be really nice! But what’s stopping me? The fact that I feel that people will judge me. I just have to get into the mentality that it’s my business and none of theirs! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Also, I have a few friends who have gone to a Dr. Forman in Bethesda/Rockville. His work is absolutely amazing. I used to be a bartender, and once two woman with fantastic breasts came into my bar, and I actually asked them “Look, I know that this is really inappropriate, but did you get those from Dr. Forman?” and the answer was yes, and they were so proud of them they weren’t mad that I asked! He’s so good you can pick out his work, lol! One of my friends who got her boobs from him even hooked up with a guy who later came to me and was like “so, are her boobs fake? I can’t even tell.” So if you do decide to take the plunge, go see him! I know I will be! (Once I gather the courage and the funds, that is!) Hope you’re feeling better!

  63. Dee

    Almost one year ago I took the plunge and got them done – I too went from 34B – 34DD after babies and then back to a rather saggy 34B again. I sought out a surgeon (saw some of his work ‘in the flesh’) and stressed to him that I want a natural look…no huge Pammy boobs please. He recommended a size, of which I went one size smaller and I have never been happier. I was in surgery at 11am home and in bed by 2pm and up the next day at 7am taking my kids to the dentist…and I have NEVER looked back…I love my boobies, my kiddies never noticed!! and people only know I have fake boobies when and if I decide to tell them…it was the best decision I have made for ME!

  64. Laura

    I could have written this post myself! I have a 10 month old and am waiting until after baby #2 (not that I’m pregnant yet) is done nursing and then its off to the plastic surgeon! I don’t want to look like a porn star, just like a woman : )

  65. barbara

    I just now read this, and I must say, this sounds just like what I went through. After having 2 kids(they are 14 and 12) my boobs looks just like that. I called them cow boobs b/c when I bent over they look like someone was going to milk me at any moment. They really had no shape to them. I talked to my husband and some friends about getting plastic surgery. I had a friend go with me. The doctor was amazing. Recommended a size that would go well with my shape. I have to say I really like the job he did. I did get a tummy tuck b/c no matter what I did I had a lot of extra skin. I have since had a 3rd child (shes 2 1/2) and the doctor said b/c I got the tummy tuck it actually helped my stomach go down faster then it would if I hadnt. Most people I know dont even realize my boobs are implants until I say something. They say how great they look. Most ask if I could go back and do it again, I probably would. The recovery was horrible, but well worth it.

  66. Kelly

    Late I know – but if someone is staring long enough to tell that your boobs are fake (you said you want natural) then you should hand them a business card of your plastic surgeon :)

    I know people who have had their breast(s) done because one was bigger than the other, some were just self conscious, etc. If it makes YOU feel better about yourself, then you probably won’t even notice that people are “judging” you :)

    p.s. people suck haha


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