Serena & Lily Castered Crates Knock-off

Do you get Serena & Lily catalogs? They’re such a decor tease. The stuff is GORGEOUS but the pricetags are obscene. But I still look, and hope…

This last catalog however I was able to figure out a way to make one of the items mine.

Serena & Lily Rolling Storage Crate $118

Thrift store crate restored $15 (+$15 for the casters)

I turned the 2nd crate I bought into a selvaged wood (fancy way of saying I found some old wood & turned it into something new) rolling coffee table…These were much easier than you’d think. I sanded, stained & sealed each of them during one afternoon naptime. (I also painted the inside of the storage crate for a pop of color) What I think really makes the S & L crates pop are those snazzy orange wheels. Lucky me I found which sells every wheel color under the sun. All you do is order the ones that have the plates built in & screw them on. Stupid easy. Honestly if you can get your hands on some old storage crates this is a perfect beginner furniture project.

Happy Wednesday friends!

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  1. Very cool! I’ll have to keep a look out for some of those. I gave up on Serena & Lily back when I was shopping for crib bedding. Insane.

    PS. Love those curtains. Who makes them?

    • Natasha

      Yeah, those were a splurge but they pretty much make the room. They’re the allegra hicks collection from west elm, LOVE them

  2. Megan

    I just did something so similar and was debating about putting casters on them! Thanks for the post, I am definitely going with the casters now. I got 4 wooden crates from borders books fixture liquidation for $5 a piece.

    • Natasha

      Yes! It’s called the upscale resale thrift store & it’s in Rockville…very cool stuff. My little secret! (well, not any more I guess)

  3. Leigh Anne

    How cool!! What a fantastic job… ‘em even better than the original. And the pics of your house look like a page from a catalog….very chic! :)

  4. Claire

    OMG so cute. I agree, yours are waaaaayyyy cuter than the Serena & Lily jobs. Plus the casters are muy adorable.

    Where did you score those lovely crates? I must visit your thrift store!

    • Natasha

      You know, I was worried about that but I just lightly sanded with my electric sander & at first they were a bit grainy but after a coat of stain the text popped right back up! I think the lettering is burned in with these old crates so you probably have to sand pretty deep to get it completely off. I think.

  5. Nice! I love it Natasha! Sorry, I have been kind of absent lately. I do read your posts, but have had NO time to post comments, and I have even kind of flaked on my own blog. Having 3 little ones now is more than I bargained for. Anyways….I love your new blog page and I love this idea so much! Thanks for sharing.

    • Natasha

      No worries Andrea! I can’t even imagine having a 3rd, I JUST NOW feel like I’m getting a hold of my life with two! Kuddos to you mama, I’m sure you’re doing a great job.

  6. Brooke

    I love how you’ve moved around the furniture in that room.

    I should try this with one of my wine crates. Love the coffee table!

  7. I swear you really do have a great talent for interior design. I love the coffee table. Awesome. I love coming to your blog and seeing all the cool projects you do. Totally inspiring! Keep it coming!


  8. marisa julien

    I just adore your crafts. I actually went right out and bought the stuff at the hardware store to make the bracelet. I told my boyfriend I wanted to go to Home Depot to make a bracelet and it took some explaining because he couldn’t figure it out. I would love to do this crate idea, but I think my parents would kill me if I brought home any more stuff. So I shall live vicariously through you with all of your fantastic idea. So jealous.

  9. Kim

    THANK YOU for this post! I found your blog through Centsational Girl and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been looking for attractive casters for at least 6 months. I saw an incredible coffee table in a Pottery Barn catalog last year and just couldn’t stomach paying $800 for it. We are very crafty people…I knew we could make it if I could just find the right casters. Ever caster I found was utilitarian – not what I wanted in my living room. I just ordered 4 of the aqua casters from and can’t wait to get crackin’ on our coffee table this weekend. Your blog will definitely make it to my “favorites”. Thank you so much!!!!

  10. Lisa

    I saw the Serena and Lily version and SO thought of knocking it off too!! The price was ridiculous! Yours turned out fab and I love the aqua casters! Thank you for the inspiration. :)

  11. tracy

    I love this idea. I wish that I could find a crate like yours. Do you have any good websites that sell them? I would love to make one. This is exactly what I am looking for.

  12. I like it! I’d been thinking about doing something like this in our kids’ room for awhile and decided to check Pinterest to see if I could find what I wanted. Quick question…what are the dimensions of your crates?

    • Natasha

      Hmmm, I would guess it’s around 3′ x 1.5′ x 2′…go for it! It’s such an easy great project, you’ll be so happy you did!

  13. These are amazing and such a great idea. Thanks for resource on the wheels! I saw the castor boxes at a friend’s house and went to google them and found your DIY version. Now i can’t buy the S&L version! I love your zigzag carpet too. Where is it from? Thanks for the ideas.

    • Natasha

      How neat! I love when people find me through random google searches, makes my day! That rug is from West Elm, I love it so much, highly recommended! Thanks for coming by the blog, hope you come back again!


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