Dear Tom.

Dear Tom’s,

I know you & I haven’t always seen eye to eye. When you first came to town I could not understand what people saw in you. You’re just so big, bulky & well, remind me of the reusable canvas grocery bags all the greenies at Whole Foods use. I’ve bought them, but that’s just because they had cute smiling tomatoes on them & I always forget them in my trunk anyway. But I digress, I didn’t get you & honestly, I still don’t.

After awhile however I started to see you on all my friends, & of course there’s that whole “buy a pair, give a pair” thing. I mean, how can I hate a such a philanthropist? So I tried you on, first the canvas peep toe wedges, they seemed like a nice compromise. But I was between sizes. Then I decided I could really use your grey slip-ons with the elephants on the inside for the summer. After all, who doesn’t like a good elephant motif? It took me months of convincing but I actually thought maybe we could finally work. Then I tried you on, I looked like someone had wrapped Ace bandages around me feet. Seriously? This is fashionable?? After that bad run-in I decided to put you down in my mental black book as just a fleeting trend that would be gone faster the resurgence of pleated pants.

But then I heard the news…you’ve married my friend Sketcher’s. That means you’re not going anywhere! And you’ll be in all of my regular places…Macy’s, Bloomies & even,*gasp* Nordstrom! You’re not just quietly sticking around either, oh noooo, I just got an email from Mr. Zappos that you have a new fall line out! Well isn’t that just dandy. An entire new collection of shoes I don’t like, which I guess is a good thing because they don’t even fit! Even when I tried to accept you, YOU denied me!
Whewwww, deep breaths.

Perhaps I’m holding onto a little more hostility than is healthy to feel towards a shoe.
That’s why I’m writing you Toms, I thought it would be healing to let you know how I feel.
Oh, & I also wanted to tell you that I just bought a pair of Hunter rain boots & we’re very happy together.


Best to you & yours,

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  1. Angelina

    Sorry ladies, I don’t think it’s a fad! Toms is doing amazing things around the globe and this generation is ALL about that! You should try the wedges…even in a half size to big, they’re extremely comfortable….and you will impact the life of a child!!

  2. Sam

    Hahaha omg I JUST ordered the Ash Grey TOMS…they said they ran true-to-size, but it doesn’t sound like it. Welp, I’ll give ‘em a try anyways! Perhaps I can rock them :)

  3. Oh my gosh! I thought I was the only one who missed the boat on these! I too love the idea of the service they give, but I will find other ways to promote worldwide service. :P

  4. Brooke

    This whole trend reminds me of 9th grade when I HAD to have birkenstocks because “They’re so cute, Mom! Everybody has them!”

    Maybe the cashmere line by Toms and The Row will change my mind…or not.

  5. Miranda

    I completely agree with all of these!!! And what’s worse than TOM’s for women?? TOM’s for men!!!! It’s just not right.

  6. I totally get you! I can’t tell if I like them or hate them….but maybe I’ll find them now in stores and give them a whirl just to see what all the fuss is about. At least they’re a company with a good heart/cause!

  7. Stephanie

    So agree! What color rain boots? :-) I had a lovely pink pair that wore out last winter (CA) and Hunter’s are on my list for replacement boots.

  8. Rachel

    I had to laugh out loud when I read this! I have a much younger sister that convinced my parents to buy me a pair for Christmas they sat in my hall closet for months, then camping season came along and I decided they would be great for camping, they slide on and off easily and my toes won’t be black from flip flops. My sister camped with me once and almost lost it!!! I get strange looks but hey everything has a purpose!!! :)

  9. Christy

    Although I do own a few pairs of Tom’s I definitely hear you on the Ace bandage thing! But you should check out their t-shirts, sunglasses, and adorable kids shoes! It is a great cause and the tees are super soft and comfy!

  10. I personally have no Tom’s (not my style) but my 4 year old wore hers in to the ground. THe problem is, it only took 2 weeks of semi-daily wear for them to look cruddy and start to fray. Still, have you seem the little sparkly pink ones? Too cute on little feet.

    • Natasha

      Ok, in utter honesty Sam does have a pair of sparkly purple ones & they’re pretty darn cute. But she also wears clear plastic heels & rocks them…sooo…

  11. Tessa

    Hahahaha! That’s too funny. Ace Bandages is spot on! It’s easy for them to give a pair when you buy a pair, for the price you pay you could easily buy two pairs of shoes! I guess if Tom’s isn’t going anywhere, we will just have to live parallel to one another, never crossing paths.

  12. Leigh Anne

    Thank you so much for this post! It really makes me feel better that I’m not the only one on the planet that just can’t wrap my mind around the “cuteness” of the Tom’s. I LOVE what they do, but I can donate in other ways….maybe by making other purchases of Tom’s products….just can’t go there on the shoes :) This post just made my poopy-filled potty training day!!

  13. Ha ha ha, I agree although I was a bit tempted when Tom went sparkly…it still wasn’t enough and I just noticed Target came out with sparkly converse so I am all good sans Toms:)

  14. Lyn

    Oh how I despise Toms! Almost as much as my hatred of Crocs. *Shivers. . . . Imagine a Toms-Crocs hybrid *gags on her own disgust*. I feel badly that I find them so repulsive. I love the idea of being able to contribute to my shoe addiction under the guise of “it’s practically charity! Almost tax deductible even!” haha.

  15. I love Toms for when I work outside on the weekends. They’re so lightweight! But, I’m a crazy and bought the bright blue glitter ones. :) They’re fun!

  16. So with you on this. The only good thing about Tom’s is for wearing in places to keep your feet or other shoes from getting ruined AND that they DO contribute to such a great cause. For those reasons only, I have actually thought about buying a pair. But haven’t…yet.

  17. Lucy g

    omg, I hope these shoes don’t make it to the UK, they are a bit gross, remind me of the special shoes that my mother has to get for her swollen feet, minus the Velcro! I too hate it when stuff comes out and everyone buys them making me feel I should but always have them stuffed in a cupboard as they don’t go with anything!
    You’ll love the Hunters, they look cool with anything even if they are wellies! Mine are green and I wish I could wear them to work!

  18. Sooooo glad I’m not alone. This past weekend we went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and I played a game with the husband who could spot more of these. He had previously never heard of them so I had to point out a pair. After that game on! It’s amazing the stronghold they have. I won because I naturally could spot the glitter Toms. He thought it was cheating…um, no, I won fair and square.

  19. shirlee

    You are very misinformed. Toms did not sell out to Sketchers, they knocked them off with BOBS! They are such a leader in the industry that everyone is knocking them off. Like them or hate them they are here to stay….and they do a great job of keeping things in perspective. Have you been to a college campus lately? They do shoe drops and have a day with out shoes for awareness of how it feels to not wear shoes….. yes their price tag is higher than many…but have you priced crocs or uggs? They are made with less than desirable work conditions. Do you really know where your clothing comes from? Because I do, it has been my job for over 20 yrs. When you do decide to spend your money, ask yourself why there are no more factories (jobs) in America…..look at your feet. Nike, Reebok, Keds, Sketchers….all over seas in factories that could employee children as young as 10. And btw….I do own one pair of Toms….and I really do wear them.

  20. theresa

    you’re funny, really, but honestly give them another try – they are the most amazing shoes ever. SO comfy and they’re for an amazing cause. and amen to shirlee ! :)

  21. eMeNesS

    I’m obviously a little late in posting on this post (was just referred to your blog today- it’s amazing!) but feel the need to add my Toms story.

    I work in a tech company and wear jeans every day so I thought, what a perfect between season shoe (Spring and Fall = too cold for sandals, too warm for boots). I also make frequent trips to the West Coast where the temperature is constantly “in between”, even more perfect. WRONG. I have not only tried on a pair of Toms but went as far as purchasing not one, but two pairs. I have a rule, any purchases keep their tags and box for 30 days. If I don’t wear it within those 30 days, I return it. I once cleaned out my closet only to find the majority of my to-go pile still had tags- gasp!

    The first pair I bought were gray, and I assumed I’d wear them with everything (just like all of my friends). WRONG. For four straight weeks, I tried them on every morning only to put them back in the box and wear another pair of shoes. But I really wanted to wear them so I even went as far as planning outfits around them, that didn’t work either. Finally, on day 28, the Toms and I took a trip to the mall and Nordstrom happily took them back. Fast forward 6 months and there I am in Nordstrom at the Mall of America. I start browsing the Toms and the black sequin pair catch my eye. I thought they were really fun, so I tried them on and ended up purchasing them. 8 mirror checks and 24 hours later, back to Nordstrom they go.

    I really appreciate what Toms stands for and the great things they do for children around the world but… they’re not for everyone.


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