No Sew Superhero Cape

This Wednesday, moms and kids across the country will come together for a national day of action to ask our Senators to be superheroes for kids and support comprehensive chemicals reform. To help demonstrate their cause the lovely ladies from Mom’s Rising asked if I would create a quick & easy cape tutorial for their readers.

Um, a reason to craft AND for a good cause? Yes, please!

Here’s the easy, NO SEW, superhero cape I made for them:

All you need are a few basic supplies from your local fabric store.

1 & 1/2 yards of red knit fabric, (knit is like t-shirt material & the ends won’t fray) 1 yard of red ribbon & scissors.

Lay your fabric out & along one of the long ends fold the edge of the fabric over 1″. With your scissors make several snips in the fold, 1 inch apart, down the length of the fabric. Open the fold & you’ll now have several slits to weave your ribbon in & out of. After the ribbon is woven through all the slit gather the fabric towards the center. Take each end of ribbon & loop it back through the last slit & knot. To keep your ribbon ends from fraying you can quickly run the edge over a flame & it will seal them.

That’s it! Very simple, very fun & for a very good cause!

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  1. Latoya

    Love this tutorial! I plan on throwing a superhero themed party for my soon to be 4 year old and these would make great favors!

  2. Grandma Mary Jane

    Those long ends of ribbon, and tying around the neck is dangerous. Remember the ban on ties on hoodies for children. I would suggest that you use a short ribbon, just long enough to go around the neck and a few inches longer. At each edge, knot the ribbon around the last bit of fabric. Then sew on, or use stick-on Velcro dots at each edge. This eliminates all chance of strangulation! If the cape gets caught in something, the Velcro will let go…….. a tied ribbon will not!


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