Union Jack Dresser

(PS, I’m so sorry to be fudging with the blog layout/look so much, I just can’t seem to find “it”. I promise as soon as I get it right I’ll leave it be!)
Now, this, this you’re going to love…

AFTER:Don’t you love it?! I’d love to take credit for being so creative but I saw this idea on Miss Mustard Seed (a fab home furniture makeover blog btw) & followed her tutorial completely. Usually I at least change a few things to make a project my own but not this time, I wanted hers exactly!

The dresser was a thrift store find for $75 & the whole project probably took me 3 or 4 evenings after the kids went to bed. I cleaned it, sanded it, splotched some wood filler in it’s holes, painted it & then stained the whole thing with a dark walnut color. Throw some clear sealant on top & you’ve got yourself a Union Jack just in time for the royal wedding. Now I really wish I was having a “BYOT (bring your own tiara) Royal Wedding Party! ):

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  1. Laura @ ON{thelaundry}LINE

    Very cool! Looks like a real treasure now!
    I think it was Cheri (from I Am A Momma) that suggested to me to have another blog off in the corner to test out your layout stuff with, because I wanted to fix mine up but I knew it might take a while and I didn't want my blog all wonkydonky while I was playing with it. Worked like a charm! The 'work in progress' sign is a cute option though. 😉

  2. Lil Mama Stuart

    ha, those BEFORE drawer pulls make me sad. Way to bring this piece back to life! I love those little monsters, I wish I could knit some up, if I had those skills ha. ahhh the quest to making your own blog design continues!

  3. Anonymous

    I LOVE IT – and wish I could buy it from you! I totally would. I cannot find the tutorial to make one, can you please link to it on your site? Also re: your blog design, I thought the first/original one you used was the cutest – maybe consider going back to that? Love your blog – thanks for all the great tips!

  4. CivilRightsCrusader

    When I first saw your dresser I yelled "That's like Ms. Mustard Seed's Dresser!" I love that my two favorite blogs have connected in the blogiverse! I saw her dresser in Luckett's (which is how I discovered her) and I have to say, yours is FANTASTIC!!!! Excellent job :)

  5. JJoyLowe

    OMG, that is AMAZING! But what I really want to know is, where did you get that owl lamp?!? I LOVE owls!

  6. Natasha I keep thinking about this project u did then u modeled Sophie’s new dress and I was like yes! Now I have to make it haha! Did u use the exact same paint colors as miss mustard seed? And did u use the same wax?

    • Natasha

      Seriously you have to do it, it is my favorite piece I’ve ever done and somehow it just goes with everything, do it!! Hmmm, I’m trying to remember what I used…I think it was the Rustoleum Oil Based paints in red and blue and white. Then I roughed it up and used the dark walnut minwax stain on top.

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