DIY Cinderella Dress

Awhile ago Adrianna made the most adorable knit Belle dress, (her 2nd knit princess dress I might add, Snow White was 1st) then I was reading Jill’s blog & she made a mini Belle version for her little one’s 1st Disney trip. Well, after seeing my fellow bloggers churn out these creations how could I not make one for my princess fanatic?The top of the dress is made from the same peasant dress tutorial Adrianna & Jill used but for the bottom I did some experimenting. The bottom layer is a light blue chiffon, the middle is a sparkly synthetic fabric & the top white ‘poofs’ are also a sparkly polyester creation. (For tips on creating the ‘poofs’ you could use this tutorial Adrianna made for the Cinderella tutu)

At the last minute (and this means in the passenger seat on the drive to Disney) I decided to add some ribbon ties so I could cinch the waist a bit. The fullness of the skirt tended to pull the knit top out a bit. Also on the drive I took some light blue ribbon & made a quickie headband like Cinderella’s. (it’s just ribbon hand stitched to a 3″ piece of elastic) For some reason Samster was obsessed with having a headband, in fact when she 1st saw the dress she said,
“Oh! Cinderella dress!! Where’s the headband?”
One last tidbit…if you feel like splurging get yourself a child dress form. I found mine on Ebay for $40 & let me tell you it’s completely changed the way I sew kid’s clothes. Something about being able to pin & assemble the dress while seeing exactly how it will hang…

Please do not copy & paste any of my content without prior permission, pictures of Samster & Sophie are strictly prohibited. Links to my post however are always welcome!

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  1. felicia

    I love the idea of a comfy princess dress and not having to spend a fortune at the Disney store for those cheap ones!

    And I was about to ask you where you got your dress form. I was hoping it was locally. Oh well!

  2. Laura @ ON{thelaundry}LINE

    So cute! I love the attention to detail that kids have. Where's my headband, ha. I wouldn't have thought to look on ebay for a dress form, I've just added two to my watch list (on in kid size, one in mine, ha.) We'll see what the hubster has to say. lol.

  3. crafterhours

    So adorable! She looks like she's in toddler princess heaven. Sam has perfect Cinderella hair too, lucky kid! random note: I really like that little table in your hall with the flowers on it – very elegant.

    (ps: it was really weird seeing my name so many times in this post)

  4. Lil Mama Stuart

    haha I was going to say…cute mini dress form! love that you must. craft. at all times! haha, but mama knew best since Samster asked for it right away for her Cinderella up do. My 14 month old will not tolerate ANYthing in her hair :(

  5. Rafahi Family

    Wow, nice! I hope one day I can sew that well. How is Sophie doing? Asha is now oulling herself up to stand. I am SO not ready for this one to be a fast walker!

  6. Sascha

    I've been looking at some dress forms on Ebay. I was going to get one mostly because the littlest turd really sucks with taking photos these days and my white board is getting boring. And hello to you and your princess costumes. I totally wasted money back in the day on the store bought itchy crap. I will never forget when we went to Disneyland with my mom and she agreed to buy Luca a whole ensemble before we even entered the park. He he. My poor mom was floored. I'm sure she spent over $100 on that crap. And then she had to get something for Rocco!

  7. ashwey

    Samster is so dang cute! Love the shades with the Cinderella dress. My daughter would totally do the same thing.

  8. Brittini

    It looks so comfy with the cotton[?] fabric you used for the top. And little kid costumes always have a picture of the character printed on them. Which I hate! So I love yours even more! If you happen to come across a super easy Alice in Wonderland costume please share! My daughter loves Alice :)

  9. How did you know which dress for size to buy? I have a one that wears size 2 and one that is almost into a size 5. Do they make them adjustable? And thanks for this post. We are heading to the Magic Kingdom for the Not So Scary Halloween party and my girls want to be Tinkerbells. Since it will be a million degrees I want to make the costumes out of a knit. Maybe with a flashy over-skirt that is removable for washing. Thanks!

    • Natasha

      They don’t make them adjustable, at least not the ones I bought, which kind of sucks. I bought a 1/2 and a 3/4 & figured that would cover both of my girls (ages 1 & 3) for at least a bit. Luckily they’re not too terribly expensive so it’s not a complete waste of money since they’ll outgrow them but yeah, not ideal.

      Have fun at Disney! We really want to go back with the girls soon. Have you seen my knit tinkerbell romper by the way? It’d be so easy to do the skirt in a sparkly green…


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