Baby Bug Hat

I’ve had this hat idea circling around in my head for a few weeks & the cold snap we just had combined with the guest post I wanted to write for Prudent Baby was the perfect reason to whip it up! By the way, have you guys been over to Prudent Baby?? Of course you have. I mean, so stinkin’ cute right?! Well the girls were nice enough to invite me to write a tutorial for their readers, please pop on by there when you get a chance & say “hi!”
On to the hat…

You can make this out of fleece or knit if it’s warmer at your home. For supplies you’ll need small amounts of two colors of your material choice & some applique interfacing.
Now a word on sizing…

After a small mis-measurement…(I know, right?)

I was able to reconfigure to the correct sizing below

You’ll need TWO RECTANGLES in these measurements:
Newborn: 6″ x 8″
Infant: 7″ x 9″

Plus a strip of contrasting fabric:
Newborn: 4″ x 12.5″
Infant 4″ x 14.5″

Plus a small amount of contrasting fabric for the spots & antennas.

Take each of your rectangles & fold them in half, cut a curve on the non-folded edge.
*cut both rectangles at the same time so the pieces will be symmetrical

Next cut out a few circles for your little bug’s “spots”

Finally cut a small 2.5″ slit down the center of each hat half. (These will give the hat a better shape) After those 3 steps your pieces should look something like this…Next go ahead & applique your spots to the hat halves. (basic applique instructions here)

After the spots are in place fold piece in half with the right sides together. Sew the slit you made shut. Repeat with other half of hat. Set aside.
Now to make some antennae. (antennas?) Cut out 4 mushroom shaped pieces that are around 2.5″ long. You can either topstitch them shut or stitch & then turn them to hide the seams. I just stitched around the edge for the fleece but with knit I might turn them & then push a little stuffing inside so they’d stand up. It’s really up to you…
Next up, let’s put the hat together. Place your two halves, right sides together, with the antennas stuffed inside. Pin the antennas so the bottom of the antenna edge is lined up with the hat’s edge that way you catch them in the seams. (See below)Stitch around curved sides of hat. Turn right side out.

Last step is the brim! Fold your long contrasting piece of fabric in half & stitch the short sides shut. Next fold the tube down so it’s about 2″ wide.
Place the tube inside your right side out hat so that the edges line up. Stitch around the bottom of the hat being sure to catch all 3 layers.
It should look like this after stitching…
Flip up your brim & your little bug is ready!

Please do not copy & paste any of my content without prior permission, pictures of Samster & Sophie are strictly prohibited. Links to my post however are always welcome!

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  1. Jessica

    CUTE!!!! May need to try to size it up to fit my toddler's big noggin next winter!

  2. M* {Daydream Believers}

    Cute hat! But, seriously, that picture of Sophie with that hat UPON her head! 😉 TOO stinkin' cute!

  3. Lil Mama Stuart

    ha love the pic of Sophie and the mismeasured hat :) that's awesome that you'll be posting to PB! congrats!

  4. Laura @ ON{thelaundry}LINE

    BAHAHAHAHAHA man the mismeasured hat picture gave me a good chuckle.

    I was actually thinking of you today! I took Olivia in to the chiropractor to get her adjusted after a few people recommended I try it to see if that would improve her sleeping (which was getting worse as she got older, not better) and I'd say a few hours into the first night it seems to have helped. I was wondering if you had tried bringing Sophie into a chiro? I'm wishing now that I had done it a while ago instead of hesitating so long!

  5. Anonymous

    i just found your blog. and i love it. the projects you share are fun, easy, and fast.. great for me since i am new to sewing and have 2 little ones running around. thank you for posting such fun, great stuff..


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