Sunshine Rattle

This little rattle o’ happiness has been on my idea list for the last few years. Literally, years, I wanted to make it for Samster when she was a baby & now she’s 2 & a 1/2. How’s that for procrastination? Lucky me baby #2 gave me a chance to redeem myself.It’s pretty simple, super cheerful & makes a great racket if you have a little one who likes to shake her toys like a dog.

Oh, & it’s a big hit with a jealous 2 yr old too…Step One: Use a small plate to cut out 2 circles from your fabric (I used leftover yellow t-shirt from my scrap pile, yours doesn’t have to be knit but I do think it makes it nice & soft)
(Optional: I ironed my knit circles onto some light-weight interfacing to give them some strength since I planned on embroidering them & knit can get all wonky when you poke too many holes in it)

Step Two: Snip out 6 small triangles equally spaced (eyeball it) around your circles.
Tip-cut the two circles at the same time that way all your pleats will be the same size

Step 3: working with one circle at a time you’re going to stitch the triangles shut. This will give the sun it’s 3-dimensional rounded shape.Step 4: At this point I went ahead & embroidered Mr Sun’s face. To make sure my stitched shapes turned out how I envisioned I went ahead & drew the face with some fabric markers & then just stayed inside the lines with my stitches. Kind of like coloring with thread.
Step 5: To make the “rays” I cut out eight 6″ strips of ribbon. I folded each in 1/2 & with the sun facing right side up I pinned the edges of each folded ribbon around the sun.Also note that I left out one ribbon on the bottom right, this is because that’s where we’ll turn the piece right side out & stuff it. The ribbon will be sewn in at the end.

Step 6: With right sides facing together & all ribbons tucked in re-pin around perimeterStep 7: Being sure to catch both edges of the sun & the ribbon edge sew around the perimeter leaving a 3″ opening (where we left out a ribbon) I actually went around the sun twice & was sure to backstitch at each end that way it would hold up while turning & stuffing.

Turn right side out, set aside.

Step 8: Time to make a rattttttttle! Really the rattle can be made of whatever you have on hand that will make a racket. I chose to use a plastic case that had held my stickpins with a handful of cheap heavy beads on the inside. Just be sure to tape your case shut. In case it ever came out we wouldn’t want choking hazards to spill all over the floor. Step 9: For stuffing I made a bit of a sandwich inside my sun. First I laid a couple pieces of batting (cut a bit smaller than original circle size) on the bottom, then some Poly-Fil, then the rattle, then more polyfil around the rattle, more polyfil on top of the rattle, then another piece of batting on the back. I think the batting helps to smooth out any lumps from the polyfil.
Tip- after you think you’ve stuffed enough, stuff some more. Push that filling all around, use a paintbrush or chopstick to work it in.
Use a ladder stitch to sew your seam shut, as I sewed it shut I also kept stuffing more polyfil in. Don’t forget to include that last “ray” of ribbon in your seam.That’s it! It’s not very complicated but there’s something about it…maybe it’s the simple sweet face or perhaps it’s because it’s one of my favorite & often forgotten colors, yellow, but this is one of my favorite projects in a long time. Hopefully the little one will agree.

Please do not copy & paste any of my content without prior permission, pictures of Samster & Sophie are strictly prohibited. Links to my post however are always welcome!

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  1. Jessica

    I absolutely love it. You are my sunshine is my favor song to sing to my kids and this is the perfect softy/rattle to go with it!

  2. Sarah

    very cute! I have been wanting a play rattle thing for the car… your idea has given me a push to make one! and maybe with a bit of sunshine like yours :)

  3. Kaylie

    Love it! Too bad my kiddo is nearing 2 1/2. But who knows, we may have another and I could easily make these for a friend too. Thanks for posting! Filing this idea for later! :)

  4. Laura @ ON{thelaundry}LINE

    SO CUTE NATASHA! Seriously, amazing job. That face just pushes me over the edge. You did SUCH a GREAT job on that face. I love it. I'll take two for Olivia!
    (because I take two of everything for Olivia because Jealous Older Sister always steals one… well, you know that. hahaha.)

  5. Elise

    adorable! I can't believe the little one is sitting up already- they grow so fast! and i can't believe you find the time to do anything creative with two kiddos running around, but obviously you're just amazing :)

  6. sarah

    besides how adorable this is, i love the size! all the rattles i have are smallish and i think this size is so much better!

  7. Jess

    Sooo stinking cute! the rattle too. ;) Our girls are around the same age-and I love seeing yours-they are adorable. I love the little face on the sun and fun ribbon tags!

  8. Cottage Crafter

    Sooo cute – and such a good idea! Thankyou for sharing – I might just make this for my friend's babyshower next month!

  9. The Rose Family

    ni hao! My little Ruby saw this and said it was time to "tickle Mr sun". Adorable! Definitely making one for Fiona (and probably one for Ru)!

  10. Rachel D

    Such a great idea! I have some large jingle bells that I'll use as my rattle. Looks like I know what my next few baby shower gifts will be.

  11. Allison

    I love this, so cute!!! My daughter is a little too old, but hopefully I'll have a reason to make a baby toy again soon! :)

  12. window into our life of love, joy, and adventures!

    This is so cute! I have to make these for my granddaughters! Thank you for the inspiration!

  13. entegans

    AHHH! why didn't i think of making a rattle that way?! i'm definitely going to have to make one of these for my new little girl! thanks for sharing!


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