Polka Dot Nursery

We’re back!! And we’re sleeping, and we’re healthy, and WOOHOO!!
I’ll have a post on Wednesday giving you more details on what we’re doing to get Sophie to sleep & the cutest pic of Samster’s 1st day at school. Not to mention I need your advice, a little girl keeps pulling her hair at school, but that later, 1st a post I have been DYING to get up!

When I was pregnant I teased you with some pics of blue polka dot walls for the baby’s nursery. Well, here’s the whole room makeover!

BEFORE: Bleh, guest room

Here are a few of the details in the room…
The pictures are some sweet sister shots I took, frames are from Target

While I was preggers I had Sam make this artwork for the nursery. A sweet gift welcoming her baby sister. (although at the time she was just happy to be playing with paint) Because the walls are so busy I wanted artwork that would blend in a bit. Solution? I had Sam paint with the actual wall color, I just love the way it came out! (Obviously children painting with wall paint should be uber-supervised, even though my particular paint is non-toxic I doubt it would bode well getting in her eyes or mouth)

You can find my tutorial for the paper butterfly mobile here.

The pink wall color is “Tutu” by Mythic Paint for Land of Nod & the blue is one of my favorite paints, Aviary Blue by Sherwin Williams. (The nursery shows the color full strength but I also have them mix it at 50% strength & paint my ceilings with it, makes the room glow!) The tutorial for the polka dots on the walls is here. Also, the curtain panels are these by Land of Nod.

That’s it for now, I also have a rocker that I need to re-cover the cushions for, I’m thinking white chenille or light grey minky. Oh, & in the interest of honesty there’s usually this annoyingly bright mobile above the crib. It couldn’t clash more but my kids love it, what can you do…

Time to go, my assistant needs a nap.
Please do not copy & paste any of my content without prior permission, pictures of Samster & Sophie are strictly prohibited. Links to my post however are always welcome!

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  1. Mrs. Sassy Crafter

    augh! Beautiful, I love polka dots, they make everything look so girly….I'm glad you are back on track =D

  2. lorchick @ ON{thelaundry}LINE

    i just love love love love love those polka dots! They just slay me! I also love how airy those curtains feel. I really have to get off my duff and finish Olivia's baby room! If only we could find those darned bolts back for our crib – lol!

  3. Krister04

    I am so glad you are back. Is it weird that I really did miss you and found myself praying for you and yours? Hope it's smooth sailing for a while at least.


  4. The Paxton Family

    Welcome back! We missed you! Glad everyone is doing better :-) I am SO in love with your nursery! Really, in LOVE with it! Gorgeous colors that I would never have paired together, but it turned out beautiful! And I really love the idea of hanging Samster's art in the nursery too!

  5. Ashley

    YEA FOR SLEEP! Im looking forward to your post on how you got your sweet little assistant sleeping! My babe doesnt like sleep much :-( How is it that we can go without sleep for over a year and still be alive?!?!? crazytown. Anyways, the bedroom is seriously cute! I too have an AWESOMELY clashing mobile that is in our shabby white baby room. Oh if only there was a place we could custom make our baby accessories…

  6. Kristin

    I love the room! And please please please share how you do your rocking chair cushion re-covering. I so need to do this in my daughters room…and she's 17 months old! :)

  7. emedoodle

    That's seriously too cute! Not a single room in my house looks that put together! lol. My bedroom looks a lot like your before pics… same comforter. Great work!

  8. Kate

    Never would have imagined pink and blue, but it works! And, I love the butterfly mobile. So cute. If I ever have a baby girl, I would consider making that for her.

  9. Natasha

    Lol, ok I hope this isn't weird but I dont use a changing
    Table…I had bought one that you stick on a dresser for
    Sam but found that I never used it. I just keep diapers and
    Wipes in a drawer for each girl and change 'em on the floor
    Or the bed…

  10. Jennifer

    I just finished reading your entire blog..it took all but a week :) I must say you have inspired me :) here this whole time I thought crafting/knitting/sewing was for ol foggies..yet you are my age and very proud of what you do….with that said, i've decided to bring out the ol' craft boxes that has been collecting dust for years now. As my bday present I have asked my hubby to transform one of our guest rooms into my craft/studio…cant wait! I'm even using some of your ideas to decorate my room :)
    keep up the good work, i'm sure you inspire many!

    btw your girls are adorable!

  11. Allison

    So cute! And thanks for hanging up the butterfly mobile for the shoot… i drooled over the PBKids one and had completely forgotten that you did a take on it. Yay! There's my naptime project tomorrow!!


  1. [...] applied yellow garage sale stickers for the polka dots. They’re the same stickers I used for Soph’s polka dot walls, handy little buggers! If your rhino has a slick surface like mine I’d suggest running a glue [...]

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