Glittered Eggs

You thought I forgot didn’t you? Either that or the task of creating 30 Martha Stewart glitter crafts had become too much & I’d caved under the immense pressure…it’s certainly a possibility. But no my friends, no, I’ve not given up…I’ve just been on glitter hiatus.

(If you’re new to the blog then you can read more about my quest to justify MS glitter’s $30 price tag by creating 30 projects to do with it here, also look for any posts with the label “30 for 30″)

I love pretty Easter eggs, these ‘sugared’ ones from Pottery Barn, or the Alabaster ones from Williams-Sonoma. Beautiful, but pricey little devils. (the PB ones are $16 for 6!!)Mine will cost you $1.99. Yep, just the good ol’ cheapy plastic Easter eggs. If you can find the kind with little holes in the bottom (not sure what purpose that serves) even better, you’ll see why in a minute. I bought mine at Michael’s yesterday so hopefully they’re still there if you stop by.If you’ve been participating in my “30 for $30″ then you already have the glitter & glue on hand. If not here’s everything I used…First I shoved a ka-bob bamboo skewer into one of the little holes so I could easily paint & glitter every part of the egg. I applied a somewhat thin coat of mod podge with a foam brush & then liberally sprinkled my glitter. (be sure to work over a paper plate so you can funnel your leftover glitter back in the bottle)I let them dry by sticking the skewer in some leftover floral styrofoam from my faux flower boxI tested putting an additional coat of gloss Mod Podge over the dry glittered eggs to seal the glitter in but they weren’t as sparkly so I didn’t do that to the rest of them. Yes, they’ll cover your hands & anything else nearby with glitter but who doesn’t need a little extra sparkle in their lives?? At least that’s what I tell my husband when he ends up wearing glitter to work.A few other ideas…

Leave the skewers on them and arrange them in a dome shape stuck in the styrofoam at the bottom of the bowl

Use the small holes to thread a piece of fishing line through, tie a pretty ribbon bow, then you can hang them as ornaments, door knob decor, a mobile, anything!

**Update** I just linked up this post to Beth’s “Vignette” link up on “The Stories of A 2 Z”, go check it out!

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  1. Heather

    It looks like they'd be cute with the skewers still on them, stuffed in the faux-floral foam, and dressed with some leaves to make "Tulips", too!

  2. Embellished Bayou

    I am so making these this weekend. I did a few wood ones last year, and I have some paper mache eggs that are begging for glitter! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Stephanie

    They're so pretty! I am glad I saw your post though because I love the bamboo skewer idea. I was planning to glitter some eggs but hadn't thought too far ahead as to how to let them dry!

  4. jeni

    So simple but so gorgeous!! I think the 30 for 30 is totally justified, or maybe I am just mesmerized by the shiny sparkelies! hehe

  5. Rafahi Family

    I shamefully have to admit that I did think that you gave up on the 30 for 30. (sorry) This is a really cute idea Natasha! And I think that my daughter (she's 11) will love doing this with me. BTW–I had my ultrasound today. Check out my blog for the photos and the news. :-)
    Hope you're feeling better.

  6. Angela

    Very cute. The holes in the bottom are to release the air when you put the 2 ends together. Otherwise, the eggs would just keep popping open.

  7. Julie

    Great idea! I've been waiting for more glitter ideas! I bought the glitter too and love it. I'm going to have to try this!

  8. Mommy of Two 24/7

    These are so lovely! I am going to do that with my leftover eggs from a wreath! :)

  9. Stacey @ Fun to Craft

    I am new to your blog. I am LOVING it!! So cute! I love these Easter glitter eggs.

  10. Ashlee

    The eggs are adorable but I am really curious about that moss bunny! Did you buy it? Did you make it? Ahhh! I must know!

  11. Lelan @ Good Gravy!

    I am new to your blog, too…love these eggs! I'm with Ashlee, too, in wondering where you got the moss bunny. :)

  12. Natasha

    Yay! I'm so glad you guys found me!

    That little man is from Michael's, they have them with the holiday stuff. He was $3. I (heart) him.

  13. Andrea

    I just made these eggs the exact same way! I got the eggs at dollar tree 18 for well, $1. I used white glitter and then sprayed them with polyeurothane to seal it all. I made a wreath with them! I hope to post pictures tomorrow or Friday! Your eggs look amazing!

  14. Beth@The Stories of A to Z

    I'm so glad you linked up with the party! Your glitter eggs are beautiful. Doesn't glitter just make everything better? Happy Easter :).

  15. Tabitha Otto

    I’m definetly going to try this tonight & I paint a lot so this is just a thought but you could try using a clear coat spray finish in a glos finish (Rustoleum -or-etc. brand) it works wonders on everything I’ve usd it for & it comes in other finishes.
    Thanks & Happy Crafting,
    Tabitha Otto
    Tabby lu’s etc.


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