Coming Home…Bigger, Better.

(I keep telling Samster that yes, I too am a little scared to fly but hitchhiking home in a diaper with a monkey backpack just isn’t an option.)

Samster & I are finally flying home tomorrow. Of course I love my family & love being in Florida but man, 2 weeks away from home is tough no matter how much you love the vacation. P is already home & I insisted he have a warm fire going to welcome us. I can’t wait!

I have to apologize to you that the posts have been light over the holiday, (to say the least) I kind of assumed most of you were off for family time too & hoped you wouldn’t mind too much. I actually did pack a bunch of projects do while I was here so I could keep up the blog but it just turned out to be too hard & too little time.

I’m really REALLY excited to get home though & get back on track. Nothing like taking some time off to get the juices going. Did you know when I go to bed at night I think of craft projects to relax? I know, it’s kind of ridiculous & I’ll surely be mocked for sharing that little tidbit but it’s completely true. I love this stuff! I guess that’s why the blog doesn’t seem like work, it’s more of a good excuse to spend some time creating. “But honey, I can’t help clean the kitchen, I have to sew, my readers depend on it!” (he hehe)
Speaking of, can you believe we’ve made it to over 400 followers?! I’m so excited! My initial goal was 150, then 300 & now I’m going big. My new year’s resolution is to keep coming up with fun projects & helpful posts to break 1,000 followers. (can you imagine?!!)I think I’ll crap my pants when/if that happens. Sorry to be vulgar but seriously, we’ll be have to find a way to freezer paper stencil Depends.

I don’t know why ‘followers’ matter to me. (hate that name by the way, would much prefer if it said “readers”) My husband keeps telling me that page views & unique visitors are a true gauge of who’s reading your blog but for some reason I’m hung up on the follower’s number. Does anyone else feel this way or should I just add it to my list of issues? I really think breaking 1,000 will mean making it to the big blog leagues. Please tell me someone else has this silly hangup!

Well, I should probably wrap this up. Samster is sleeping in my parent’s room so I can get the night off. I just took an Ambien to ensure a good’s night rest & vowed to never blog on Ambien. This would become an entirely different kind of blog if I did. The kind that comes back to haunt you when you try to run for office 10 years later.

So nighty night, miss you all & can’t wait to get back in the swing of things. (:

Happy New Year!

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  1. Jori Hodgson

    You are so cute, lol.

    It is nice to have a vacation, but having your toddler come along with you can sometimes make it feel like it's just not so much of a vacation ;) You're still chasing them around like you do at home, but this time you're more worried about what they can and can't touch at the other person's house. Yikes! I bet your hubby misses you like made anyway!

  2. Holly Days Closet

    LOL I totally get what you mean about followers/readers and I only have 15 my goal is to have 30. I don't think you have issues cause if you do then I do :)

  3. The Fifth Street Mama

    I totally watch my follower number. I am at 133 right now. If I make it to 150 I will be shocked and amazed:) Congratulations on over 400. That is quite the accomplishment. Now to 1000 and beyond !

  4. Lily Ruth's Mama

    OMG – I TOTALLY have a monkey backpack leash, and can't WAIT until I need it!!! My favorite monkey leash moment happened when I was still preggo & explaining to a co-worker that my new Rockin' Baby pouch was good to 32 Lbs… her reply was 'At 32 pounds, that kid had better be walking herself around with a monkey backpack leash strapped on!'… and then someone else gave me one…

  5. Anonymous

    Love your blog and can totally see how you could get to 1,000 this year!
    I suppose some bloggers do giveaways to draw newbies to the group?
    I don't participate in the giveaways but am brainstorming to get you to 1000 :D
    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

  6. ZeidmanZoo

    i LOVE being a full-time stay-at-home-mom with now two accidental-never-intended-to-go-into-this-field part-time jobs (that i love) for about 15 hours per week while my kids are in school… i've always called going on vacation: "work from the satellite office" because come on, that's what it is, and i wouldn't have it any other way… :) your blog is amazing, your talents, creativity, and can-do attitude are inspirational! like you, i get discouraged to not have 'followers' on my blogs, but since i put a 'visitor' count on some of them, i do feel better. you should never apologize to us for being too busy over the holidays to post! you rock. here's wishing your family a wonderful and amazing 2010! probably more than 1,000 people will happily read your next great idea, even if they don't sign up to be 'followers'!

  7. Diddley

    Something to consider. You probably have many readers that don't bother 'following'. Not in a bad way or anything. Im a perfect example. I use google reader on my home page. So your blog updates land on my home page, and I never clicked 'follow'. Just used the RSS feed.

    In seeing that you wanted to up your 'followers', I added myself to the list. Im willing to bet there's many other people like me.

    Your hubby's in radio. It was an old adage they always told us. You hear from one listener.. there's at least 10 more who didn't bother calling. Im sure your hubby's told you that one. It is so true!

    So one more 'silent' follower, coming out of lurkdome.


  8. Rotten

    It's a good thing you left FL when you did because it is frigid down here right now. I am ready to head back to sunny southern Cali this week.

    Happy New Year!

  9. Joanne

    I'm SURE there many folks, like you and me, that are hung up on that "follower" number. It's because it's an easy gauge, right there in our faces! Here's to you getting to 1,000 in the new year my friend!

  10. Krystina

    Just so you know, I also think about projects to relax. Sometimes I dream about them. I know, its a sickness. But hey, there are way worse things we could be dreaming about, right?


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