Ornament Wreath

Is anyone else having a hard time bouncing back from Thanksgiving? I don’t know why I can’t seem to get in my groove this week. I insisted we get our tree this year as soon as we got back from Connecticut on Sunday, (when you have a kid Christmas gets exciting all over again & I just want to enjoy as much of it as possible) but here it is Tuesday night & I still have the Christmas decorations boxes thrown all over the house, I just can’t seem to get it together this week. I did manage to get at least one Christmas craft done so far. The tutorial was done by Eddie Ross here. It’s a wreath made from ornaments strung on a wire hanger, I know, brilliant right?! Here’s my finished one…
The end result is pretty fantastic & I can’t wait to hang it tomorrow. Although I’m going to be honest with you. This craft was a pain in my arse. It took a TON of ornaments & a ton of patience that I apparently didn’t receive my shipment of this week. The balls kept popping off, (you really do need to glue every ball to it’s hanger, I tried skipping this step & broke 3 ornaments because they would pop off & go flying onto the floor) It also takes some manipulation & thought as to how to place the small ornaments so the larger ones will lay the way you want, but in the end the result is impressive enough that I’d definitely do it again. I’d just complain the whole time. (;

Here are my pretty colors all ready to go,1/2 way through stringing…And finally finished it while watching “So You Think You Can Dance”…I don’t have to work tomorrow morning (and possibly afternoon) so I’m hoping to do some more decorating. I think I hear some polymer clay calling my name too…

Oh, & I wanted to show you these links. They’re the other Christmas projects on my wish-list.
Christmas Dog Embroidery Pattern-I really want to do this on a throw pillow
String Candles- This can’t take more than 10 minutes but looks so cute, kind of like icing
Felt Frames- I want to make these be magnets & put them on gifts for relatives

I’m curious what everyone else is up to…are you done decorating yet, haven’t even thought about getting a tree or somewhere in the middle??

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  1. CraftLadyof Steel

    i love the wreath. there were some trees made of ornaments at target, but there were just red. i'm in love with alternative holiday colors. (whoever added purple and green to halloween, love it). anyway,cute wreath. i can't wait to see your polymer clay creations.

  2. Alexandria~~The Mommy

    I was thinking of making this wreath too this year. I'm hoping to get Christmas up and running this weekend.

  3. oatsebear411

    I made mine beofre thanksgiving because I was so excited for christmas and I found that the dollar store ones worked GREAT! I only had one break, I did glue each bulb top like it said and I found that stringing 5 or 6 at a time and gluing the last one in place worked best. It does take a lot of bulbs though, hense the dollar store! I love your colors!

  4. Julie

    Love all of your ideas. I am going to try the dog pattern…how cute would that be on a tee for a little one! Thanks for the inspiration, LOVE your blog!

  5. BreNDa G.

    i did that one wreath too but mine has less ornaments, i think i still need to get more because you can still see some gaps on between. I just recommend not to get the ones with the palstic cap because they will break on you while trying to get the wire thru. Nice one !

    Blessing for you and you family

  6. Cupkateer

    I made this wreath too last night. I glued all the tops on, but like past posts said, the plastic caps are terrible. The pressure of all those ornaments crammed together popped right through the plastic. Argh!

    I agree, it's a beautiful end result thought

  7. AllyOopBoutique

    I have all the stuff to make this wreath, but just haven't sat down to make it yet. Maybe that can be my project tonight. Yours looks awesome! I bought all the same size ornaments, but now I am thinking maybe I need to go get some other sizes. Hmmmm….

  8. The Claybornes

    Absolutely in love with this! I'm having a hard time picking the right wreath and this will solve that problem! Thanks :)))

  9. Rafahi Family

    Hi Natasha! I am realy wanting to make my own wreath, but I will be attempting make it out of actual tree branches. We picked up our Noble Fir tree yesterday and I have some limbs I cut off of the bottom (that were too close to the ground), so I will let you know how that goes. Wish me luck!

  10. Heather@ My Frugal Family

    I am addicted to making these wreaths this year. I've made two for myself, 1 for my mom, 1 for my step-mom, and 1 for a friend. They're so easy! I used shatter-proof ornaments, though, so no broken ones.

    I love the colors you chose!

  11. Debbie

    I know this is ridiculously late, but I just discovered your blog. Target had beautiful jewel tone, shatter proof ornament collections (25 ornaments for $10 & mini-ornaments for $5. on a pre-Christmas sale!). Glueing was necessary, but my wreath won the top bid for our school fundraiser, and I wound up getting a couple of orders. All in all it took 30-45 min. and around $25 in ornaments.

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