10 minute Tu-Tu

Well, it actually took me 15 minutes but 10 sounds so much catchier, no?
1st off let me say I in NO WAY invented this method for making a tutu, it’s one of those where there are probably 100 tutorials out there and who knows who came up with it first. (although I’d certainly like to shake her hand!) Mine is a combination of all the things I liked from different ones I’ve read over time, hope you like it too. Ahem, tu tu. (bad, bad joke. I’m ashamed of myself)
You’ll need:
-3 rolls of nylon tulle (can be found in weddings aisle of your local craft store)
*Samster Mommy Tip* At $2.99 a roll I’ve found it to be about the same price as getting tulle cut off the bolt. And with the roll you don’t have to do any cutting, hence the 10 minute part!)
-elastic for waistband
-cardboard piece for wrapping (one of the flaps on a cardboard shipping box will work well)
-2 rubber bands
-little girl with ballerina tendencies
The piece of cardboard is going to save you a TON of time, the traditional method has you cutting each strip by hand! Eek! By wrapping the tulle around a piece of cardboard that is the same length of your tutu you’ll only have to make one cut. Whew.
Start by wrapping the tulle around your piece of cardboard. When you finish with one roll just keep on going with the next…
When you’re done snap two rubberbands on to hold it all in place.
Cut along ONE of the ends.
Measure your child’s waist and cut your elastic to that length + 1/2″. Stitch the ends together really well. (ex: Sam’s waist is 19 & 1/2″ so my elastic was 20″ & the part that overlapped was 1/2″)
Place your elastic around something like a chair back or large book & then start tying slip knots with your strips of tulle. I did Sam’s with one or sometimes two strips at a time and made the pattern 2 lavender 1 gold so that it would just have shimmers of the gold but mainly look purple.
Sorry those last 2 pics are so blurry, this may have something to do with it…

Keep on knotting until you’ve used up all your tulle or fill up all the space on the elastic.
If you try adding more knots than you have elastic space you’ll find that you’re waistband gets all stretched & wonky. At least I did. But no worries, just remove a few knots and it’ll snap back in shape!
Also if you don’t like the length don’t be afraid to give it a trim. I did. The fluff hides an imperfect “hem” line.
Adorn on princess & enjoy the magic only a tu-tu can give. (:
ps- wouldn’t this make a great, quick & inexpensive Christmas present for all those little nieces & playfriends?!

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  1. Mauri

    DARLING!!! I see a little tutu in the future for one of Aria's Christmas presents. I was thinking it would be fun to make a bunch of dress up stuff for her and this is perfect. Thanks so much! Everyday is Princess day in our house, better yet, ballerina princess!

  2. gabbyrm

    I like that cardboard cutting tip, too! I was so disorganized when I cut mine. I had found a tutorial on YouTube after doing a google search for "how to make tutus" when I came home from shopping one day and saw adorable but overpriced tutus at the kids stores in the mall. They make custom ones on Ebay, but I decided to make my own (in my alma mater colors). I should trim the ends, too. They're all crazy. Thanks for posting this!

  3. Embellished Bayou

    Thanks for sharing these tips. I just made a tutu this weekend and it would have been much easier & faster with the cardboard method! I was going to share mine in my blog on Friday, do you mind if I link to your instructions?

  4. Lauren

    Ooooh, I love your cutting method!! When I saw the title for this tutorial, I was thinking, "How on earth did she get this whole thing done in 10 minutes?!?" Because when I made my daughters, it took me about a whole movie. Which is how I measure time for my sewing and craft projects. ;)

  5. Mrs. Hasselbach

    Thanks for posting your short cut tips!
    I found a bin of left over lavender and white tulle decorations from my wedding 3 years ago that I didn't know I had! Now I know what to do with it. My 15 month old will LOVE this! (I can appreciate the blurry "action" pics!)

  6. Natasha

    Wow Angela, 10 tutus! You are a NICE mommy! I just love the snow white one. Thanks for the links, I'm going to try the satin wrapping technique next time!

  7. Tiffany

    I love your idea about using the rolls of tulle! I just wanted to let you know that I found rolls of tulle at my local dollartree for $1 the other day!!!

  8. Anonymous

    Can you tell me what size the rolls of tulle were you bought? I'm in New Zealand and things are different over here! Thanks for the post!

  9. TutusChic!

    Wow. I have never seen how you make a tie on and loop tutu. Looks super easy.
    I sew all my tutus and it takes hours! Good job :)

  10. Anonymous

    Dear Anonymous,

    You can purchase rolls of tulle from http://www.giftwrapping.co.nz. It's $6 a roll or $8 a roll for glitter tulle. You do have to purchase a minimum of $50 as they are a wholesale company, but it's the cheapest I have found in NZ by far.

  11. Anonymous

    Thanks for the all so easy "tuturial" =3 MY little ones going to love it <3 I think I may have tied the tulle on a little tight because my elastic seems to be a bit stretched, hmmmmmm.

  12. Nikki & 2 Princesses.

    Mentioned, Credited and Linked this post to my site. :)
    Hope that was alright. thank you so much.!

  13. Nikki & 2 Princesses.

    Mentioned, Credited and Linked this post to my site. :)
    Hope that was alright. thank you so much.!

  14. Anonymous

    I can NOT wait to do this for my little girl. Congrats on the new baby, Love the name but perhaps I am a little bias because my daughters name is Sophia

  15. Anonymous

    Hey! Love the tutu and your girls are such dollies:) Can you tell me how many yards about of tulle you used to make this tutu? Thanks! Can't wait to try my hand at this!

  16. April

    I found your blog via a post on Twitter from your husband. I have 6 year old twins that love to dress up. You are so creative & I love your ideas. Always need ideas to keep them busy & out of trouble…lol!

    • Natasha

      Thanks April! 6 year twins who dress up huh? I think we should be friends, you could probably teach me a thing or two!


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