Fleece Hats Tutorial & GIVEAWAY! (Finally!)

After sickness & health, computer crashes & migraines this doggone post is finally done. And I’d like to say it’s SO amazing that it’s completely worth the wait but at this point…well…you decide. Regardless it’s here, woohoo!!!
I absolutely love the kitty & doggie hats but they’re just too small for Samster. I’ve been wanting to find a way to say thankyou to all of you for your sweet comments & wonderful support so I figured giving away some extras of the crafts I make might be nice. If this one goes well I’ll be sure to do it with future tutorials too!
I’d say these are good for anywhere around the 3-9mth age depending on your little one’s noggin size. Enter by leaving a comment letting me know a.) which hat you’d prefer & b.) if you’re getting your little one and/or yourself vaccinated for swine flu. Random, I know, but it’s totally on my mind since the family’s been sick & I’m curious what other mom’s thoughts are. Samster will choose one doggie comment and one kitty comment randomly on Wednesday at 7pm.
Now for the personalized pompom hat, here’s the tutorial:
(click on any images to enlarge them)
To make your pattern cut out two pieces that are shaped similar to the one below, it’s basically a rounded square that’s slightly flared at the bottom. I think it’s ok if it’s not perfect because the hat is supposed to look kind of whimsical anyway. Just make sure the bottom width is 1/2 of your child’s head size + 1/2″ for seam allowance. For example Sam’s head is 18″ around so each of my hat pieces were 9 and 1/2″ wide along the bottom. Make sense?
Sew them together leaving a 1/4″ seam allowance & leaving the bottom of the hat open
Turn the hat right side out and sew a 1/4″ hem along the bottom. Fleece doesn’t fray so this technically isn’t necessary but I think it looks nice.
Now for the pompom fun. You ready? Are you sure? It’s gonna be crazy! You’ve been warned. (clearly the cold meds haven’t worn off yet.)
Ok, 1st thing you’ll need is a pompom maker. You can buy these in the knitting section of your craft store but to make them all you’ll need is some thin cardboard. (I always keep the cardboard inserts on fat quarters for stuff just like this) You’ll want to draw a circle (I used the bottom of a mod podge bottle) & then a smaller center circle. Cut this design out of both pieces.

Set aside your pompom maker for a minute and cut your fleece strips for the pompoms. Make them nice and long & 1/2″ wide. The length of your strips depends on the size of pompoms you’ll make. Each of my pompoms took two 28″ long strips. Don’t worry though, if you don’t cut yours long enough you can just add on while you’re making the pompom.

Next pick up your pompom maker and begin winding the strips of fleece around the cardboard. (I’m holding the two cardboard circles together by the way)

Continue winding strips until you’ve covered the entire pompom maker like this,

Now to finish you’re going to wiggle your scissors between the two layers of cardboard and snip through all of the fleece strips while being sure to hold the layers in place with your other hand. Next take the end of your fleece strip and wrap it between the two cardboard circles, pull tight & knot. It sounds confusing but if you follow the pics below it’s actually really easy.

Fluff it up and your pompom is done!
To attach it to your hat you’re going to make two small holes in each of the hat tips and pull the pompom strings through. (the hat should be right side out)
Firmly knot them together on the inside of the hat.That’s it! Embellish the hat however you’d like, you could use fabric paint, beading, embroidery or hand stitch on some other fleece shapes like I did. Sam’s has a big pink “S” on it.
The doggie & kitty hats are basically the same technique just slightly different pattern shapes, some hand embroidery & minus the pompoms of course.
Have fun & stay cozy!
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  1. Jami Schoettler

    Too cute! I like the kitty one for my baby girl. About the flu shots… We (my husband and I) really aren't into the whole scene. I don't wanna like pumping drugs into my kids unless absolutely necessary. My 2 year old son has never had a flu shot, and had only had a runny nose once in his life. -Jami

  2. in search of olive

    Samster mommy….I just adore you. I think you are sweet honest and funny. I love checking in with you to see what's new.
    As for our family, we don't do flu shots. We are pretty holistic, and i find that we all stay reletivly healthy, ( occasionally getting sick is a sign of being healthy!) Good luck to you guys! Love, MamaCass

  3. Stephanie

    SO CUTE! I love the kitty one, how exciting! Thanks for the tutorial too! We do the regular flu shot, as I'm a teacher with a preschooler and now have a newborn at home. Our pediatrician does recommend the swine flu vax, but we have not gotten that shot yet, hoping to get it soon. But then again, peak of the swine flu season is supposedly Oct. 31, so at this point, not sure if it's worth it. Ah, the life of a mother. I'm glad I'm still out on leave. :-)

  4. sarah

    cute cute hats. i love the doggy one. and about h1n1, my husband brought it home to us, and my daughter and i suffered for three weeks with the flu. i am still coughing and had a scare last week that i may have pneumonia because my fever came back and my cough got worse. emma was miserable with a fever of 104.3 and she still coughs. she is only 1 months.
    knowing that we could have been saved from that if the vaccine were out soon enough, i definitely wanted to get the vaccine. they are safe, and can keep your family from weeks of misery (and potential danger. i am newly pregnant, and caretaker for two children 13 mo and 11 mo. we are all high risk.)
    talk to your pediatrician. you must trust them if you chose them to take care of sam, and see what they say.

  5. C Golden

    Woohoo! They are the cutest! So I will be honest I do not have any kids but my friend is having her second child and this would be a great gift for her new baby! :) As for the shot I feel like if you are young and healthy you do not need any flu shots. I would say if you are old or generally have a child who is sick a lot would I think a flu shot would be okay. Also after reading about the one healthy girl who got the vaccine and can barely function now (even though it is 1 in a million chance) just re-enforces my opinion! I <3 reading your blog you inspire me :) Hopefully one day I can learn to sew haha!

  6. Miranda

    I deleted my previous post because I accidentally wrote that I wanted the kitty hat…I mean the doggy hat! They are both so cute, I couldn't decide! Sorry. I would love the doggy hat! In regards to the swine flu shot…I'm not having either of my children vaccinated (3 months and 16 months) due to the lack of research on it. Since it was on the fast track for FDA approval, they really don't know what long term effects will be. I don't want to find out in ten years that it could cause any serious problems they were unaware of. I don't blame parents for being cautious and getting the shot for their little ones, I'm just choosing not to and being a little on the paranoid side with this. :)

  7. RyanSarahN

    I love the kitty one – and I love your blog. I'm not getting us vaccinated, because the shot is fairly hard to find anyhow, and also the lack of research on it.

  8. Mad Dog's Mom

    Hey Natasha! My cute little Addi Grace would love to have the doggy hat – It's ok for a girl right?? We're just more of "dog" people — About the vaccine – We r going to get it when it becomes available – I kind of feel like it's just like the normal flu shot, so if you get that one for Samster, you should get the H1N1 — There are always problems with vaccines, but I think they benefits outweigh the risks. Addi Grace is only 4 months old, and we just can't risk her being sick right now — Hope this helps! Thanks so much for the tutorials – You are so creative and it is so nice to get ideas from you since I have two little ones :) Take care and glad you guys are getting better!

  9. SewCalGal

    Excellent tutorial. Really cute hat and well written tutorial. I also love the insights on the Pompoms. Can't wait to make one.

    I'm now wondering if you have any insights for making princess outfits or pirate outfits? I am in need of making some for gift basket/fundraiser item for an event in Nov. Have everything purchased for a princess outfit (or so I think), but lack a pattern. Have some ideas on how to start, but curious if you have any insights to share that could help kickstart me.


  10. Stevi

    The kitty one is adorable and would definitely be my choice. My kids will NOT be getting the swine flu vaccine. It hasn't been around long enough for me to feel comfortable with it.

  11. lisacalandra2

    I love the doggie one and I think my daughter would too :-)

    I asked my pediatrician about the vaccine and she said they probably wouldn't have it until november…. but I really want to get it for all of us. It's made the same way the regular flue shot is, so I can't see why it'd have any different effects. I would rather take the miniscule chance that she would be allergic than to have her get the h1n1 flu (which I feel is FAR more likely.)

  12. Janetta

    The dog one is my favorite. I have 7 children, with my youngest being 15 weeks old. We are not getting the vaccine. Our chiropractor is actually VERY much against this. We supplement with herbs and although many people around us are sick, we are not. I contribute this to good diets, plenty of rest and herbal teas. I buy mine from the Bulk Herb Store http://www.bulkherbstore.com and my kids think they taste yummy (even my 2 year old), so it's not a problem for us.

    Stay well and I wanted to share that I enjoy following your blog and seeing all the cute things you share. Happy blogging!

  13. Nissa

    I would love the dog hat for my baby boy (coming in Feb!). I will not be getting the shot & neither will my toddler. I'm personally just not comfortable with having either of us injected with something that was fast tracked & hasn't been researched enough. We don't do the seasonal flu shot either.

  14. Sunny

    Okay, Let me try this again. :)
    So Sweet! I love it! I am thinking of making some matching hats for my kiddos for Christmas. :) Or maybe some for my neices… oh the possibilities!
    I would love the kitten hat for my little girl, due in a few weeks, Eliza Jane. But really the puppy hat is totally adorable too. I love them both.
    So, I am 36 weeks pregnant… I have a 2 and a 3 year old… and none of us are getting the H1N1 vaccine. I just don't feel that there has been sufficient studies on the possible effects. My children stay at home with me, so we aren't necessarily exposed to a lot of people on a daily basis.

  15. Ashton

    Both hats are adorable! I became an Aunt for the first time 3 weeks ago, and would love to be able to give the doggie hat to my little nephew…he should be big enough in time for winter :)
    As for the flu vaccine, I have never gotten a flu shot and don't plan to get the swine flu vaccine either…I just wash my hand alot!

  16. Andrea Sears

    I love the doggie hat!! Both of my boys and my husband had the flu last week. The doctors never tested to see what kind though. I am not even sure at this point if they should have a regular flu shot much less a H1N1 shot. We have never gotten the shots before and you still have a chance to get sick even with the shots. I really am still unsure myself.

  17. Caspers, but not the Ghost

    Natasha! woohoo! my first actaul comment. i've been following for awwhile now..and have had plenty of posts i've wanted to comment on, but here i am. (with the time!!) anyways, love the kitty one! if i don't win, i'll probably make one anyways :) about the flu shots! Id on't know. i'm 20, and i have a 6 month old. I've never had a flu shot, my family gets them, i just never have. I didn't do all my daughters vaccinations right away, because i just though at 5 lbs she was too tiny. she's still not caught up, but i'm not really worried. My pediatrician STRONGLY recommended the flu shot for not only my daughter but me and my husband. but i didn't realize that the flu shot is different then the SWINE flu shot. You know..part of me wants to be natural and holistic..but i just could never forgive myself is something were to happen to my daughter. (ie getting swine flu) I just had a 3 yr old niece almost not make it due to swine. I'd say, do your research, pray about it and see what your mommy instincts tell ya. no one knows your samster like you do! :)

  18. Hero

    Great blog! I love the kitty hat. It's so adorable. I have three kids and none of us are getting the flu shot as of right now. I just don't feel like I have enough information about it yet. I don't know that anyone does, not even our public health departments. I'm open to changing my mind, however, if new information comes out. But yesterday, my doctor told us that she wasn't getting it and neither were either of her young children. So far, I'm following her lead.

  19. Cole's Corner

    I love the kitty hat!!! My little ones are too big for it, too, but I would love to have it for my little sister who is pregnant with her first child!

    I'm not getting my kids flu shots- but great question- I'm curious what other Mom's have to say, too. Now I have to read all those responses.

    Love your blog.

  20. afireall

    I love the doggie! Too cute! Thank goodness my little girly isn't old enough for the shots, so she will not get any this year. I really don't want to get a shot myself, but my husband really thinks we should…I can't get the results of "I Am Legend" out of my head when it comes to shots, so we will see.

  21. Kimberly

    I love the kitty hat.
    We are not doing the swine flu vaccination. But we also don't get the regular flu shot either. Ss I don't think my opinion on the swine flu one matters too much.

  22. Creative Craft Blog

    These hats are incredible. My friend bought one similar to this when my daughter was born 3 years ago and she spent about 60 bucks. Your hat has the very same cute look and you could definitely make this really easy!

    I would love the doggy hat for my little guy.

    And yes I AM getting my kids vaccinated. I'm fine with parents who don't want too…but they need to be grateful for all the parents who do vaccinate their kids so that they can choose not too. Many diseases have almost disappeared (chickenpoxs, measles, polio) because of vaccines…but it doesn't work if people don't get the vaccine! =)


    hope I win. =)

  23. Jen @ In My Free Time

    Love these hats! So cute! I think I'd like the doggy hat- the brown spots had me at hello!

    I was having a hard time deciding if I should vaccinate or not and my husband brought this verse to my attention. It was the words that I needed to hear to make my decision-
    Psalm 91- "He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the almighty…You will not fear the plague that destroys at midday. A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you."

    Whatever you decide, do it in faith!

    PS- I finally made my door sign! Come check it out!

  24. staceykt22

    I love the kitty hat! Though it was a tough decision.

    I'm ack and forth on the flu shot… need to do some research.

    I'm glad your household is coming back together =).

  25. Jo

    I love your blog and have sent MANY to it. You alway have cute ideas that are economical but don't look cheap…there's a huge difference. My daughter (14) had what we are guessing was swine flu….I am not getting the shot myself but I did get the regular flu shot. I would LOVE to get the puppy hat to give to my little niece.

  26. Antonia

    Those hats are absolutely adorable! I'm a big dog person (most of the family is allergic to cats), so I'll stick with the cute puppy hat, thanks :) Our whole family is probably getting swine flu shots, but most especially the two who have asthma. Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. omginbd

    I love the doggy hat! I actually want this for my good friend who is having her first baby in March. The sex is going to be a surprise so we won't know until then if it's a boy or a girl. She is just so happy to finally be pregnant! She has an adorable doggie named Catfish, so I know she would LOVE the doggie hat. She is getting the swine flu shot as soon as our work gets them in since she is pregnant and in the high risk category! Thank you for offering the giveaway.

  28. The Harris Family

    I love the doggie hat. Also I am not sure about the swine flu shot. Right now it is difficult to find. Around here you have to go to a clinic held every few weeks and wait in line for 5 hours-it just doesn't seem worht it. I would like my kids to get it and we will if their doctor ever gets some.

  29. fawnda

    I would have to choose the doggie hat! Love it! We are not getting the flu shot… I have gotten sick from the shot before so, I'll take my chances.

    Thanks for the tute of the pom-pom hat- it is so cute!

  30. Michaela

    Hello! The funny thing is I have no idea how I found your blog but since I have I do not go a day with out looking at it! I think you are so creative and talented. I am pregnant with our fist due at the end of April! We are not finding out the sex but everytime I look at your projects and your etsy store I secretly pray for a girl so I can buy your adorable things up ;)

    I love the doggy hat; never been much of a cat person ;) As for the H1N1 vaccine; I have been having such a hard time trying to figure out what to do! I wish I was not pregnant at this time of decisions! My Dr. says every pregnant women should get the shot; the only way to protect your baby for the first 6 mo. of life; but I keep replaying in my head…what if somethign would happen to the babe b/c of the vaccine! I'm stuck too but with my Dr.'s reccemondation will probably get one. That is IF they ever become avaiable! I live in Iowa and we are "dry" for the H1N1 vaccine; I feel like we live in another country..people line up for hours waiting and waiting with no delivery!

    Thank you for your inspiration on your blog! I just love it..I have never picked up a needle and thread but now I am going to learn how to sew! Thank you!! ***Michaela

  31. ezeldabeth

    my sammy would love the doggie! thanks for the tute …i'm going to use the pompom for the shoes of my daughters tinkerbell costume

  32. I know this post has been up for ages but I just found it! I love the doggy and kitty hats, but I might try and make a bunny version for my little guy (he’s my little funny bunny)

    • Oh, and I’m sure you’ve had lots more time to think about vaccinating your little one against the swine flu, but two years on, this version of influenza frightens me as much as whooping cough (pertussis) or measles/mumps when it comes to my bubba. Influenza is dangerous – millions died from spanish influenza in 1919. Regular influenza doesn’t tend to attack children or young people – but the swine flu does. There have been hundreds of cases of children, young men and women and pregnant mothers who have fallen ill and ended up on respirators, or died due to the swine flu. Yes, there is a small chance of a reaction but there’s a higher chance of dying in a car accident. This doesn’t prevent you from driving your car, so do the right thing and protect yourself, your family and your friends by getting vaccinated. Hopefully one day influenza will go the way of polio and smallpox.


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