Painted Jeweled Onesie

I had this idea months ago and was FINALLY able to sit down and bring it to life, and I must say, it’s even better than I imagined. (:
Here’s the finished one being modeled, man my model was feisty today! These were the best out of like 50 pics…

Sheesh. That kid.
Back to the tutorial…so I’ve heard other bloggers say that once you start freezer paper stenciling you won’t be able to stop, man oh man is that true! I’m a total addict now.
Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:
Freezer Paper
Fabric Paint
Stamping Object (I used everything from pens to chopsticks, try different things)
First you’ll need to cut out your stencil on the freezer paper. You can draw your design on the non-waxy side and then cut it out or use scrapbooking punches like I did. Next insert a piece of fabric paper into your onesie to protect it from the paint that might bleed through. Now you’re ready to iron on your stencil. Be sure to iron it waxy side down!
Lightly paint onto your stencil, don’t glob it on or it’ll bleed!
After it dries peel off your paper and embellish it with your “chains & beads”. This is where the pen caps and other objects come in. Be creative, take a chance, that’s often what comes out the best!
Once it’s completely dry iron it again to heat seal the paint. When you wash your finished piece I think it’s a good idea to turn it inside out. I’ve washed the one on Samster already and it came out just fine.
Don’t have time to make your own? Need a baby gift or a little glamour for your babe? I’ve made extras below from new Circo onesies and listed them in my etsy shop. The onesies are all size 3-6mths and the shirt is 12mths but if you’re interested in other sizes just email me and I’d be glad to do a custom order for you!
As always please let me know if you make this, I LOVE seeing pics!

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi there! I found your blog yesterday and I love it! Actually I had done a search for a "tutorial on how to make an ottoman slipcover" and somewhere along the way it brought me to your blog?? Funny how Google works sometimes, huh? Well, anyways just wanted to stop by to tell ya I love the things you make. You're so creative! I just got my very own sewing machine so I'm going to try some of your tutorials out! I can't wait to see what you're going to make next!:)

  2. Amy

    Ok, I thought I posted a comment last night but apparently I was multi-tasking (and not doing it well)…I can't remember how I found your site, but have really enjoyed your projects!

    I love this one. I did something similar last fall on a dark shirt for my son. I did a football shape and used Scrubbin' Bubbles as my "paint". With the bleach in it, it just fades the fabric, but it looks cool. I can't remember which site I saw the idea on, but it works really well!

    Could you please share what kind of fabric paint you use? I have had trouble finding some that is not 1. runny or 2. puffy. Thanks for the cute ideas and instructions!

  3. Anonymous

    been lurking for a few weeks now and have made several of your tutorials — and this is next! love love love it. one question though — when you "heat seal" it with an iron, do you iron directly on the paint? Or on the "wrong" side of the fabric?

  4. Gina

    Oh my goodness I wish I knew babies that I could spoil with these! What a great idea, yours came out PERFECT. Wow, how do you do it??

  5. hellesbelles86

    Brilliant and beautiful! Sincerely wishing I had a little one right about now who needed these and as it is I may have to get the stuff to make a couple of these for my nieces birthdays this week. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial!!!

  6. Rotten

    It blows my mind that you have time and the energy to do all of these wonderful things! I am STILL working on the Shhhhhh sign for my front door and you posted that HOW long ago! Keep it up. One day I will be motivated enough to try and keep up.

  7. Cassie

    I saw this on UCreate and just LOVE it! I am having a little girl in December, and can't wait for her to be decked out in one of these!

  8. Jason, Dawn, Lane, and Kate

    Hi! I love your blog! I have freezer stenciled one shirt for my daughter but wasn't in love with it, what kind of paint do you use? thanks!

  9. Natasha

    I used tulip brand fabric paints from Michael's, downside is there aren't a TON of colors available but good thing is it works really well. Minimal bleeding and goes on nicely! Hope that helps!

  10. Rafahi Family

    Hey Natasha….I saw some shirts for women that have a very similar pattern on them in a store this last week. I immediately thought of you! It made me smile. :-)

  11. blabbing maggie

    i've been a follower of your blog for a while now, and LOVE these!!! and now, a good friend of mine has a little girl due in may! needless to say, little bentley ava will be rocking this onesie for sure!! :)

  12. Zimms Zoo

    Been stalking for awhile and we finally got around to making these. But our version was 2t t-shirts that girls painted the necklaces on and then they sewed tulle to the bottom like tutus. The girls are 11 and 10 and this was so easy for them to do. Of course I don't have a single picture because we gave them as gifts today for our friends baby.

    Thanks for the tutorial!


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