It happens at least once a week. SOMEONE comes to my door…solicitors, postman, ups, neighbor, & they ring the doorbell. Then the dogs go into a barking frenzy and Samster screams her head off from being startled awake, & then I’m mad. Very very mad. To make a preemptive anger management effort I made this sign to nicely convey the message…
You’ll need:
Wood Plaque, Scrapbooking Paper, Sticker Letters or Stencils, Acrylic Paint & Mod Podge
Hanger (wreath hangers work well but if you want a more permanent outdoor fix you could use might putty or a similiar outdoor adhesive, I’ve also seen people use ribbon and hang it over the doorbell although I know some teenager in my neighborhood would snatch it)
Sealant spray if hanging outside Paint of your choice for sides & back Ribbon Staple Gun

First step is to paint the edges and back, I used plain ol‘ acrylic paint…
Next it’s time to decorate the front, start off by tracing the front shape of your wood piece onto the back of your scrapbooking paper. Cut out and apply a thin layer of mod podge to the back of the paper and the front of wood. Press out all bubbles or creases and allow to dry.
Once dry you can use your mod podge to apply any decorative pieces you’d like, in this picture you can see I added some scrapbooking pressed flowers. I ended up not liking this piece once it was done which is why the finished one you saw at the top looked different. P said this one was too “country craft fair” looking. Hmph. The one in the finished photo was done with a Martha Stewart scrapbooking punch for the birds and a hole punch for the dots.

For the lettering you have a couple of options, at first I used plastic scrapbooking letters as my font guide and hand-painted the lettering. I don’t like the way it turned out but if you’re a better calligrapher than I, knock yourself out. On my second try I used scrapbooking sticker letters.

Give it a couple more coats of modge podge getting in all the nooks and crannies and over the painted sides. Once it’s dry you’ll also want to give it some sort of sealant treatment if it’s hanging outside.. Krylon makes a polyurethane spray paint that would work well.

Finally staple the ribbon to the back of your piece
Hang and hope that your UPS man takes the time to read it before ringing that bell, mine didn’t at first but after I ran out and gave him the stern mommy look of death…I think he got the message.

1st attempt-2nd attempt- (I just put another piece of scrapbooking paper right over this layer to start over)

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  1. unwrittenkitten

    I think that's a very nice idea!

    Coming from the other side of things, I've always been the visitor to a home of a sleeping baby, and I never know whether it's safe to 'announce' my arrival. Having this sign would give me a better idea of the approach to take.

    I love the sign. Very nicely done. Very pretty too!


  2. staceykt22

    Great idea! I've been thinking to do a sign to let people know that shoes are not to be worn inside the house. But I'm not quite sure how to word it. Any ideas?

  3. Stevi

    This is a GREAT idea! I've been on the hunt for something just like this! The postman is always waking my babies up! I'm going to make one of these today! Thanks so much!

  4. Paxton

    This is really nice idea and i like this sign by self made.
    I have always been the visitor to my home and I never know whether it's safe to 'announce' my arrival so this is nice idea to go thought it.

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  5. Real Housewife of Loomis

    love this! i have a 5 month old and my 5 dogs bark their heads off when people come even down our road. I will be making this tomorrow. for sure.

  6. LillyBunnsBoutique

    Too cute! Fantastic idea. I'd need one in english, spanish, and hindi. Most down here speak English, there are MANY Spanish speakers that come to knock, and the UPS man that sounds like he knocks on the door with a hammer is from India.

  7. veins

    Wow, Nice Information . Thanks a great idea, that such signs would give me a better idea of the approach. Thank you! …

  8. Renee

    Wouldn’t it be easier to not order anything to be delivered so the poor UPS guy doesn’t have to be made to feel like he is somehow doing something wrong?

  9. Karen

    I LOVE this sign and I don’t even have kids! I want this for all my friends though… You need an Etsy store so I can buy a bunch of these for my friends! :) Brilliant idea, you are very clever! :)

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