Cupcakes Don’t Matter.

This is Samster’s finished cupcake dress…
This is the dress she wore during her birthday party…
Yep, we spent Samantha’s 1st birthday in the ER. Before I start at the beginning let me warn you that I haven’t slept in 3 days and my not be able to form words correctly. Case in point.

Last Thursday Sam had her 1 yr vaccinations, later that night she started getting feverish but we knew that was a normal reaction to vaccines. By Friday afternoon that fever was still sticking around but the pediatrician assured me it was completely normal since she didn’t have any other symptoms. By dinner it had jumped up to 104.5 and then 105.8 and that’s when I started to freak, we took her to an after hour pediatrics and of course by then the Motrin got the fever down to 102.4 and since the dr. couldn’t find anything else wrong with her he chalked it up to being a severe reaction to the vaccines but said she should be fine by her birthday party the next day. Unfortunately that’s not what happened. My little Samster kept getting worse. She was shivering, lethargic & wouldn’t eat or drink but everyone kept telling us it was the vaccines and that we should give it time, that just didn’t seem right to P, myself or any of the 13 family members in our house who had flown/driven in for the party.

Now let me back up for a second, besides the vaccines one other thing had been funny with Sam lately, for the last 2 weeks she’s been doing this weird thing where she’ll all of a sudden look at me, frown and then burst into tears and jump into my arms. I hadn’t been able to figure it out and told the pediatrician about it at her 1 yr check up & she said it was probably tantrums starting. I told her it wasn’t behavioral, it was her pain cry and it seemed like something hurt but I didn’t know what. Without any other clues to give her though there wasn’t much else I could ask her to do…until it hit me on Saturday morning. Her fever was still around and I got to thinking…hmmm, fever, crying randomly, she’s also had an ongoing yeast infection, I wonder if it hurts her to pee and she has a urinary tract infection!? “AHA!” I called up the pediatrician and we went in for Sat morning sick hours. She agreed that could be the problem because a fever that high didn’t seem quite right from vaccines, she put a bag on Sam to catch urine that I could drop off at a lab once Sam had completed leaving her sample. She said we’d have the results back by Monday but that’d be ok. No one so far seemed too worried, but us. She did say however that if Sam’s temp got above 102 to go to the ER. Well, first off the lab closed at noon and Sam left her sample at 12:05…typical. Then Sam started getting really weird, her cheeks, arms and legs were so red and the heat off of her head was crazy, it was the saddest thing seeing her so weak and shaky, I took her temp for the umpteenth time and I could hardly believe my eyes…106.1!!! Needless to say we rushed her to the emergency room, they took her right in and I told the nurse my suspicions of a UTI, she kind of nodded me off but they did still do a catheter in addition to a teeny tiny baby IV in Sam’s hand. Which if you’ve ever had to have your baby need a catheter or IV then you know, it’s the saddest thing EVER, you have to hold her down with your face next to hers and body on top of hers while she’s screaming and trying to understand why you’re holding her and not helping her. It was heartbreaking. After the IV they put a diaper over it to keep the baby from pulling it out, we called it her “wing” because she kept flapping it around…

First we got the results back from the urine sample…guess what? UTI! I did get a pat on the back from the nurse and doctor which completely assured me to always go with my mommy instincts from now until Sam’s 30. Next they gave her a round of antibiotics through the IV which were supposed to make Sam perk up pretty quickly but she was still really lethargic, sad and very hot. Finally around 4 hours later the fever broke and the Drs changed shifts. The new Dr (without even coming in to examine Sam or to talk to us mind you) said she was fine to go home but thank goodness we had this wonderfully diligent nurse who had noticed that even though Sam’s fever had gone down her respiratory rate was still up…normally babies should be breathing around 30 times a minute…Sam was breathing around 55, 60 times each minute! The nurse told the Dr. she thought the baby should have a chest xray before we went home, he agreed and this time I made Peter go with her. (In case you didn’t read my last experience with a baby chest xray click here) He said it was the worst 2 minutes of his life having his baby girl strapped in that monster machine but you know what, thank goodness that nurse ordered it because not only did Samster have a kidney infection (that’s what UTIs are in baby girls) but she also had pneumonia in her left lung! Seriously?!(look at that chunkster thigh! Her kidneys should be able to live off of those for weeks!)

Finally after all the correct meds Sam perked up and was charming all the nurses with her usual self, they decided not to admit her after all & we came home to find a much worried family waiting for us. I had canceled all of her little friends from coming over that morning but we didn’t see any good in having family sit in their hotel rooms when they could at least all be together in our house, it was so nice to walk in and see they had gone shopping with my list, cooked all the food and decorated the house. (: It was very very sweet.

(My pretty cupcakes, and pretty sisters…bonus to less party guests? Lots of leftovers!)

So in the end there was no cupcake dress, no smashcake all over (with the antibiotics she can’t have any dairy), no ball pit or goodie bags but honestly I haven’t been sad about it at all. What matters is my baby girl’s health, when she needed us everything else melted away, all that mattered(s) was(is) getting her better.

She’s not completely there yet, we had a follow up appt with the pediatrician yesterday (who now strongly feels Sam should have been admitted for 72 hrs, go figure) Apparently only 8% of female children get UTIs and of those 30-40% are because genetic problems in the urinary tracts, they’re little ducts don’t quite work right and the urine flows back up into the kidneys causing repeated infections and possible kidney damage. If she is part of the percentage she’ll need to either be on antibiotics for 6 years to see if she outgrows it or have surgery to correct it. Neither sound very fun to me. To find out she’ll need two procedures done, an ultrasound…no biggie. And an Xray with dye where she’ll have to sedated. (makes me VERY nervous)

Pray for my little baby girl. Although she’s much more of her normal self today we’re still so worried about her, but just so you’re not too worried about her this was her at dinner last night…she’s on a restricted diet while on the meds so mommy made her special fried rice, it was a big hit to say the least.

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  1. Skywalker

    yeah…Cupcakes don't matter in the greater scheme of things. I am glad you were able to figure out what was wrong and quickly. She still looked happy and messy in that last photo.

  2. pebblesbuddy

    Well I am glad your mommy instincts kicked in! Btw are those Georgetown cupcakes? They look like it :) Red Velvet is the BEST ever! Hopefully everything works out, my friends baby had the same problem with her bladder and kidneys and I think everything worked out fine for her baby. I am glad she is okay!

  3. Caroline

    Wow, you have great mommy instincts. I hope Sam is feeling better! And that you'll get some rest as well. It was good to see her smiling in the last photo! I'll definitely say a prayer for her! :)

  4. Anonymous

    My daughter had something similar happen to her, but pneumonia, She had the UTI. We had the sonogram done of her kidneys and the VCUG test(the one with the dye) but they did not have to sedate her. We had to see the Urologist and she is the percentage that has to take an antibiotic until she outgrows it!
    It is very scary…I will pray for you all as well!!

  5. Anonymous

    Wow..what a trying time for you guys. I cried reading your post and I'm so glad little Sam is doing better. It's torture when our kids are sick and I know what you've gone through. Being in the ER with a little one is no fun. Thoughts and prayers for Sam for a very speedy recovery and hopefully her tests will go smoothly. BTW, Happy Belated Birthday little one! My baby turns 1 on the 15th. :-)

  6. The Scott Family

    I'm so sorry to hear that Sam was sick. Hope she gets well very soon and maybe you can have a belated birthday party for her! And as you mentioned and a good reminder to all moms, we do know best! :)

  7. Maegan

    OMG.. I somehow came across your blog a while back, and have been reading for a month or so… with no comments thus far.. but after reading about Samster's Bday Bust I wanted to say that my heart goes out to you guys! Its so hard having a sick one around… and especially even harder when you start putting it together yourself and the drs aren't listening yet… so frustrating. Glad she's starting to feel better.. and you too for that matter….. I've been where you are… and am there now… keep on blogging.. that's one cute baby you've got there!

  8. Jules

    Awww poor Sam <3

    My nephew was just diagnosed w/ a UTI last night… they are going to do a few more tests in a few days to make sure he doesn't have a kidney infection, etc.

    I hope she feels better soon! If she needs company she can hang out w/ my nephew! lol <3 hugss

  9. Melissa

    Wow! I think I just cried reading your post. Poor Sammy…and poor mommy for all of the effort I know you put into her first birthday party. Thank goodness you have amazing mom instincts! (I think it's an ADPi thing…) and I will say my prayers for Sam to heal quickly. Bless your hearts!!

  10. Lisa Yeager :-)

    I am so sorry Sam is not feeling well. I hope she feels better soon. I agree with you, birthdays will come and go (and she won't remember missing this one-clebrate later when she is feeling better)! I have 3 kids and have seen them all not feeling well. I was on the edge of my seat reading your blog. Luckily, when they were little, we never had to take them to the ER. My heart and prayers go out to you all! Take care and get some much needed rest! Hugs!

  11. Rotten

    I found your blog while on the hunt for fabric. (Cute dress by the way) I just wanted to drop you a line and send a virtual hug to your little one and a big pat on the back for you. I think moms should get honorary doctors licenses since it seems that we are the best ones to diagnose our kids and not the doctors who get paid so much money. Your daughter is lucky to have such a persistent mom. I hope she gets better soon.

  12. Angela

    Just remember the most important lesson to take from this is to always follow your instincts. Doctors and nurses have the education but they don't know your child like you do. Some times we (moms) are made to feel foolish for our worrying, but we have the most to lose if something is really wrong.

  13. angela

    I just found your blog through oneprettything's post with your tux tank…so cute! I like it here and started reading some old posts. When I got to this one I just had to comment. My oldest daughter, now 6 years old, had a very similar thing happen when she was about 18 months old. High fever, pain cry, stupid doctors. My mommy instinct was right about a UTI but the stupid dr. didn't test her urine the first time we went in..he told me she had a cold because her nose was runny…ah, duh..she's been screaming and crying for hours…it's not a cold! Anyway..same scare, same warning about urinary tract ducts. Just so you know…she's fine, has never had another UTI, and all is well. I'll keep your sweet little one in my prayers. But, yeah, don't doubt your mommy instinct because it's usually right!

  14. Caren

    I came across your blog on a sewing project hunt (I don't remember what it was that I was looking for, but it somehow led me here!)

    My baby girl has been diagnosed with kidney reflux just recently (she will be 2 in October). We have our first visit with a pedi nephrologist (sp?) in a couple of weeks.

    We had the ultrasound as well as the VCUG (the x-ray/dye procedure) done in July. The ultrasound went pretty well because they let her sit up for it. The VCUG was not as fun :(, but she did not have to be sedated.

    If you want to hear all the fab details of these things so you can prepare yourself, feel free to contact me at watertowers11 at hotmail. Of course, you may have already had these things done since this was written a few weeks ago.

  15. Learning and Loving to Craft by Chrissy!

    My daughter is 7yrs old. She has had the recurring uti's, where it goes to the kidneys. we've done the dye (mri) she was sedated for that, ultrasound ect… Its been really hard to see her go threw this all… We have also been to a specialist. I haven't heard of continuous medication? She does have accidents, and we are trying are hardest to find out why?
    praying for your little girl!

  16. nmuth

    I found your blog while searching for hat tutorials and adore it!
    So sorry to hear about your daughters's health challenges. As a mom and a chiropractor I would look for a probiotic for her after being on an antibiotic even for a brief period of time. It will help to re-populate the 'beneficial' bacteria in her GI tract and has also been shown to decrease the frequency of cold and flu symptoms in children when taken regularly (journal of pediatrics, summer 09). The role of the GI tract in pediatric immune system function is often under recognized.
    Your baby will be in our thoughts, best of luck to you all!


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