Big Bloom Baby Headband

I love the super glamorous style of the 40′s. Occasionally you’ll even catch me with a little fabric flower tucked in my hair.

There’s no reason my little one shouldn’t be able to get in touch with her inner jazz singer as well…It’s a bit over the top, a bit va-va-voom & that’s just the way I like it!

Below I’ve created a tutorial so you can create your own ‘Big Bloom Baby Headband’, it’s a ridiculously easy craft that you can easily do during naps. Here’s what you’ll need:

Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks
Headband (plain baby ones are hard to find so I’ll show you how to shorten adult ones)
Cheap-o silk flower
Sewing Machine if you don’t have a headband that fits baby (used for sizing the headband-you can hand sew this but a machine would be better for durability)

If you don’t already have an appropriately sized headband here’s how you can make one. I made mine from a pack of the ‘non-slip’ style of adult headbands from Goody.

Lay out a good fitting headband and measure, or for 6-12 mths I recommend 8″. This is when the headband is folded in half of course, the total round length is 16″.

Mark on headband with a pin. This is where you’ll make your stitches.

Stitch back and forth 3 or 4 times, you’ll want this seam to hold up because this is going get yanked on everytime you put the headband on. After you’ve created the seam cut off the excess leaving about a 1/4 in. Either hot glue or stitch the two pieces down. I hot-glued mine because I’m crazy like that.
Don’t worry, this will be covered up with the flower.

Big Bloom:
Now for the fun part! For this headband I used a white rose bloom. Since you’re going to be taking apart the flower and reconstructing it don’t worry about how life-like it looks when choosing. Either use some from around the house or pick out a cheapie that you like the color of the petals.

Take apart the plastic bottom green pieces that hold the bloom together, all you want to keep are the petals. (Unless you’re making the sunflower one, but I’ll give adaptations for that at the end) You should be able to gently remove each petal, be sure to lay them out in the order you took them off so you’ll be able to put it back together!

If you’re flower is too big for baby’s head (yes, there is such a thing) don’t be afraid to trim the petals at this stage. I took off about an 1/4 in from all of my larger petals.

Starting with largest outermost petal hot glue it to the seam of the headband. Make sure it’s firmly attached with a good bit of glue. Next, begin re-building flower by using a small bit of hot glue to attach each set of petals. (Note: Hot glue can seep through the petals so careful not to burn yourself!) Take your time, try laying the petals down in different directions to see what you like before gluing.

Back View:
Front View:
Since we threw out the gross plastic center of the flower we’ll need to make a new one with the last petal. Be patient, it’s going to take a bit of finagling. You need to fold it in a few different ways so it can make the bud. This may vary a bit too depending on what your petal looks like, just keep trying and when you see something you like glue it! Here’s how I did mine:

In half once, hold fold with a bit of glue
In half again, glue
This is where you kind of have to wing it, open up the flower (without undoing glue) and maneuver in a way that looks like the picture below, glue down once you get it how you like it. Trust me, if you keep messing with it it’ll work out. That’s it!
The sunflower version pictured below (she refused to let me change her into a cute sundress, hence the Target dollar bin tshirt) is even easier. Follow the same steps but instead of folding petals to create a bud you’re going to clip down the back of the fuzzy center piece and glue it on flat. Simple as that!

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  1. Eternal Helpmates

    Hi, I found you through One Pretty Thing. Just wanted to say that I love your crafts. My 6 year old daughter loves the flower headband. Too bad my almost 2 year old would just pull it off.

  2. lorchick

    That is awesome, I would love to put it on my DD if she would only just leave it on… I doubt it. Then again… I should have faith, the girl has been wearing mini Giant Bugeyed Sunglasses like mad lately, so you never know…. ;)

  3. Joanne

    So cute! I’m working on some costumes for a ballet recital right now with a Secret Garden theme — I might just have to use this idea!

  4. Anonymous

    Do you think you could teach us how to make a silk flower because i have a lot of extra t-shirt fabric hanging around?

  5. alyson

    I just came upon this post, and I wanted to add that instead of putting the old flower center back on, you can use a large circular rhinestone. It's a different look (one's country-cute, the other is more hippie chic), but it's another option. I get so many compliments on my daughter's big flower clips, I'm going to have to try a headband!

  6. Katie @ Cheep Ideas

    I've had my eye on this for a while, and think I'm going to have to try it for Easter for my daughter!

    I've featured them on my site today, and you can grab an "I've been featured" badge if you'd like.

    Thanks for sharing!! :)

  7. Anonymous

    I LOVE your blogs! I have a 9 month and 4 year old and am a beginner sewer. I am creative and don't like using patterns. These projects are soo cute and the directions and photos are perfect for me!

  8. kate

    Oh my gosh…. the sweetest little thing!!
    Keep up the great work… I am about to start my own blog and you have been a great resource
    Much love

  9. LillyBunnsBoutique

    Great tutorial! You can also glue a piece of coordinating ribbon around the seam (glue on the back) leaving the front opened, and Glue the flower to a ribbon lined clip, then you can interchange the flower on the headband!

  10. Anonymous

    i wanted to let you know i just made one of these for my daughters baby dedication. it is so cute. i used velvet stretch ribbon and sewed it how you showed. your blog is one of my favs. you have the best ideas. keep up the fab work!!


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